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Adidas Assessment – Testing, Hiring Process & Test Explained

The Adidas pre-employment tests are designed to distinguish the best candidates from the rest.

Take the Adidas Assessment Test to improve your score.

The assessment is one part of the Adidas hiring process, which has several aspects and levels. If you successfully accomplish one part, you move on to the next.

Of course, the assessment is a part that many people get hung up on. It can be daunting and stressful to think that you are getting tested for a job.

But that is okay! That is where getting some support comes in. You are not expected to deal with everything in life by yourself or without help. If you put in some studying time and utilize test prep resources like Job Test Prep, you can feel more sure of yourself during the assessment!

Plus, doing test prep is proven to help increase test scores when compared to people who take tests without studying or test prep. So, give yourself the best advantage you can and do some test prep work!

Here, we will help you understand what the Adidas hiring process looks like, what you can expect, what you may encounter, and how to do your best on the assessment so that you can put your best foot forward to get the job!

What is the Adidas Assessment?


The Adidas assessment is part of the company’s selection process for candidates applying for different roles. They use the scores to vet candidates and determine if they are up to standard or have what it takes. Adidas wants its employees to represent their company well with decorum and professionalism.

Many companies have an assessment or test. It has become a common tool to ensure that new employees meet certain critical thinking, numerical reasoning, and problem-solving criteria.

Because there are several aspects to the Adidas hiring process, the assessment can feel overwhelming to many people.

Adidas Hiring Process

The Adidas hiring process is a multi-stage process that candidates go through so the hiring group can ensure the company is in good hands. The hiring process typically has three parts: the application, the interview, and the assessment.

Below, we will go into a bit more detail regarding each aspect, and how you can show hirers your best self to succeed!

Adidas Application

Submitting a good application is one of the most important parts of any hiring process, and Adidas is no different. You could be one of the best options for employment, but if they cannot see your potential from the get-go, you will not be asked to interview.

In your application, you need to persuade Adidas employers to pick you to interview out of the others. You need to showcase the skills, experiences, and all the reasons you qualify in a short and readable application.

Your application should be clear, concise, and incorporate what makes you a good employment choice. Make sure that your writing is friendly yet professional. Your tone should be pleasant and to-the-point, showing you get tasks done on time and properly.

Including your resumé is always a good idea. Make sure that you set up your resumé to highlight your skills and achievements throughout your working career. You can utilize professional resumé websites or companies to help you craft and showcase your abilities.

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Adidas Interview

If the employers like your resumé and application, they will contact you to set up an interview. Adidas can throw some tougher questions into their interviews, so be sure that you are prepared!

Adidas often wants to know how you work with others. Therefore, they may ask you to describe a challenging situation with co-workers from your past. They will be looking to see how you resolved the issue, worked with your co-workers, and maintained respect and professionalism during the conflict.

Remember, you only get to the interview if you entice them during the application. Additionally, you will only get to the assessment by doing well in the interview. Show up 10 to 15 minutes early, wear something professional that matches the position you are applying for, and practice!

Even though it may feel weird, practice your interview with your spouse, a friend, your favorite cousin, a parent, a stuffed animal, or yourself in a mirror! Going over your answers to questions will help you remember what to say when it is time for the real deal so you won’t choke under pressure.

Adidas Assessment

Once you have moved past both the application process and the interview process, you will have the assessment. Find out which test you will be taking so that you can spend some time getting to know the test and preparing for it.

Preparing for the test is the smartest thing you can do for the assessment. While it is not required, it is the best choice to help you score the highest you can. Test prep is also why places like Job Test Prep exist, to help you do your best!

You can utilize free test prep tools from Job Test Prep to help you understand where you score on different aspects of an employment assessment. Remember to find out from the employer what test you will be taking so you can ensure you are studying up on the right things!

Job Test Prep has a variety of different sections of employment assessment and test options, so whichever test you may be taking, you are sure to find a useful section or test to help you gauge where you need to study hard, where you need to brush up, and where you need to quickly review.

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How to prepare for the Adidas assessment?

The Adidas employment assessment will likely cover the following criteria: critical thinking and problem solving, numerical reasoning, and general cognitive function.

Luckily, Job Test Prep has several practice tests, aptitude tests, and review exams to help you understand where you need to focus your studying. Below we will break down the Job Test Prep practice tests and exams that you can use to help you with your Adidas employment assessment!

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

One of the critical thinking and problem-solving tests on Job Test Prep is the Deductive Reasoning test. The Deductive Reasoning test is a timed test that measures your ability to think logically and make decisions based on deduction.

The Job Test Prep Deductive Reasoning test is a nine-minute long test with eight questions. A passing score for the Job Test Prep Deductive Reasoning test is 8.

You can take the practice test for free to see where you are. You can also utilize Job Test Prep’s Deductive Reasoning PrepPack, which is a study guide and test preparation information pack that can help you to score higher on the real deal.

The questions in the Deductive Reasoning test are based around three primary types of questions:

  • Syllogisms
  • Underlying assumptions
  • Arrangements

Syllogisms are the most common form of deductive reasoning and are a form of reasoning where a conclusion is reached by using the information in two or more premises. A premise is essentially the information that is available to you to make the decision.

Underlying assumptions are when you locate the assumption within a statement or story. Underlying assumptions are essentially identifying where the information in a story or statement makes an assumption that can be found using a logical train of thought.

Arrangements are to show that you can organize people or items within a set of rules that you must follow.

Another critical thinking test from Job Test Prep is the Inductive Reasoning test and PrepPack. The practice test is 14 minutes long and has 13 questions. The passing score for the Inductive Reasoning test is 8.

Inductive reasoning is more abstract than deductive reasoning. The Inductive Reasoning test measures your ability to think creatively and abstractly to solve problems without words or numbers. The Inductive Reasoning test has patterns, images, and sequences.

You can utilize Job Test Prep’s free practice test or opt for their PrepPack to deeply understand the intricacies of inductive reasoning.

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Numerical Reasoning

The numerical reasoning parts of employment assessments seem to be the bits that get people confused or hung up. All the more reason to utilize Job Test Preps practice tests or PrepPacks to help get an edge over this section!

The Job Test Prep Numerical Reasoning practice test is 12 minutes long with nine questions. A passing score in the Numerical Reasoning practice test is 8.

The primary content of this practice test are tables and graphs and using solving strategies like calculation, estimation, elimination, and combination. There are also some specifics to be aware of for numerical reasoning tests, like job-specific questions that target the position you are applying for.

You should also be aware that the numerical reasoning tests for employment can have higher levels of complexity, which means you need to pay attention to the details. You should also be aware of questions that lead on, meaning you might think that the question is done, but it may continue on the next question using information from the first, so be sure to remember information and details from the questions.

Some employment tests allow you to use a calculator while others do not. It’s therefore super important to find out which test you are going to be taking. If you are not allowed to have a calculator, practice hand calculations. If you are allowed a calculator, make sure you are good at using it!

General Cognition

You may be asked to take a general cognition assessment, which can be one of several different cognition tests. General cognition tests are designed to measure your ability in a variety of different areas, including numerical reasoning, critical thinking, problem-solving, and verbal analysis.

General cognition tests are not specialized like the other assessments, so you get a little bit of everything. These kinds of assessments are fairly common because they allow employers to get a good view of everything you have to offer in one assessment!

General cognition assessments can be studied for and you can prepare yourself to take one. Job Test Prep has several practice cognition tests as well as PrepPacks to help you achieve your greatest score!

The first cognition practice test and PrepPack is the PI Cognitive Assessment. Job Test Prep has a free practice test and offers premium PrepPacks for this test. The PI Cognitive Assessment is a common test, although it can be intense or demanding.

The PI Cognitive Assessment was formerly the PLI test. The PI in PI Cognitive test stands for Predictive Index, meaning that it is used to predict your abilities in the assessed areas of numerical reasoning, verbal analysis, inductive or abstract reasoning so employers can see how you can be useful in the position you are applying for.

The PI Cognition Assessment has 50 questions and is only 12 minutes long, meaning that it is quite rigorous. The average score is 20 questions correct out of 50, which is scaled to a score of 250. A score of 40/50 is considered incredibly high. The higher your score, the more likely you get hired.

You can explore the different options for Job Test Preps PrepPack deals and practice tests for the PI Cognitive Assessment at Job Test Prep!

Another cognitive assessment you might be asked to take is the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test. This test is not as demanding as the PI Cognitive Assessment, but it is still important to study for it!

The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test is a numeric, verbal, and abstract/inductive reasoning test. The difficulty of the test increases as you go through it. There are 51 questions and you have 20 minutes to complete the test.

There are no negative marks for incorrect answers, meaning they only count the questions you answered correctly and they do not take points off if you answer a question wrong. That means you should try to have an answer to every question. If you do not know the answer, just guess! You have a chance of getting it right and getting the point.

The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test has practice tests and PrepPacks available through Job Test Prep, where you can take free partial practice test simulations or opt for the premium practice tests, which are the full test and timed!

In the premium course, you can get detailed explanations to help you score better and also get insider and expert tips on how to test better!

This full practice test is the key to finding out what you need to work on studying for the real test! It can be hard to study when you do not know what you should be focusing your energy on. That is why the full practice test is the perfect tool to buy to unlock your brain!

The PrepPacks have all the information that you could need to succeed in studying for the real test. Once you know what you need to work on, it is only a matter of taking a little time each day to study up on the material and put in the effort to learn the material!

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Which tests does Adidas use?

Adidas uses a variety of different assessment styles for the assessment portion of the application process. The above testing option is one of the ways that Adidas may choose to assess you. The test may not be one of those, but studying any or all of those concepts is sure to help you regardless of what test you take.

Another option for the assessment is getting asked to an assessment center, where you will go through a da of tasks and exercises alongside other potential employees. Here, senior management and hiring groups watch how the potential employees navigate the exercises, follow through with the tasks, and interact with the other applicants.

The exact tasks and exercises in the assessment center are not known, but they pertain to tasks that you would probably be doing daily in the job you are applying to. There are some helpful tips and tricks that might be able to help you out as you go about the assessment.

Tips for passing the Adidas Assessment

Mental Preparedness

One of the most important things that you can do before any kind of examination or experience where you need to prove yourself, is to take the time to prepare mentally. If you have a routine that you do to calm your nerves or prepare yourself for a challenge, then do that routine before the assessment.

Picture how you want your day and assessment to go, envision going about the daily tasks you would have in this job, and imagine that you are doing them all perfectly. By creating that image in your head, you increase the chances of you succeeding in the assessment.


During the assessment, make sure that you take the time to listen and understand what is being asked of you. There is a lot of thought put into the tasks and the employers want to see how you work, so make sure to fully give your undivided attention to your tasks.

When you are given instructions, make sure you fully understand them before beginning. You can always ask for clarification and explanations during the assessment, so do not be afraid to ask for help understand.

It is better to ask for help first than to mess up because you did not understand the instructions. Besides, one of the best qualities in a good employee is their listening skills. Listening is super important to senior management because it shows that you can do what is asked of you correctly and that you are not afraid to ask for clarity when you miss something.


Asking questions is a great way to indicate to employers and management that you are paying your full attention to them. It shows that you are inquisitive and attentive.

You can also use this assessment as a chance to ask some questions! You can find out more about management, employees, and discover more about what daily life is like at Adidas! It is a useful way for you to assess the company and determine if it is the place that you want to work at.

Do not ask a question every second. You do not want to overwhelm the employers and make them annoyed with you. You want to take your time to form well-crafted questions that show you were paying attention and that you are inquisitive.

Again, the questions are good! Just make sure that you are using them at the appropriate times and that they are well-crafted.

Be Real

It can be easy to put on a facade for an assessment like this, where you are the most perfect version of yourself. And while that may be appealing to employers to see someone like that, they know that no one is perfect and no one operates without mistakes.

Be yourself. Be who you are and show employers your authentic self. Being authentic is the perfect way to gain trust and faith from Adidas employers. Be professional but do not create a whole new personality for the assessment.


If you do create a whole new personality for the assessment and you get hired, then you have to pretend to be someone you are not for the duration of your career at Adidas and that would not be fun.

If you make a mistake, do not beat yourself up over it. Management knows that you are only human and doing the best you can! They know that you are nervous, excited, and trying to do the best job you can.

Be yourself, work hard, and laugh off mistakes, but learn from them as well. Indicate that you learned from your mistake as well. Learning from your mistakes is super important for employers to see.

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Have Fun

This assessment should not stress you out to the point of hysteria. You should be able to enjoy it to some degree and learn something new. The final note is to simply be authentic, adaptable, enthusiastic, attentive, and inquisitive! You are going to do your best.

Good Luck!