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How to Prepare for TUI Airways’ Tests?

TUI is one of the biggest travel companies that offers a huge array of vacations and transportation. To land a job at a prestigious company like TUI requires a series of dedicated and thorough interviews and a testing process. But it’s worth it in the end.

If you want to secure a job at TUI, you need to pass their tests. This article will tell you everything about the official TUI internet-based exams, discussions, and evaluation of their job recruiting procedure. We will also point you to the best online resources to help you prepare for your scheduled TUI aptitude examinations and discussions.

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Online Testing for TUI

Applications for cabin crew might be required to participate in online screenings. You will be given preset queries with a time to complete them. Your email invite may provide you with any of the information necessary for you to successfully finish your initial job session.

Chosen participants will proceed over greetings, a basic introduction to TUI, and collaborative exercises. Physical and written evaluations are required. Depending on the job position, some applicants may be required to complete digital examinations.

You might be emailed a hyperlink to do some of your tasks online, or you might complete them on an evaluation date. Customer service representatives and flight personnel are among two types of jobs that involve web exams.

There are two online assessments you typically need to pass:

  • A situational awareness exam
  • A character check

If you pass them, you should receive a confirmation email with further instructions within 10 days.
Even though web examinations may seem frightening initially, after a bit of preparation, you’ll be comfortable in attaining the excellent result you desire.

Job Test Prep can help you with that. Check the next section where we will explain the testing material of this interview process.

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Assessment Event

Once you perform effectively on your internet tests, you will be assigned to a cabin crew evaluation session. This may take place digitally, with you registering on a day that suits you best.

This evaluation session can have lectures that provide you with more insight and reviews of TUI, as well as some team challenges, written evaluation, and additional questions about you and your motivation.

Using the STAR technique (situation, task, and action result) is a good strategy to frame your responses such that they seem both compelling and substantial.

There can also be some collaborative activities that look to assess debating, cooperation, attention, and team spirit. Make sure that you show both competitiveness and cooperation while expressing your passion and excitement for the job.

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TUI Online Test Assessments With Samples

TUI uses SHL evaluation exams to aid in the recruitment process. These assessments may decide whether applicants are qualified to promote TUI Airlines. You may be examined on topics that are critical to understanding how to operate effectively in your career.

SHL assessments are a variety of timed intellectual capacity tests. They contain sub-tests on abilities like:

This section of the examination may assess your ability to think clearly and develop appropriate judgments relying upon written material. You must study brief sections, answering the preceding questions in the form of either:

  • True
  • False
  • Insufficient data to determine

This demonstrates your ability to comprehend text information and implement given instructions.

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Info Source: Official SHL website

Numerical Reasoning Test

On numerical tests, you may be presented with analytical data in the form of charts or diagrams, accompanied by verbal puzzles to solve.

The point is to figure out which mathematical equation you’ll need to employ to answer the question correctly.

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Info Source: Official SHL website

Abstract Reasoning Test

This exam evaluates your ability to react quickly. Rather than text and calculations, you might be offered a set of patterns that shift gradually over time. You’ll want to discover the sequence and figure out which component is missing.

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Logical Questions

Info Source: Official SHL website

Situational Awareness Test

Additionally, you may be confronted with several IRL (in real life) simulated events that you may experience during your work-time to see if you respond appropriately to them. You must select the most rational answers from the choices provided in the test.

The situational awareness assessments are designed to assess your compatibility with a business mindset valued by TUI. Therefore, ensure that you understand TUI’s operating procedures as well as required habits before taking the exam.

Keep the TUI philosophy and principles in mind continuously through the interview process. Reply to questions as appropriately as possible, demonstrating key principal traits as required.

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The SA test may be time-restricted, so you have to examine the events and choices quickly, showing your ability to make key decisions under stress.

Personality Questionnaire

The temperament survey gathers information about your favourite activities, psychological features, motives, and objectives. It’s designed to determine if you have a suitable attitude to work as a cabin crew.
In this questionnaire, you will be presented with a variety of written phrases on which you need to rate your agreeability. The scaling answers might have numerical values (from 1 to 5) or verbal values (completely agree – somewhat agree – completely disagree).

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Aptitude assessments must be completed genuinely. Even though the test might not be time-limited, it’s important to keep a consistent pace and answer timely. An excessively long completion during personality questionnaires might indicate your hesitation or overthink.

How to Prepare for TUI Airways’ Tests?

The TUI Airways evaluation exams are critical to progress throughout the recruiting procedure. Commit more effort to study and increase your probability of success. Focus on doing practice exercises and studying diagrams to acquire the correct mindset before the mathematical exam.

Literature seems to be another ideal technique to improve your cognitive processing skills. Read some brief narratives and explore student-related online tests. It may help focus your attention while studying so that you can fully digest the material. Test yourself with a stopwatch to become accustomed to performing under pressure.

Also, use Job Test Prep practice materials to work on all important aspects of the testing. The total training program from Job Test Prep offers numerous topics with thoroughly described responses, including problem-solving techniques.

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What TUI Materials Does Job Test Prep Offer?

Understanding things ahead of time may help you feel more at ease when taking the exams. As a result, practising ahead of time may allow you to earn a higher grade on your exam. Also, you will familiarise yourself with the types of questions and the format of the answers. That way, you will be fast and efficient when taking the test.

Job Test Prep offers numerous tests for each of the sub-categories of the SHL tests. It also provides you with study guides, tutorials, and detailed explanations about the answers.

TUI’s recruiting procedure is quite demanding. Therefore, put extra effort into achieving the best possible results on such assessments.

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About TUI

TUI (Touristik Union International), or the TUI group, is an originally German travel company. Today, it’s estimated to be a billion of dollars worth business, operating all over the world. They are specialising in leisure, travel, and tourism, having more than a thousand travel agencies, more than 10 cruise ships, hundreds of hotels, and more than a hundred and fifty aircraft.

Furthermore, they operate and offer holidays and luxurious stays in over 180 regions around the world, including Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland, all of Europe, and parts of Asia and Africa. They serve around 13 million customers annually and the number is constantly growing.

Their airlines hold the first place in terms of organised charter flights, so TUI Airways is one of the biggest sectors of the TUI Group.

With a CV like this, you can easily understand why a lot of people dream of landing a job with TUI Airways. For a company of this size to operate seamlessly, a team of dedicated cabin crews, maintenance teams, pilots, ground support teams, and engineers is needed. They have a website dedicated to job opportunities, and there is always something open.

Their employees enjoy health coverage, a pension plan, and performance-based bonuses, so as you might guess – working for the TUI Group is a prestigious achievement.

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TUI Hiring Process

Are you interested in working for TUI Airlines? Start with their website’s careers category. It is critical that you thoroughly examine each job specification to confirm that you meet the job’s basic requirements.
For example, to qualify for cabin crew personnel, you need to meet several medical and operational standards. Namely:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have at least a 6’2” height
  • Be proficient in English
  • Be able to swim at least 25 meters
  • Live within 90 minutes radius of the airport base you’re applying for
  • Have a current UK Cabin Crew Medical Certificate
  • Poses at least a 10-year UK or EU passport.

You may also be certain that you are not applying for an outdated job offer and that the job submission deadline has not expired.

TUI Airlines’ job application procedure consists of several stages, including:

  • An internet job application
  • Online exams
  • An evaluation session

To advance throughout your job application stages to earn your airline staff position at TUI, you must stun during each stage. Understanding the numerous entry steps and studying hard can help you in achieving your job target.

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Initial Job Application Entry

Once you’ve found the job you want to apply for and checked all the boxes of their job requirements, you should go ahead and make your initial job application entry on their website.

Register your details and enroll. This initial login doesn’t require your CV, but you might be asked about your educational background, employment experience, and your motivation for the job. You will only be able to apply for a position at a single facility, so choose your best choice.

If your application seems appealing, you will be asked to accompany a conference call or phone consultation. You might receive an email featuring the information needed, so you may understand precisely how to prepare yourself for further steps of your job application.

Do not ever be hesitant to discuss any concerns regarding employment at TUI and the company’s SOPs throughout the interview. The more you know, the sounder you’ll stand while progressing through the job recruitment procedure.

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There is no reason to be concerned about the SHL exams you perform during your TUI job application if you are searching for any of these TUI careers. Job Test Prep provides the most complete and thorough SHL-style examinations accessible online. This type of preparation allows you to complete your entrance exams with certainty and flair and achieve your desired career goals.

Written by Victoria Todorovska

Victoria (or Viki) is a Freelance Writer, Psychologist, and Gestalt Therapy Consultant. With years of experience in higher education as well as counselling others, she is well-placed to offer expert advice on guiding others up the career ladder.

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