Ace the California Correctional Officer Exam: A Complete Prep Guide

When you apply to become a correctional officer, you will have to be prepared to go through a thorough assessment. The California Correctional Officer Exam (the CDCR) is one of the most significant requirements you will have to fulfill as part of the selection process for becoming a correctional officer.

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Correctional officers are responsible for keeping things under control within the prison and enforcing the rules in order to keep prisoners in order. The CDCR will help determine whether or not someone can fulfill this role.

Here is some key information to keep in mind if you are planning to take this assessment.

What Is the CDCR Practice Test?

The CDCR is one of the very first tests you will have to take when you are applying to become a correctional officer. It will assess you on many different skills that will be necessary to have for this position. You will be judged based on your math skills, situational judgment and rules, and written comprehension and English skills.

The test that you will take will vary depending on what state you are in. You will complete the test either by computer or with pen and paper. Most states will require potential correctional officers to pass this exam with at least a 70 or above on a 100-point scale.

In a nutshell, the hiring officials will pay close attention to who makes the highest scores out of all examinees to determine who will move forward. The higher you score, the better chance you have of moving onto the next stage of assessment.

Many people have difficulty making it through this first stage, especially if they are not fully prepared for the exam. The job of a correctional officer is complex and extremely demanding. Therefore, it is crucial to come prepared if this is a career you are really interested in pursuing.

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Preparing for the CDCR Test

There are practice pre-employment tests available on Job Test Prep for potential correctional officers to help them prepare for the actual exam. They contain problem-solving strategies and answers that will prepare you with a wide range of practice materials.

If you want to do your best on the actual exam, it may be in your best interest to partake in the practice exam.

Keep in mind that there are some items on the actual exam that will not be on the practice exam. You will also not be allowed to use a calculator for the math portions of the exam.

Most of the test will consist of questions that will make you rely on learned skills and personal problem-solving. Prepare for the exam as best as you possibly can, and you should do just fine.

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What Is Included in the CDCR Test?

There are many topics that are a crucial part of being a correctional officer included in the CDCR. You will need to excel in all of these skills if you want to pass the test and be one step closer to building your career.

Here is a comprehensive list of things you will need to know to pass the examination:

  • Document Reading

As a correctional officer, you will have to know how to read and assess important documents.

  • Identification

You will need to identify people, places, objects, and more so you can solve incidents and come to conclusions.

You will need to know the best solution to any problem you encounter.

  • Mathematics

Math is necessary to determine the best solution to any problem you may face.

  • English and writing comprehension

You will need English and writing comprehension to assess and interpret documents and statements.

  • Memorization

You will need to memorize events regarding different aspects of cases.

You will need to be able to use reasoning skills to come to a sound conclusion to any problem.

Many of these skills are learned naturally or through experience, while others are taught. Make sure to pay close attention to each question so you do not make a mistake and lower your overall score.

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Sample Questions

Many questions will seek to assess your problem-solving and observational skills. For example, they may test you on your ability to act in certain situations or prevent situations from occurring. Others may include remembering details of an incident or how to distinguish pieces of evidence.

Most of all, the exam will assess how you react in different situations and if you can handle certain incidents. You will need to be able to react wisely and quickly when it comes to becoming a correctional officer. As long as you are prepared for the questions, you should be able to answer accordingly.

To familiarize yourself with sample questions, have a look at Job Test Prep as they have practice exams and study guides to give you the best chance of doing well.

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Can You Use a Calculator During the Test?

Unfortunately, you cannot use a calculator during the written test. Before you enter the exam room, you’ll be instructed to set your belongings aside.

For the best chance of scoring well in the exam, you have to ensure that you get your basic math skills up to scratch without the help of a calculator. Most of the basic math skills you will be tested on involve addition and subtraction.

Passing the Test

In order to pass the test, you will need to study each aspect of being a correctional officer and know how to put them into practice. As mentioned, you have to aim for a score of 70 or above. The written test consists of 53 multiple choice questions that you will have an hour and 45 minutes to complete.

Passing the test will likely be one of the most daunting parts of applying to be a correctional officer. As a matter of fact, only 3 or 4 percent of applicants pass the test. Even if someone does pass, they will still have to compete with other examinees.

The hiring officials will pay closer attention to those who score higher among the group of test candidates. The goal is to pass the exam and receive the highest score you can possibly reach.

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The CDCR is a highly competitive and demanding test to take, and the job as a correctional officer is equally demanding. Therefore, put in the effort to ensure that you are well prepared for the exam so you can achieve the best results.

Job Test Prep has all the preparation materials that you will need to help you in your study. From sample questions to study guides, Job Test Prep will help you pass and move forward in your career.

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