How to Prepare for the EEI MASS Test: Tips and Strategies

by Sarah Duncan

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the electrical and utility sectors, then you have likely already heard of the EEI MASS test. 

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This test was designed by the Edison Energy Institute as a way to measure aptitude and skills in relation to power plant maintenance positions. 

The EEI MASS test can be daunting to prepare for. Luckily, there are some great tips and strategies that can make this test a whole lot easier.

In this article, we’ll be covering some key ways that you can prepare for your EEI MASS test. 

Let’s go ahead and jump right into it. 

What is the Mass Test?

The MASS test is one of nine EEI tests that is used as a measure of aptitude for working in the plant maintenance field. 

This test can be thought of as a sort of employee selection test, as it gauges the abilities of the person taking the test in relation to the plant maintenance position. 

The MASS test assesses skills such as mathematical ability, mechanical concepts, assembly of objects, and reading comprehension. 

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Types of EEI Tests

There are a total of nine EEI tests, each measuring different practical abilities. 

Depending on the field of work a person is applying for, they will be presented with a different test that measures the relevant skills that will be needed in order to succeed in the role. 

MASS: Power Plant Maintenance Positions Selection System

As mentioned, the MASS test measures skills such as mathematical knowledge, mechanical concepts, and assembly. This test is presented to those wanting to occupy plant maintenance positions. 

CAST: Construction and Skilled Trades

This test is for those who want to work in construction and skilled trade fields. 

There are three primary positions where this test will be required: facilities and equipment, transmission and distribution, and meter reader, service, and repair.

POSS: Plant Operator Selection System

The POSS test is reserved for those who want positions as power plant operators. This can include a range of different power plants, such as hydroelectric, fossil, or nuclear. 

TECH: Technician Occupations Selection System

For those wanting technical jobs in laboratories, the TECH is taken. These jobs can include a variety of positions such as environmental, telecommunications, or communications technicians. 

SO/PD: Systems Operator/Power Dispatching Positions Selection System

The SO/PD test measures knowledge of energy control in order to find workers best suited to roles such as system controllers, system operators, and power dispatchers.

MRAB: Meter Reader Aptitude Battery

The MRAB test is presented to those who want to work in a role that requires the ability to accurately read meters and record data. The test gauges the worker’s ability to process information quickly and accurately. 

SASS: Support and Administrative Selection System

The SASS test measures skills such as administrative and clerical abilities. This test is taken by those who are looking for roles in the support and administration field. 

CSR: Customer Service Representative Test Battery

This test is geared toward those who are looking to occupy customer service representative positions. The test will measure the skills that the worker will need when filling one of these roles. 

CADI: Career Assessment and Diagnostic Instrument

The CADI test is a general test that is often given to those looking to work in economical career planning and development assistance positions. 

Factors such as practical skills, professional interests, and occupational inclinations will be measured. 

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Mass Exam Structure and Format

The MASS test is broken into four distinct sections. Each of these sections will focus on different skills and contain a variety of relevant questions. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the structure of this test and what you can expect to see in each section. 

Section 1: Mechanical Concepts

This section will have 44 multiple-choice questions that will each contain an illustration of a mechanical situation. The questions will measure your ability to understand key mechanical principles. 

Section 2: Assembling Objects

In this section, you will be presented with 20 multiple-choice questions which will each contain a diagram of a disassembled object with each piece of the object labeled. 

You will be required to assemble the object correctly by aligning the correctly labeled parts with each other. 

Section 3: Mathematical Usage

The mathematical section of the MASS test contains 18 multiple-choice questions. These questions are basic mathematical problems that you are required to solve correctly. 

Section 4: Reading Comprehension

The final section of the MASS test focuses on reading comprehension. There will be five passages of text presented to you, each of which resembles content often found within power plant training manuals. You will be required to correctly answer the 36 follow-up multiple choice questions that relate to the passages of text. 

Preparing Tips for the Mass Test 

Looking for some tips that will help you effectively prepare for the MASS test? 

You’ve come to the right place! Here are our top tips that will help you feel confident and prepared before taking your test:

1. Prepare in advance 

You don’t want to start preparing for your test the day of. Make sure you are starting to prepare and study for your MASS test at least a few weeks in advance. 

2. Use study resources 

There are some incredible resources out there that can help you prepare for your MASS test.

For example, Jobtestprep has a range of guides and practice tests that you can take before your official MASS test to help you get a feel for it and practice your answers. 

3. Keep calm 

This may seem like an obvious one, but when the time comes to take the test, you want to be calm and focused. 

This is why practice tests can be so useful. Put yourself in a simulated test environment and practice taking the test, but also practice remaining focused and confident. 

How is the MASS Exam Scored?

Your MASS test score is based entirely on how many questions you answer correctly. 

This means that there is no penalty for answering a question incorrectly, so it is recommended that you give all of the questions a shot, even if you are not completely confident in your answer.

Once your correct answers from each section have been added up, they are combined into an index score on a range of 0-15. 

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Sample Questions and Answers 

Want to get an idea of some questions that you may encounter on the MASS test? We’ve got you covered. Here are some sample questions to help you understand what kind of content will be present in the test. 

Question: John left home with $6.50 in his wallet. He spent $4.25 in the morning and $2.00 in the evening. Later, his friend returned the $2.50 he had borrowed. How much money does Carlo currently have in his wallet?

Answer: $2.75 

Question: You are required to pull a truck for 1 minute. The truck weighs 115.5 tons. What is the bare minimum in terms of horsepower?

Answer: 7hp

Question: A ladder should be pitched one-third of its operating height away from the building. What distance away from the structure should the ladder be pitched if the building is 30 meters tall and the working height is 21 meters?

Answer: 7 meters

Keep in mind that these are theoretical example questions. The content and questions that you encounter in a real or practice MASS test may vary. 

Final Words

At the end of the day, preparing for the EEI MASS test is absolutely crucial – but it doesn’t have to be daunting and stressful.

There are a range of guides, strategies, and practice tests out there that will help you successfully prepare for your MASS test. 

As your MASS test approaches, make sure that you are preparing well in advance, taking practice tests, and most importantly remaining calm and collected. 

Confidence is key, so get out there and study until you are ready to ace your MASS test!

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