Royal Navy Psychometric Test 2023

The Royal Navy psychometric test is a pivotal early moment in the Royal Navy recruitment process. This guide will tell you what to expect and how to succeed (including tips, insider secrets and practice tests).

2 Useful Starting-Point Resources

  • Learn more about the many roles on offer by visiting the Royal Navy careers site.

Royal Navy Psychometric Test – Introduction

There is a wide range of roles available in the Royal Navy which means there are many possible career paths. (The Royal Navy’s role-finder tool is useful for research in this area.)

Here’s why this test is so important: The Royal Navy psychometric test dictates which roles you can apply for.

Yes, you read that right. Your score in the psychometric test has lasting repercussions, so even at this early stage you are making critical career-path decisions.

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Joining the Royal Navy – Gareth’s Story

Your Score in the Royal Navy Psychometric Test Dictates Which Roles You Can Apply For.

If you score poorly in your Royal Navy psychometric test then you may find that the role you had in mind is no longer available to you.

This is why preparing for the test is so important. You can boost your chances of success enormously with some dedicated preparation and practice.

Are you ready to get into the detail of the test? Let’s do it.

Royal Navy Psychometric Test – Scoring

After your Royal Navy psychometric test you will be given your score straight away. You will also be given a role list.

The Royal Navy psychometric test is computerised and uses software to measure your performance in two ways:

  • Accuracy – Did you get the questions right?
  • Speed – How quickly did you answer the questions?

The computer software takes both factors into consideration and then generates a list of roles that you can apply for. This list is based on your performance in the test.

Action point: Buy some English and Maths study guides and brush up on the basics. If you’re serious about getting a high score in the test, you will practice like a demon beforehand.

Successful candidates take the time to prepare and practice. Be smart. Invest the time in your career.

Joining the Royal Navy – Ben’s Story

The 4 Sections Of The Royal Navy Psychometric Test

The Royal Navy psychometric test is a multiple-choice test with four sections:

  • Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Mechanical Comprehension

Let’s look at what to expect in each section.

The Royal Navy psychometric test – Reasoning

The Royal Navy psychometric test groups several types of reasoning into one section. This is quite unusual in the recruitment world, but the Royal Navy know exactly what they’re looking for.

You must answer 30 questions in 9 minutes, in the following areas of assessment:

Click the links above to learn our best tips for success in each type of assessment.


The Royal Navy Psychometric Test – Verbal Ability

This section assesses your ability to understand words and language. You’ll have 9 minutes to answer 30 questions.

There are several types of question here:

  • ‘Fill in the blanks’
  • Choose the ‘odd one out’
  • Find the relationship between words & phrases

You need to read fast and be accurate. Some of the questions are deliberately misleading, so beware.

Nothing will boost your accuracy and speed more than repeated practice.


The Royal Navy Psychometric Test – Numeracy

This is a maths test. You’ll have 16 minutes to complete 30 questions.

The questions include:

  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Addition
  • Division
  • Percentages
  • Area
  • Fractions
  • Basic algebra

We get more emails about numerical tests than anything else, so we created a Numerical Testing Hub to show you how to pass this type of assessment.

Action point: Visit our Numerical Hub. Watch some videos. Learn some useful tips!

Royal Navy Numerical Test Practice

Practicing boosts your confidence and competence. If you’re serious about getting a high score in your Royal Navy psychometric test, you will need to practice beforehand.

Action point: Practice the Royal Navy numerical tests here.

Royal Navy Psychometric Test – Mechanical Reasoning

This section of the Royal Navy psychometric test has 30 questions and a time limit of 10 minutes.

You’ll be given diagrams and sketches with the questions. This section measures your ability to assess mechanical principles.

Check out our mechanical comprehension test guide to learn more about this type of test and the forces and principles that you’ll need to demonstrate you understand.

Joining the Royal Navy – Ali’s Story

The All-Conquering Importance Of Practice

Here’s something we’ve learned from tens of thousands of hours working in recruitment:

Successful candidates have one thing in common, they are consistently better prepared than unsuccessful candidates.

If you want to score highly in your Royal Navy psychometric test there is nothing you can do that will boost your performance more than repeated practice.

The Royal Navy website offers a few practice questions but it is well-known that the real test is harder than the questions they offer up on their website.

  • Pro Tip: We always recommend this Royal Navy practice pack because it includes clear explanations and scoring for each question. This allows you to pinpoint your weaknesses and improve them before the real test.

The Royal Navy Psychometric Test: Closing Tips

  • Treat this seriously – This is your life. Your career. Your future. Commit to preparing for this test. Treat it like a full-time job. Practice for days in the build up to your test. You can improve your performance enormously in a short period of time. Your preparation will determine your level of success.
  • Get a good night’s sleep – Sleep is important for cognitive function and you should make sure you have at least 8 hours sleep before sitting your Royal Navy psychometric test. You need to be firing on all cylinders during the test. This is such a simple thing to get right. Do it!
  • Relax and don’t panic – It’s important you keep your nerves under control. The Royal Navy needs people who can perform under pressure. Read our guide on coping with nerves here.
  • Practice – This will improve your accuracy and the speed at which you can answer the questions.  This will improve your score and the roles offered to you. You will do better in the test and have more options if you practice. It really is that simple.

Good Luck in Your Royal Navy Psychometric Test

Thank you for serving our country. We wish you the very best of luck in your Royal Navy psychometric test.

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