Top Study Habit Apps to Boost Your Academic Performance

Developing a study habit is easier said than done. Many a student dreams of becoming a studying pro only to end up unable to even follow schedules or organize their learning plan. Some become anxious as they fail to cover everything they need to understand and remember for an exam.

The good news is that there are many assistive tools available nowadays. These study tools are not only intended for students but also for everyone who wants to go through the journey of learning with ease and efficiency. Study habit apps, in particular, allow virtually everyone to be good at studying or at least improve the outcomes of their efforts. They support information organization, memory enhancement, and the forming of helpful habits for learning.

Here’s a rundown of five of the best apps useful for studying. Pick one or more to help you improve your study habits and understand and remember topics better.


study habit app quilt lets you find study sets, classes, and other users to help you study

Quizlet is an app that provides resources that learners can use to prepare for an exam or master a topic. It allows users to generate, sort, and share digital flashcard sets and practice tests. Aside from flashcards, it also provides study sets consisting of questions from past test papers and step-by-step solutions for problems in math and other subjects. Quizlet is a useful app for studying a wide range of topics including chemistry, medicine, law, social science, and languages.

With its global community of 60 million learners who share the study sets they created, Quizlet also serves as an expansive repository of learner-created study materials. This app helps anyone study efficiently and retain what they studied more effectively.

Available on: Android, iOS

Type of App: Freemium on Android, Paid on iOS


SimpleMind is a mind-mapping tool that helps organize one’s thoughts. It is an easy-to-use solution for structuring ideas and understanding difficult topics.

The app also allows you to create outlines and color-coded mind maps with modifiable styles. You can add notes, images, icons, web links, voice memos, and videos to your mind maps. Additionally, these maps may be shared with other users and be synchronized with your other devices to make it easy to learn using any of your preferred gadgets.

Available on: Android, iOS

Type of App: Freemium

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an excellent app for anyone interested in learning new things at their own pace. It provides a host of learning resources on an extensive range of topics including languages, economics, math, history, politics, and finance. There are tons of videos, articles, interactive study exercises, and various other learning materials that one can explore in the app. The app also provides quizzes with instant feedback and detailed learning guides.

For parents looking to help their children with their studies, they can use Khan Academy Kids that contains a comprehensive set of topics for two to seven-year-old kids.

Available on: Android, iOS

Type of App: Free


Evernote is a note-taking and to-do list app that makes it easy for users to arrange ideas, take notes, and sort information. It allows them to review their notes in an organized manner.

The notes that one can make in the app are not limited to textual information. They may also include images, audio, sketches, and other files like documents and PDFs. Evernote also allows you to set to-do lists and monitor daily task completion so that you can plan better, set and achieve your goals, and succeed in the projects you undertake.

Available on: Android, iOS

Type of App: Freemium


Studying successfully is not just about your drive to read, write, and do practice tests. Sometimes, even your hardest efforts go in vain because of distractions. To address this, you can use Forest, a productivity app that helps you concentrate through a gamified Pomodoro timer.

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management strategy designed to boost focus by dividing tasks into multiple segments, usually 25 minutes per segment and short breaks in between. It takes away the fatigue in exerting effort to concentrate on a task for a long time. Thus, making learning or task completion less stressful.

study habit app: forest is a gamified pomodoro timer

The Forest app makes it easy to follow the Pomodoro technique and develop effective studying habits.  Whenever you focus on a task, Forest allows you to plant a tree. The tree will grow if you keep away from your gadgets and do your work. If you fail, your tree dies. Through this, the app makes it less burdensome to complete research tasks, assignments, and other learning activities and incentivizes you for focusing. Through a partnership with a tree-planting organization, Tree for the Future, Forest allows users to earn credits while they don’t use their gadgets and actually use that to plant real trees.

Available on: Android, iOS

Type of App: Freemium

Apt Study Habit Apps for Success

Smartphones and tablets are often regarded as distractions in studying, but they do not have to be characterized as such. The five tools above are just a few of the many other study habit apps that one can use to maximize their devices to assist users in establishing a proper study routine. Take advantage of these apps to develop effective and efficient studying habits.