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What Is the World of Work Inventory (WOWI) Assessment and How to Prepare for It?

Struggling to decide which career path you would like to pursue? You may need some assistance in determining the correct career choice for your future. The WOWI assessment test will assist you in doing just that.

Taking the initial step and committing to a career can be a stressful decision; there may be aspects to a career that you had never considered until it’s too late. Thankfully, you can make informed career decisions by taking the WOWI assessment examination.

You may have heard of WOWI in passing conversations or have an idea of what the assessment examination is all about.

To help you, we will take a look at what exactly the WOWI assessment is and what is to be expected from this assessment.

What Is The WOWI Assessment?

The WOWI assessment, otherwise known as the World of Work Inventory assessment, is one of the most recommended and reliable career assessment examinations around the world.

WOWI is a complete career assessment tool. It has been carefully developed to assist a person in learning the most about him or herself in relation to the diverse selection of occupations available.

This assessment tool provides a personalized profile for each person. It is designed to recommend an extensive list of career paths to suit you, based on your abilities, skills, and interests.

Completing a career assessment examination is often the best way to confirm your chosen career path, or it makes you reconsider your current career.

Let’s take a further look at how the WOWI assessment works.

How Does The WOWI Assessment Test Work?

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The WOWI Assessment Test is a 98 multiple-choice question assessment used to measure your aptitude in relation to workplace skills.

It’s important to remember that your career choice is determined by several factors. The WOWI assessment is designed to bring together the different elements that create and persuade an individual’s decision to choose a specific career path.

The assessment generally takes between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes to complete. The examination is untimed, so there is no pressure to make any rushed decision. If something pops up, simply pause the examination and continue where you have left off.

If you aren’t sure when answering a specific question, you can always skip the question and come back to it later. Don’t worry if you think you clicked on the wrong option. You can go back to the question and amend your answers, there’s no limit to the number of corrections you may want to make.

Once the assessment has been completed, you will be given a list of possible career occupations that are best suited for you as an individual. Whether you choose to agree with them or not is completely up to you.

The WOWI assessment test is divided into three main subcategories:

1. Career Interest Activities (CIA)

The Career Interest Activities (CIA) will determine your preferred work style by testing your adaptability, durability, viewpoint, and more.

The Career Interest Activities section has 136 different items that will be used to evaluate several career areas. You will be required to indicate whether you “like, dislike, or feel neutral” about each question.

The CIA is broad in the sense that it covers a wide variety of occupations such as:

  • Engineering & Related
  • Public Service
  • Service
  • Managerial
  • The Sciences
  • The Arts
  • Industrial
  • Clerical
  • Sales
  • Business Relations
  • Outdoor

2. Career Training Potential

The second section of the examination bases its questions on the natural tendencies and strengths of the candidates. The questions will also focus on the achievements and weaknesses of the candidate.

This section will also assess whether the candidate needs any potential training.

The Career Training Potential assessment will evaluate your natural ability in six different areas.

These six areas are:

1. Verbal Reasoning

Your ability to read and understand different words and phrases.

2. Numerical Skills

Your ability to solve numeracy problems without the help of a calculator.

3. Abstraction puzzle

You’ll be tested on your ability to solve abstract problems- this part of the assessment will test your ability to think out of the box.

4. Spatial Reasoning

If you are good with visualizing plans, your ability to visualize and use three-dimensional thinking will be tested.

5. Mechanical/ Electrical

Not everyone is good with numbers or names. The mechanical section of the assessment will test your ability to figure out how basic mechanisms work.

6. Organization skills

Your ability to mentally process and organize information will be tested.

3. Job Satisfaction Indicators


The most important aspect of an occupation is to enjoy what you do. The Job Satisfaction indicator section focuses on the factors that give you satisfaction in the job, your working style, and your preferred workplace environment.

The JSI covers 12 different aspects relating to occupations. The questions that you are asked will be in the form of a statement where you will have to indicate whether you “like, dislike, or feel neutral” towards the statements.

The 12 different traits that your personal work style will be compared to are:

  • Rigorous
  • Self-controlled
  • Influencing
  • Versatile
  • Subjective
  • Adaptable to Performance
  • Dominant
  • Adaptable to Repetition
  • Isolative
  • Gregarious
  • Valuative
  • Objective

How To Complete The WOWI Assessment

The WOWI assessment can be completed on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone device. All you will need is internet access. There are several tips for you to follow in order to successfully complete the assessment:

  1. Firstly, before you even think of beginning the WOWI assessment, you will need to find a quiet place that has no noise distractions. The assessment will demand your full, uninterrupted concentration.
  2. You’ll need to set aside at least 1 hour to complete the assessment but should you be rushed for time, try and complete at least one section of the test.
  3. If you’re struggling to complete all the questions at once, you can simply take a break and log off from the assessment. When you are ready to continue, log back in and all your previous answers will be saved.
  4. Remember to read each question and answer thoroughly before submitting your chosen answer.
  5. Have a pen and piece of paper nearby to help you solve some numerical questions.
  6. Try to avoid using a calculator or Google search. These questions are meant to test your personal skills and abilities. Searching for an answer on Google will defeat the purpose of the assessment.
  7. If you aren’t sure of an answer, you must click on the “I don’t know” option. Your answer will be considered incorrect, but there’s no pass mark, so don’t feel bad if you find yourself selecting the option regularly.
  8. Once you have answered all of the questions, click on the “submit” button.

The WOWI assessment will immediately bring up your score and the best occupations that match your aptitude and interests. A more detailed report will be emailed to the person who has signed up for the WOWI assessment test.

How To Prepare For The WOWI Assessment

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It’s impossible to fail the WOWi assessment test because there is no pass mark for assessing your abilities. However, it is still important for you to do your best if you are wanting to attain an accurate list of career opportunities suited to you after the test.

Prepare for the WOWI assessment by familiarizing yourself with what to expect in the assessment test. We recommend using the tailored practice tests and study resources available at Job Test Prep. You get realistic practice exams that will mimic the real thing and be the most effective preparation.

Answer all questions honestly in all three sections. These are:

  • The Career Training Potential section
  • The Career Interest Activities section
  • The Job Satisfaction Indicators section


The purpose of the WOWi assessment test is to provide a comprehensive list of career options that best fit your natural abilities and interests. Should you seek help regarding WOWi assessment test preparation, you can rely upon practice tests so that you know what to expect on the day of the test.