Ace the Sova Assessment: Complete Prep Guide to Outperform Competitors

Applying for a job no longer only includes an impressive CV and well-worded cover letter. Many candidates now have to complete psychometric tests and ability tests, where one is tested and compared to other candidates in their respective results.

Which companies use Sova’s assessments? KPMG, Santander, Bain & Company, RSA and Royal Bank of Scotland are just a few of the financial institutions that make use of Sova’s testing.

Take the Sova Assessment Practice Test to improve your score.

The tests are used for recruiting new talent as well as assessing current employees for internal progression and promotion opportunities.

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The Sova Assessment results are used to lessen the pool of candidates recruiters look at seriously when hiring new graduates or managers. The tests vary depending on the position but JobTestPrep is able to prepare you for each one!

About The Exam

Before we get into the specifics of the exam, let’s understand who’s written the test.

  1. Sova has a history in Organisational Psychology – this means their tests are carefully considered and designed through scientific and psychological methods. Their tests are not arbitrary questions and answers but rather probing questions that provide insight into each candidate via their answers.
  2. Sova’s Aptitude tests are intuitively curated – Because Sova has knowledge of Organisational Psychology, they know what each job role will demand of their employees, so their tests are curated to highlight the candidates who have the best qualifications as well as the best psychological traits and qualities. This means Sova’s assessments are highly sophisticated and effective in testing one’s aptitude for a job or position.
  3. Sova’s unique tests – Sova has written ability tests similar and unique from other companies’. They offer verbal, numerical, situational judgement and logical reasoning assessments, and in some cases they offer blended assessments. Blended assessment is where Sova’s unique personality tests are incorporated into the standard testing.
  4. They also provide a video interview platform – this helps to further integrate and streamline the recruitment process.

Sova’s testing helps employers and recruiters make more informed and data-driven decisions in the hiring process. This also cuts through any bias or inequality when recruiting employees.

One thing we like about Sova is there’s less performance anxiety involved on assessment days. When you can trust that the test is fair and will reveal you to be a qualified, capable and well-rounded candidate, you don’t need to worry that you might stutter or make errors out of nervousness. You can trust that the science and psychology will reveal you to be the perfect candidate or employee.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each ability test.

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Numerical Reasoning Assessment

  • Numerical data refers to tables, graphs and charts – where information is expressed in numbers
  • Realistic work scenarios are incorporated into the numerical data
  • Questions appear like a basic maths test: percentages, fractions, ratios, averages, sequences and algebra will be included.
  • It’s a multiple choice test, with 4 options to choose between.
  • Accuracy and time-management are assessed in numerical reasoning tests. Your correct answers are scored as well as the time it took to calculate them.

Verbal Reasoning Tests

  • Verbal reasoning tests are probing for your ability to process and analyse written and verbal information
  • Questions are based off a focus text and answers are either true, false or ‘cannot say’
  • The limited information is what will determine you accurate deductions
  • The final score takes into consideration both the number of questions answered correctly and the pace they were given at. This means the test asses your ability to read and absorb information under time pressure.

Logical Reasoning Tests

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving are the focus here.
  • Multiple choice questions will involve diagrams, patterns and sequences
  • You should systematically break down the components, identify relationships and deduce the rules in each image – this will lead to the correct answer.
  • The logical reasoning test is assessing your approach to given information and your flexibility in solving each scenario
  • Your accuracy and pace are both scored in the end

Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

  • A Situational Judgement test will present hypothetical work scenarios using images, animations and video
  • You’ll need to decide with course of action will be the most and least effective in each scenario – there will be 4 multiple choice options to choose between
  • Your answers should only make use of the given information in each scenario, don’t assume anything
  • Quick and effective answers are best – a high score in the SJT test proves to recruiters and employers that you are capable, responsible and well-aligned to their workplace.
  • The situational judgement test can also be designed to identify whether a candidate’s behaviour is a good match with specific organisational and company values.

Personality Questionnaire

  • Personality assessment like OPQ test should provide insight into a prospective employee’s character, personality traits and behaviour. Aspects such as your motivators, working style, relationship formation and values. Think of it as the most hardcore Buzzfeed quiz.
  • a series of 4 similarly themed statements are grouped together. Each statement must be rated on a five-point scale from ‘most like me’ to ‘least like me’. Within the sets of four, you will only be able to select each point on the scale once. So, read carefully and think before selecting your choices.
  • There are no correct or incorrect answers in this assessment, but there will be responses that align better with your chosen company’s ways of working. Responses should be selected honestly, to give an accurate reflection of your behaviour.

Sova Video Interview

  • This feature of Sova’s assessment helps to create a more streamlined recruitment process, providing interviews on the same platform as psychometric testing.
  • The video interview will be a series of both written and pre-recorded questions you answer. Responses are individually recorded and submitted.
  • Candidates have 1 minute to review each question and formulate their answer, before the 3 minute recording time begins.
  • There is 1 practice question at the beginning of the interview, so you can familiarise yourself with the process and fix any technical issues with your webcam, microphone or internet connection.
  • You should treat the interview like an in-person interview – look directly into the camera and speak clearly and confidently, as if you were having a conversation.
  • To avoid distraction, sit the video interview in a quiet room, free from distractions. A neutral background and smart clothing will help to convey professionalism.

Take Sova Assessment Practice Test Now

Eyesight Glasses

Different Types of Questions Asked in The Exam

Below are a couple practice examples of each Sova ability assessment, but if you’d like more practice tests visit JobTestPrep.

Numerical Reasoning Tests:


Q: How many Bernd cars were sold in May?

  • a. 10
  • b. 1 000
  • c. 5 000
  • d. 1o ooo

First, this graph gives the sales figures cumulatively

Second, we can see that in April there were 9 000 car sales, and by the end of may there are 10 000.

Therefore, during May there were (10 000 – 9 000) car sales, which means the correct answer = B (1 000).

Verbal Reasoning Test:

Although it was discovered in the 19th century that birds were closely related to dinosaurs, the current scientific consensus is, that birds were and always have been, dinosaurs themselves.

Fossil evidence demonstrates similarities between birds and other feathered dinosaurs, including hollow bones, nest building and similar brooding behaviours. Although the dinosaurian lineage of birds is largely undisputed, the evolution of powered flight in birds is still debated.

Two theories of flight in birds are the ‘ground-up’ theory and ‘trees-down’ theory. Ground-up theorists suggest birds evolved powered flight from ground dwelling dinosaurs, and trees-down theorists suggest birds evolved from tree-dwelling, gliding dinosaurs. Further research is required to conclusively verify the process in which birds evolved powered flight.

Q: The ‘ground-up’ and ‘trees-down’ theories are only theories explaining flight in birds.

  • True
  • False
  • Cannot say

If you read the question first before reading the text, you can read the text faster and for the correct answer only.

Using that method, you could read the phrase “further research is required to….” and immediately deduce that the correct answer is ‘True’.

The most prevalent neurological condition in the developed world is the migraine. It’s characterised by severe, recurrent headaches, with additional symptoms including nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. The frequency and duration of migraine attacks are variable: attacks may occur a few times a year or a few times a month, while pain may last between four hours and three days. Approximately one third of sufferers experience an aura – a perceptual disturbance before the onset of the migraine. There are numerous theories on the cause of migraines. The vascular theory posits that migraines are caused by problems with blood vessels in the brain. Prophylactic drug treatment which prevents the onset of migraine, has declined in recent years because of side effects and also improvements in medications treating the actual attack. Whereas older varieties of pain medication are potentially addictive, new drugs called triptans work by reducing pain information provided to the brain. Treatment plans include avoidance of known migraine triggers, such as diet, alcohol and stress. Not only are migraines bad for sufferers but they are also bad for the economy, with an estimated 25 million days of work lost in the UK alone, every year.

Q: One third of migraines are preceded by a sensitivity to light

  • True
  • False
  • Cannot say

This is a slightly nuanced answer. As the passage does mention that ‘one third of sufferers experience an aura’, it’s not defined what that means. Is it a sensitivity to light or only an effect of one’s perception?

We also do not know about the other two thirds of sufferers and what they experience when a migraine sets in. Therefore the correct answer is ‘Cannot say’.

Logical Reasoning Test

Q: What replaces the question mark?

At work here are two rules:

From left to right, the crossed box moves one place to the right each time. This pattern also continues to the next row.

The second rule is that cross is alternating between being vertical/horizontal and diagonal each time.

Therefore, a vertical/horizontal cross should be on the third box from the left.


Q: What replaces the question mark?

Again, there are a couple rules at play.

Rule 1: From top to bottom, the missing edge of the hexagon moves one place counter-clockwise each time. The pattern continues to the next column as well

Rule 2: From left to right, the shaded section of the hexagon moves one place counter-clockwise each time. This pattern continues over to the next row.

Therefore, the question mark can be replaced with a shaded area on the top left-hand corner and a missing section on the bottom left-hand corner.

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A person writing with a pen

Top Tips to Prepare and Pass Your Sova Assessment Test

Familiarise yourself with Sova questions

We recommend JobTestPrep for practising with tests similar to Sova’s in structure, format and content. This will help you to become familiar with the exact style of test you will write. This will help to improve your confidence, as well as your work pace. Since time is scored as well as answers, this is a great idea to become more time-efficient.

Build a steady working pace

Sova tests are scored based upon the number of questions answered correctly and the time taken to answer them. While there’s no time limit on questions, for Sova assessments speed is just as important as accuracy. You should take 30-45 seconds per question for a high score. When preparing it’s a good idea to time your attempts at practice questions so you can keep a track of your pace.

Read the questions carefully

Because time is so valuable in this test, it can be tempting to rush each question. But it’s so important to take your time to absorb the content of each question, so your answer is accurate. Avoid losing unnecessary points by assuming what the question is asking of you, and not what is actually written.

Prepare your equipment

To complete your Sova assessment(s) you will need a quiet environment free from distraction, a desktop computer, laptop or tablet and a stable internet connection.

The tests are taken on a Zoom-based platform, so you will need to have the application downloaded. You may also require a pencil, scrap paper and a calculator. Do a couple practice tests with your exact set up (like a dress rehearsal) to reduce the chance of any technical issues when being assessed.

A lady using a laptop


How long are Sova tests?

There’s no set duration, but your own pace will set the time frame of each section. It’s suggested you take 45 seconds for the ability test questions.

However, there is a time allocation of 4 minutes for video interview questions

How are Sova tests scored?

Number of correct answers + time it took to answer = your score

Scores are released to you and recruiters as raw percentages(%) which allows for fair comparison across all candidates. Scores can also be compared to a standard benchmark of a previous set of test-takers.

Are Sova tests difficult?

They can be demanding as they require fast and accurate working.

To be successful in the tests a high score is needed, which increases the pressure on candidates to excel. With practise, however, you can feel confident in applying your problem-solving, critical thinking and interpretation skills. That’s why we recommend practice tests sites such as JobTestPrep.

What do I need to complete my Sova assessment?

  • A computer, laptop, tablet or mobile
  • A quiet, distraction free environment
  • Stable internet connection – to prevent any technical issues from disrupting you.
  • A pencil, paper and calculator – for the numerical reasoning assessment.
  • Having a glass of water handy – for the video interview.

Take Sova Assessment Practice Test Now

Final thoughts

The Sova Assessment is a holistic and sophisticated test that incorporated organisational psychology into it’s specific and curated questions. Time and accuracy are both important and measured when taking the abilities tests.

When preparing, make sure you time your answers so you can have a clear idea of your pace. Set aside a quiet and distraction free-space before your test and have a glass of water and stationery handy.

Remember, the Sova Assessment is just a recruitment process to identify the best candidates, approach the test with the belief that that person is you and your confidence and capability should shine through. This is just another test among many you’ve taken, and all that you need to ‘know’ will be given in the texts and information provided. The correct answer, will be your cognitive ability, personality traits and individuality.