Lowe’s Assessment Preparation Guide: Strategy Guide & Test Insights

Lowe’s company is a world-known brand with almost half a million employees. If you want to land a job at Lowe’s, you will need to prepare for their assessments.

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This article can help you get to know Lowe’s hiring process, assessment tests, and in-person interviews. We will also provide some questions samples and direct you to the best resources to prepare.

Read on and improve your chances of working for Lowe’s.

What Is Lowe’s Hiring Process?

Lowe’s hiring process normally involves:

  1. Two or multiple examinations
  2. An aptitude exam
  3. A background review
  4. A drug check

Explore Lowe’s website recruitment page for current job opportunities.

To qualify for a position online, you need to first register an online account and then fill out the application form through the employer’s homepage.

Lowe’s gives candidates assessment tests before the interview to analyze potential employees and determine their talents and limitations.

Our next sections will explain these steps in detail.

Lowe’s Online Application

A woman in blue working on a laptop

Every year, Lowe’s gets almost half a million applications and employs just about 5% of them. Every applicant follows the procedure described below. You can apply online for any open position and start the procedure right away. The entire procedure should take approximately two weeks.

A basic application is presented in the first segment. It might ask for:

  • Personal information
  • Employment experience
  • Flexibility
  • Legal record
  • Other references once you select a desired career type and region

Mandatory Lowe’s Assessment Tests

The necessary Lowe’s assessment exams, which normally take 30–40 minutes to finish, conclude the first step after application.

Among the evaluation tests are:

  • A psychological check and imaginative reasoning
  • A situational judgment test (SJT)
  • A cognition test

Whether you will or not proceed to the in-person interview is determined by your performance on these exams.

An additional evaluation test is necessary for people applying for executive roles. This is a further and advanced situational judgment evaluation that is typically completed in-store. A unique in-store exam is conducted to evaluate the numerical abilities of checkout employees.

In the sections below, we will get into more details about each of the assessment tests. We will also give you some sample questions. Read on.

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Lowe’s In-person Interview

Business Lady interviewing a man

Once you pass your Lowe’s Assessment Exam, someone from the administrators in the area where you are applying will contact you. You may be given several basic inquiries, and a face-to-face appointment will be scheduled, generally in a couple of days.

Explore possible Lowe’s exam questions later in our post to further understand Lowe’s employment process.

Lowe’s Orientation

If you ace your Lowe’s assessment tests and the in-person interview, you are almost hired. Next is the orientation day. Most of the time, orientation day is more of a way for you to see what you would be typically doing during your working hours. But, if you show to be unfitting and can’t adjust, you might be excluded and not get the job.

Usually, orientation day is first done around the facilities where you’ll be working, followed by an online training course that lasts up to 8 hours. The chances of you not passing are slim, but you do need to be polite, professional, and engaged.

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Lowe’s Aptitude Assessment Tests

If your online application is found suitable for the job position you applied for, you will need to get good results in the three separate Lowe’s aptitude assessments tests.

Lowe’s Personality Test

Personality tests are designed to measure your inner motivation, interests and affinities, emotional state, world outlook, social interaction tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, and personality traits.

There are no right or wrong answers on a personality test, but you certainly can be close or far from what Lowe’s management expects from an employee. So, your best bet is to thoroughly explore Lowe’s mission and vision. From there, you would know what personality traits are desired for the job position.

Most of the time, personality tests are structured in the form of statements that you need to rate.

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The rating system can be:

  • Numerical scale i.e., 1 to 5
  • Agreeability scale, i.e., Completely Disagree to Completely Agree
  • Differential scale, i.e., Yes or No


Assessment test

Pictures Sources: JobTestPrep website

It’s very common for personality tests to contain “bait questions.” Sometimes, there will be questions that measure the same personality trait but in different question forms. Inconsistencies in the answers suggest that you might be faking your responses.

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Lowe’s SJT

The SJT, short for Situational Judgment Test, is an exam that is designed in the form of work-related hypothetical scenarios. First, there is a paragraph proposing a “problem” of sorts, with up to 4 or 5 proposed reactions to said problem.

Your task will be to:

  • Rate the answers from worst to best i.e., from least likely to most likely for you
  • Choose the best and the worst reaction to the scenario, or
  • Rank the answers with numerical values (from 1 to 5)

The point of the Lowe’s SJT exam is to assess your work-related attitudes, the way you communicate with people, coworkers, or supervisors, and your behavioral tendencies in certain situations.


The hypothetical scenarios on the SJT test will be about your work obligations and what you could potentially get in contact with.

If you want to comply with what Lowe’s expects from their employees, your best possible move is to get yourself familiarized with what they value and practice those values. Again, note that untruthful answering of the questions might show and exclude you from the employment process.

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Lowe’s Cognitive Test

The cognitive test is the last one of the three Lowe’s assessment employment exams. It examines the ways that your thought process happens, your intellectual capacities, and your abstract thinking.

You should expect simple questions that will assess your:

  • Thinking patterns
  • Learning style
  • Reasoning
  • Remembering and interpreting information
  • Mathematical operations
  • Ability to pay attention
  • Decision making
  • Using and understanding language
  • Abstract thinking

During the Lowe’s Cognitive test, you might receive some personal questions, questions where you need to draw information from a given source, and some broad informational knowledge of common things. Most of the time, the questions won’t be complex and you should be able to answer them easily.

But, knowing the testing material and the format of the questions will help you get the best results.

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Lowe’s Interviewing Process

Lowe’s will contact candidates who scored well on the Lowe’s assessment test for an in-person interview after carefully sorting through the results.

Lowe’s First Interview

A preliminary interview is required for all roles and will last between 30 and 45 minutes. The human resources and deputy manager are usually there, asking you up to 12 questions. Then, you might get the option to add your question.

The interview aims to learn more about you, your employment history, and your work ethic. It might also include a little more information about your talents, behaviors, or knowledge, as cross-check with your previously done assessment tests.

Lastly, the first interview will determine whether or not you can recognize and meet the customer’s specific requirements, as they are a customer-focused company.

It’s crucial to be open, comfortable, and calm in your responses. You are encouraged to provide an example of a time when you didn’t make the best option but grew as an employee as a result of it.

Take time before the exam to prepare through the topics so that if one is thrown at you, you can respond quickly and confidently, demonstrating that you’re a fantastic applicant with a great work ethic and customer-oriented behavior.

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Lowe’s Second Interview

For clerical positions, the first interview might be the last one too. But, a secondary examination is needed for administrative positions. The second interview might contain all of the aspects of the first one, but it will also assess your ability to function within a team and effectively manage your workspace.

These are some of the objectives of the second interview:

  • Encourage people to accomplish more
  • Handle conflicts and positively settle them
  • Communicate well, think quickly, generate enthusiasm, and assist the team

Tips for Success in the Lowe’s Assessment Process

  • Ask your recruiting manager for an estimate of what to expect
  • Use the help of Job Test Prep for the personality, SJT, and cognitive practice materials
  • Use the reports you get to get a realistic idea of yourself and your abilities
  • Find your weak aspects and work on improving them
  • During the interviews, answer with confidence, calmness, and motivation
  • Be consistent while answering the questions. There are bait questions whose point is to check if you lie

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About Lowe’s

Lowe’s evolved from a little equipment shop in North Carolina to one of the world’s leading home repair retail outlets. The company remained dedicated then, as they are today, to assisting householders, investors, and executives in improving their properties and operations.

Lowe’s customers are at the center of all company conduct and its staff has extensive household renovation expertise and education. They can provide customers with the skilled guidance needed to complete any renovation task.

With a client-oriented mindset, Lowe’s maintains a high quality of personnel, from clerks to regional managers and executives. So, if you want to join their team in one of the two thousand home improvement stores, you need to pass their extensive hiring process.


Lowe’s is a big company with almost half a million employees. Only 5% of all Lowe’s candidates get hired, so you should familiarize yourself with their hiring process, assessment tests, and interviews.

We recommend JobTestPrep as the best, most thorough, and updated online library for exercise materials for all kinds of tests. Their pack will give you extensive real-life sample questions, practice materials, answers, and explanations for all of the three Lowe’s assessment tests.

Written by Victoria Todorovska

Victoria (or Viki) is a Freelance Writer, Psychologist, and Gestalt Therapy Consultant. With years of experience in higher education as well as counselling others, she is well-placed to offer expert advice on guiding others up the career ladder.

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