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Hi guys and thanks for your interest in promoting this guide.

Why this guide sells well

Young professionals and university graduates are highly motivated buyers. They are hoping to unlock a new chapter of their life and standing in the way is a dreaded assessment day interview. 72% of all corporate employers in the UK and US hold assessment centres to decide who they’ll hire. It’s big business.

About this guide

This guide has sold thousands of copies since we launched it last year and as a trial, we thought we’d experiment with using JVZoo. We’re afraid we’re not a seasoned JV warrior, so forgive our lack JV terminology. But what we do know is that this is an excellent, high quality product that has sold extremley well for us and we’re sure it will sell well for you too with the wider exposure and traffic you generate.

What about marketing materials?

We’re happy to create whatever you need, so please, if there’s something you’d like just email us here and we’ll get it to you promptly – we’d love to hear from you. We’re not sure if this trial will fall flat on its face, so we haven’t prepared lots of material! (But we’re happy to, if you need it.)

Get in touch

If you any questions on anything please just get in touch and ask! Thanks 🙂