Walmart Team Lead Assessment Test: Everything You Need to Know

Are you eager to advance your career and join the largest retail company in the world?

Get ready for the Walmart Team Lead Assessment Test – an online assessment that makes or breaks your chance for a leadership role within Walmart!

Despite major global events, a career in retail (especially at the managerial level) remains one of the most stable in the United States. Naturally, the competition for these positions is fierce year-round.

Adequate preparation for the Walmart Team Lead Assessment Test is crucial to enhance your chance of securing an interview.

The test serves as a selection tool for the top candidates and is the foundation for identifying and hiring potential leaders.

To get your foot in the Walmart door, you must gain a thorough understanding of the Teaming Employment Assessment. T

his guide will help you to position yourself for success within the world of retail leadership at Walmart. We’ll outline everything you need to know through the following:

  • What Is the Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment?
  • How to Apply at Walmart
  • What Is Included in the Assessment Test in Walmart?
  • Why is the Walmart Team Lead Assessment Test Used?
  • Walmart Team Lead Assessment Questions
  • How to Pass the Walmart Assessment Test
  • After the Test: What to Expect
  • Leading Your Own Career.

Let’s get into it!

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What Is the Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment?

Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation with a chain of hypermarkets, department stores, and grocery stores in the United States. It is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas and is the largest company in the world based on revenue in 2022. It is the Top 1 Fortune 500 company for the 11th year in a row, showing its stability as a company and as an employer.

Walmart Teaming Employment Assessments are tools that the company uses to screen job applicants. With thousands of employees and thousands more applying for various positions everyday, these tools help Walmart gauge potential and check for needed competencies in a Walmart employee. These tests consist mostly of behavioral, situational judgment, and math tests, which are part of the overall application process. There are currently three kinds of Walmart Assessment Tests: Retail Associate Assessment (RAA), Manager Employment Assessment (MEA), and Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA).

Whether you are a new applicant or have been working for Walmart for a while, those who are interested in becoming team leads or store managers have to take the Walmart Team Lead Test or the Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA), meant for Team Lead, Hourly Supervisor, Academy Trainer, and Department Manager positions.

Being a Team Lead at Walmart entails bigger responsibilities. They may be tasked to handle certain areas of the store and work directly with managers to ensure the smooth operations of the branch.

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How to Apply at Walmart

Applicants can expect the hiring process at Walmart to go as follows:

  • Application. Check out the official Walmart Careers website or ask your branch if there are openings for the position you want to apply for. You will be asked to fill out online forms. Once you submit the form, you will be directed to the testing or assessment page and will be asked to complete it up until a certain date.
  • Online Assessments. Expect the tests to include situational judgment and personality test questionnaires. There are no time limits. Once you finish, you will get a notification about whether you passed or not, but this is not an assurance that you will be called for an interview. Your score in each section (which will not be released) will still be reviewed.
  • Interview. Interviews are usually in-person and with the hiring manager.
  • Orientation. If offered the position, you will move forward with the orientation about your position, and if you are new at the store, the workplace.

What Is Included in the Assessment Test in Walmart?

Failing the assessments or barely passing them will automatically mean you have failed your application. A career in retailing means you will have to directly interact with customers every day. So, the tests aim to check one’s ability to deal with work-related situations and potential issues and how they would deal with them. Another aspect of the assessments is about aptitude and personality to make sure you are not only capable but also embody good characteristics of a Walmart employee.

In particular, the Walmart Team Lead Assessment contains five (5) sections which aim to answer the following questions:

  • Work with Associates: Do you do well in a team? How do you manage your team members? How do you assess task assignments? What is your leadership style?
  • Manage your Area: How do you manage your designated area? How will you approach situations regarding sales, customers, and team members? How do you improve your work environment?
  • Manage your Day: How do you manage tasks in a day? Which tasks are top priority for you? How do you approach high-demand tasks and assignments?
  • Tell us your Story: Why do you want to be part of Walmart? How do you deal with your day-to-day life as an employee? Do you agree or not agree with these provided statements relating to character and values?
  • Describe your Approach: How do you show your best self in the workplace? How do you make decisions? How would you approach difficult situations without escalations?

Contents for format for each section varies. You may be shown tables, graphs, or passages, and will be asked to assess them. You can finish the entire assessment in around 30 minutes, but don’t worry if you take a little bit longer. What matters is you read each question properly and choose the best answer.

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Why is the Walmart Team Lead Assessment Test Used?

Careers in retail or customer service can entail a lot of high pressure and stress. It is important that potential employees know what they are in for, and they can handle their workload on top of providing quality service.

The Walmart Team Lead Assessment, along with other employment tools that Walmart administers, helps the company screen employees based on objective standards that they have set. It also helps speed up employee recruitment significantly, saving up time both for the employer and applicant.

Walmart Team Lead Assessment Questions

When taking the exam, it is important to take note that you cannot go back to change your answers or look back at previous questions. Focus on the test in front of you and work with the information provided. Expect the following questions for each section of the Walmart Team Lead Assessment:

Work with Members/Associates

Your leadership and teamwork skills will be tested in this section. You will be provided with a series of situations and will be asked to rank or choose the best solutions, depending on the instructions. These situations are possible problems that you could face as a team lead.

Check out the the following example:

You are a team lead at Walmart, and one of your associates, John, has been underperforming for the past few weeks. He has been struggling to meet his sales targets and seems disengaged during team meetings. You notice that other team members are starting to feel frustrated by John’s lack of contribution, and some have even expressed concerns to you about the situation.

Which of the following is the best approach in handling John’s underperformance and addressing the concerns of your team members?

a. Speak privately with John to understand the reasons behind his underperformance and offer support and additional training to help him improve.

b. Ignore the situation, hoping that John’s performance will improve on its own over time.

c. Criticize John publicly during team meetings to motivate him to do better.

d. Reassign John’s responsibilities to other team members and consider disciplinary action.

As a team lead, it’s essential to address underperformance in a constructive and supportive manner. By having a private conversation with John, you can understand the underlying reasons for his struggles and provide the necessary support and resources to help him improve. This problem is therefore best addressed by answer (a). This approach shows empathy and fosters a positive work environment while encouraging growth and development among associates.

Manage Your Day

In this section, your analytical and problem-solving skills will be tested. Given a series of information, whether in graphical, table, or passage form, you will be asked to reach the most accurate answer or solution. See the following sample below:


Q1 Q2 Q3


 Clothing  7,500  8,000  6,500  3,000
 Electronics  10,000  8,500  7,200  6,800
 Home Goods  5,000  6,500  4,000  3,250
 Toys & Games  6,000  7,800  5,500  2,500
 Beauty  8,200  7,500  6,800  6,800

Based on the table with sales data per quarter, which team in the store had the highest total sales for the entire year?

a. Clothing

b. Electronics

c. Home Goods

d. Toys & Games

e. Beauty & Cosmetics

Based on the total sales for the entire year, the team with the highest sales in the department store is b. Electronics with a total of $32,500.

Based on the same table, which department had the lowest sale in the third quarter?

a. Clothing

b. Electronics

c. Home Goods

d. Toys & Games

e. Beauty & Cosmetics

The correct answer is c. Home Goods with a sale of $4,000 that quarter. 

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Manage Your Area

Managing one’s area, especially in a big store like Walmart, means that you know which tasks must be prioritized. You must also know your team members well to know which can handle which task, and how to deal with certain conflicts. Take a look at this sample question:

Rank the activities from 1 to 4, where ‘1’ is most urgent and should be handled first, and ‘4’ is less urgent.

Response  1  2  3  4
(A) You hear one of your employees giving wrong information to another employee regarding a safety procedure.
(B) Today’s tardiness number is bigger than yesterday’s.
(C) One of your employees, who has been on your team for 2 years, says he is not content with the working environment.
(D) You need to complete the end-of-the-month report which is due tomorrow.

The correct ranking is A, B, D, C.

(A) Is ranked first because this situation relates to safety procedures which are very important and must be taken seriously, and they should therefore be ranked high. If a safety procedure violation is not handled immediately, it can lead to injury or death.

(B) Is ranked second because this situation relates to discipline problems. It is crucial for a manager to deal with discipline problems when they appear, yet not as crucial as safety issues.

(D) Is ranked third because the situation relates to productivity. The productivity rate is very important, but in this case, since you need to rank the situation in relation to other situations, productivity is less urgent than safety and discipline problems of this degree.

(C) Is ranked fourth since the situation relates to the working environment, which is an important subject but not urgent and can therefore be handled last.

Tell Us Your Story

You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, specifically about your work background. You will also be asked to answer a series of personality questions that relate to your work attitude. Take note of these sample questions:

How does your previous work experience align with the requirements of this position?

a. Aligns very well

b. Aligns well

c. At least 1 or 2 alignments

d. No alignments

In your previous work settings, how did you contribute to fostering a positive and collaborative work environment?

a. Contributed a lot

b. Contributed a significant amount

c. Contributed at times

d. I did not contribute

In your past roles, how would you rank the way you handled conflicts or disagreements with colleagues or supervisors?

a. Very well

b. Well

c. Needs minor improvement

d. Needs significant improvement

For these questions, it is important to answer honestly without being too critical of your own skills. Be confident and remember what you can bring to the table.

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Describe Your Approach

This section contains 33 questions that will assess your general attitude towards work style and approach. It is important to read each question carefully, as some of them may be the same question, just worded differently. Remember to stay consistent all throughout. See the following samples below:

Please indicate to which extent you agree or disagree with the following statements:

a) I prefer working independently rather than in a team.

b) Collaborating with others enhances the quality of work.

  1. Most like (b)
  2. Somewhat like (b)
  3. Somewhat like (a)
  4. Most like (a)

Please indicate to which extent you agree or disagree with the following statements:

a) I am comfortable taking on leadership roles and making decisions for a group.

b) I prefer to follow directions and let others lead.

  1. Most like (b)
  2. Somewhat like (b)
  3. Somewhat like (a)
  4. Most like (a)

Please indicate to which extent you agree or disagree with the following statements:

a) I enjoy trying new experiences and stepping out of my comfort zone.

b) I prefer to stick to familiar routines and avoid unnecessary risks.

  1. Most like (b)
  2. Somewhat like (b)
  3. Somewhat like (a)
  4. Most like (a)

Your responses should be aligned to the nature of the job or position you are applying to. Applicants are encouraged to answer the test to the best of their abilities and as fast as they can. Although not explicitly mentioned by Walmart, this may mean taking a longer time answering the test affects your overall scoring.

Another important thing to take note of is that you may be asked to take other assessments, depending on the specific position you are applying for. You can check JobTestPrep for the right practice packs for aspiring team leads!

How to Pass the Walmart Assessment Test

Preparing for the Walmart Team Lead Assessment is being prepared for any kind of question you might take. Here are some tips to ace the test and get yourself to the next phase of the application process:

  • Prepare. Even before you log in or sign up at the Walmart Careers website, prepare all files and documentation for your application. Make sure you have clear digital copies as well. Furthermore, make sure you have a steady internet connection when taking the test to avoid any technical issues.
  • Read Carefully. Read each question and statement carefully, and avoid answering the questions without care, especially in the personality tests. Inconsistent answers may get you flagged by the website.
  • Avoid the “Traps.” There are responses in the test that may seem the right answer but actually aren’t. Again, this can be avoided by reading each question carefully. You can practice weeding out these “traps” by using practice packs or taking practice tests.
  • Embrace the Walmart Way. Start with the official Walmart website and read about the company core values and culture. These will give you an idea about the kind of leaders they are looking for.
  • Polish your Basic Math skills. As a team lead, you are no longer just looking after yourself or just your assigned area during your shift. You will be in charge of looking after sales, and this will be reflected in the test questions as well. Polish your basic math skills to avoid making mistakes on the test.
  • Focus on the Customers. As a retail company, branch employees interact with customers on a day-to-day basis. When answering questions that bring up customers, make sure to consider how they will be treated in the given scenarios.
  • Be confident. Leadership skills aren’t something one has to be born with. As a team lead, you can definitely learn the right skills to manage your own team.

Even if the test consists mostly of behavioral and situational judgment scenarios, preparing and practicing is a must.

After the Test: What to Expect

Congratulations on taking the Walmart Team Lead Assessment Test!

The online format is designed to ensure an objective hiring process. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Walmart highlights the importance of diversity in all its forms: “understanding, respecting, and valuing diversity — unique styles, experiences, identities, abilities, ideas, and opinions — while being inclusive of all people.”

You’ve completed the most crucial step, so what next? Read on to understand the rest of the Walmart hiring process.

Results Interpretation

Upon completing the Walmart Team Lead test, you’ll be able to view your results. These will be presented differently depending on your employment status.

For new Walmart employees: your results will be categorized into 4 levels: Poor, Good, Competitive, and Excellent. These encompass all five sections of the test. Your results will be framed as a pass or a fail.

For current Walmart employees: your results will be categorized into tiers: Non-Competitive, Tier 1 (Competitive 6 months), and Tier 2 (Competitive 2 years).

A non-competitive tier result indicates that you have failed the assessment.  For Tier 1 and Tier 2 results, you will be able to apply for certain positions.

For Tier 1, you can only apply for the positions of Academy Trainer or Current Department. Your certification will be valid for six months before expiring.

For Tier 2, your certification expiry extends to two years. As the highest tier score, you can apply for all management positions such as Team Lead, Support, Coach, Cap, and more.

If you do not pass the test: you will have to wait six months before you can reattempt it. This date will be displayed on your screen after the test.

Note that any level of success in the assessment does not guarantee you an interview opportunity. Even if you perform highly, you will not be notified of rejection or if the role becomes filled.

Further Steps in the Hiring Process

If your results indicate that you have passed – congratulations!

Candidates who perform highly may receive a call-back inviting them to move forward with an in-store interview. If selected, a reference and background check may be conducted beforehand.

Team lead interviews allow the hiring team to delve deeper into your qualifications, experience, and leadership abilities — particularly outside of online assessment.

The hiring team will be assessing whether you are the right fit for the role and how you align with Walmart’s culture and values.

Be sure to come fully prepared: know Walmart as a company, review past interview questions, gain an in-depth understanding of the specific role that you’re applying for, and be aware of the behavioral and situational nature of the interviews.

Leading Your Own Career

Working at Walmart requires skills, both intrapersonal and interpersonal. Technical skills about a team lead position is not enough. Through Walmart’s Employee Assessments, they can screen employees’ and applicants’ potential for a leadership position.

It is important for aspiring Walmart team leads to prepare for the Team Lead Assessment or the Teaming Employment Assessment Test. They must score high in all five sections of the test, which bears significant weight in the overall application process. Preparation for the test includes practicing with test packs, to ensure that you will be in the right state of mind when facing the actual test.

The competitive job application landscape at Walmart, Inc. shows the good career trajectory it can provide to employees. If you are ready to take on the challenges of the retail industry, then get ready to prepare for this test. Good luck!


Can I retake the Walmart Team Lead Assessment Test?

Yes, you can retake the test. You are generally required to wait 6 months before a reattempt is made available. If you were unsuccessful, you can use this period to improve your leadership experience, abilities, and preparation for the test.

What types of questions are most common in the test?

Team Lead Assessment questions vary but typically revolve around leadership experience, personality and approach, math skills, customer service, situational judgment, and problem-solving skills.

Hypothetical, scenario-based questions are frequently included to assess how you would encounter real problems across different retail contexts.