DCAS Civil Service Exam

DCAS Civil Service Exam | What Exactly Does It Entail, and How Can You Prepare?

Performing Special Officer tasks of ordinary difficulty and responsibility connected to physical security, safety, loss prevention and maintaining order under the direction of a Special Officer is the responsibility of Special Officers.

Officers and other emergency personnel patrol designated areas of public buildings, other facilities, and adjacent areas. They maintain order, maintain the peace, and protect lives and property from fires, vandalism, theft, and other threats. Provide visitors and clients with normal information and direct them to the personnel and agencies.

To embark on a career in this area, you must take the Civil Service Exam. But what exactly does it entail, and how can you prepare? Read on to find out.

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What’s on the DCAS Civil Service Exam?

DCAS Civil Service Exam

The DCAS Exam is a multiple-choice test done via a computer terminal. Your performance on this test will determine whether you’re placed on a list of eligible candidates. In order to pass the test, you must get a score of at least 70% on the questions.

Questions on the multiple-choice test may require the application of the following abilities in order to be answered correctly:

Written Comprehension

In this section of the exam, you’ll be evaluated on your ability to interpret information included in work-related documents such as incident reports. Textual words and paragraphs must be recognized and comprehended. When examining a report, a Special Officer, for example, might make advantage of this skill.

Job Test Prep offers resources to prepare you for the written comprehension portion of the exam.

Written Expression

It is evaluated in this area whether you can create material in a way that others will be able to comprehend the words and paragraphs you have written. In writing, use English words or sentences so that people can comprehend what you’re saying. As an example, a Special Officer may make use of this capability when preparing an incident report or keeping daily records.

Job Test Prep offers resources to prepare you for the written expression portion of the exam.


Informational data such as numbers, words, pictures, and procedures are tested in this area to determine your recall ability. The ability to recall data, such as words and numbers, images and procedures. Various pieces of information can be remembered on their own or with other bits of knowledge. With an unusual occurrence report, a Special Officer might use this capacity to recall specifics from memory.

Job Test Prep offers resources to prepare you for the memorization portion of the exam.

Problem Solving

In your role as a Special Officer, you’ll identify problems and potentially dangerous situations that demand prompt action. There are situations in which a simple caution or sympathetic ear might be most beneficial. It’s important to know when something is going to go wrong. It entails being able to recognize both the overall problem and specific parts of the problem. As an example, a Special Officer may use this skill to maintain peace or help the sick, injured, or mentally and physically incapacitated.

Job Test Prep offers resources to prepare you for the problem-solving portion of the exam.

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Information Ordering

While determining the correct order for each piece of a set of activities, procedures, or rules, you’ll be evaluated on your decision-making skills. It’s expected you may meet a diverse spectrum of disorganized information, including mathematical operations, sentences, words, letters, pictures, and numbers. Following a rule or set of rules or acts in the proper sequence is what we call right compliance.

It’s necessary to identify the rule or combination of rules that were used. Numbers, letters, words, pictures, procedures, sentences, and mathematical or logical operations are all examples of things or actions that need to be put in their proper place. As an example, a Special Officer might use this ability when determining the next proper action to take when providing medical aid to an individual who has been physically harmed in an accident.

Job Test Prep offers resources to prepare you for the information ordering portion of the exam.

Spatial Orientation

Spatial Orientation tasks assess your ability to locate yourself in relation to certain streets, buildings, and objects. The capacity to determine your position in reference to an object’s location or the object’s position in relation to you. For instance, a Special Officer may use this authority to conduct rounds and regulate motor traffic on the grounds and/or premises.

Job Test Prep offers resources to prepare you for the spatial orientation portion of the exam.

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Deductive Reasoning

Applying general principles to specific issues and developing rational solutions. It entails determining if a response makes sense. For example, a Special Officer may use this ability to determine whether an individual who has been discovered vandalizing property should be arrested.

Job Test Prep offers resources to prepare you for the deductive reasoning portion of the exam.

Inductive Reasoning

Making general principles or conclusions by combining distinct bits of information, or specific responses to issues. Thinking of possible reasons for why things go together is required for this skill. This capability might be used, for example, by a Special Officer to discourage loiterers and disruptive people from gathering.

Job Test Prep offers resources to prepare you for the inductive reasoning portion of the exam.


A person’s ability to imagine how something would appear if it were moved around or if its components were relocated. When making predictions, it is necessary to consider how an item (or set of objects) or pattern will appear once the changes have been implemented. Examples include being asked to compare a photo of a crime scene when testifying in court and being asked to compare a photograph of a crime scene when testifying in court.

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Prepare for the DCAS Exam

Job Test Prep has created practice tests for the DCAS Special Officer exam in order to help you prepare for the exam. By preparing for the exam, you will achieve a higher score on the exam, which will increase your chances of being included on the agency’s eligible list.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to becoming a special officer, this exam is the first step, and the subject will vary depending on the career path you choose. During the exam, they will evaluate your overall ability to perform. Do your research to make sure this is your career path.

To assist you with your exam practice, Job Test Prep has the resources for you to practice before you take the exam.


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