Wells Fargo Teller Test: Complete Prep and Interview Guide

These days it is common to be faced with an assessment test as part of the application process for a job. And if you are applying to be a teller at one of America’s most prestigious banks, this will be the Wells Fargo Teller Assessment test.

As competition is stiff, preparation is key. Good preparation means that you will be able to answer questions successfully, showcase your strengths and talents, and land the job.

Having a sound knowledge of the organization’s background, business ethics, and history will help you to be prepared. It will set you up to give informed answers to questions that show you have insight and have done your research.

Read on to discover how to prepare for the Wells Fargo Assessment Test.

Are you interested in a career as a Wells Fargo bank teller?

As one of the most prominent banks in America, Wells Fargo stats show that one in every 500 Americans works for them. However, this also means that there is only one job available for every 15 applicants – that is strong competition.

So how will you ensure that you stand out from other applicants?

As you can imagine, the shortlisting process for Wells Fargo is comprehensive. It encompasses interviews and an assessment test that you will be required to take during the hiring process. Job Test Prep can help you prepare for that assessment with detailed preparation materials.

These come in the form of:

  • Information regarding the hiring and testing process
  • Sample screening test questions and answers
  • Practice tests for the teller assessment

What is the hiring process for Wells Fargo?

The first stage is to apply for a job – find the position that you are seeking and fill in the application form. You will be asked for personal information and your resume along with a cover letter in some cases.

If you are selected, you will be sent links to any assessments or tests that you will be required to take. Once your information has been reviewed and approved, you will be contacted directly to arrange an interview.

What is the Wells Fargo Assessment Test?

The Wells Fargo bank teller test measures abilities in the areas of customer service, numeracy, attention to detail, and high verbal communication.

The test usually has two types of questions:

  • Mathematical questions
  • Situational Judgement Questions

The situational judgment test is designed to assess your main skills when encountering unfamiliar work-related situations whilst working at Wells Fargo. The test will be able to determine whether your decision-making and values are a match for a candidate deemed suitable for Wells Fargo.

What is on a Bank Teller Assessment?

There will be a number of questions that represent critical areas of knowledge that relate to the banking industry. Topics covered will include:

  • Money handling
  • Balancing & Security
  • Sales & services
  • Customer relations & referrals
  • Banking basics
  • Governmental laws & regulations
  • Ethics and good business practices

How do I pass the teller assessment?

The key to passing the assessment is preparation and practice.

Job Test Prep’s Wells Fargo Prep Pack will allow you to access online practice tests and score reports. They include explanatory answers to make sure that you are fully prepared. It will provide practice in math and situational judgment tests. There will also be a personality test that will help you to prepare for your exam.

Wells Fargo places very high importance on culture. This consequently puts much emphasis on whether your personality will fit into that culture. Be sure to keep their vision, values, and goals in mind during the interview process and the way in which you answer questions.

The assessment will contain two types of questions; Mathematical and Situational Judgement.

The interview process for Wells Fargo is in three stages and can take up to one month to complete. The stages are as follows;

  • Telephone call
  • Recorded video of interview question
  • Face-to-face interview

Wells Fargo uses the STAR method for the one-to-one interviews, and this will determine whether or not you are hired. Be sure to use this method when answering interview questions.
Star method explained

What is the STAR Method?

Situation (describe the background to the main event)
Task (explain the problem in more detail and give reasons why you were the best person to handle this challenge)
Action (Explain the way in which you dealt with the problem and the reasons behind your decisions)
Results (What were your results, successes, and achievements?)

The STAR technique helps you to prepare for interview questions and will determine your ability to handle job-specific situations. By fully addressing the interviewer’s question, you will be able to demonstrate the ways in which you overcame previous challenges to prove yourself a good fit for the job.

Make sure you showcase your skills and abilities by giving examples of how you have used job-related skills in both your personal and professional life to achieve success.

Wells Fargo interview questions can include a variety of topics such as:

  • Professional and personal motivations – Describe a time when you faced adversity, when and how have you had to adapt to change?
  • Work ethics – Why do you want to work at Wells Fargo?
  • Education – What interests you about this role?
  • Employment history
  • Availability

In summary

There is little doubt that the application process to work at Wells Fargo can seem long and complicated, but this is a company that boasts;

  • Comprehensive health plans
  • A supportive environment that values health and well-being
  • Parental and critical caregiving leaves
  • Paid time off, amongst many other benefits

Surely then, the extra effort will be well worth the potential gain? With the Job Test Prep materials, you can be well prepared for success and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

You can enjoy peace of mind and be confident when entering the interview and assessment stages of the process, knowing that you are well prepared and ready to really showcase your abilities and suitability for the role.

We look forward to helping with your journey and wish you every success!

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