2024 School Secretary Test Study Guide (With Free Practice Questions)

If your dream is to become a school secretary you will have to undertake a number of tests to assess your suitability for the role. Take a look at all you need to know for the School Secretary Test and how best to prepare.

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What is in the School Secretary Test?

The tests will assess the skills a school secretary needs. Expect to be tested on:

  • Office record keeping
  • Office practices
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Supervision
  • Your keyboard skills and your ability to use the various keyboard tools
  • Your knowledge of office procedures and your approach to handling situations that may arise in the workplace
  • Typing skills
  • Knowledge of using common software like Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook

At face value, this may all seem straightforward and very much in line with what you have learned in your training. However in reality these are tests you can prepare for with a test prep pack

Consider firstly the number of applicants for a position as a school secretary. The competition is intense and as in most employment situations, only the best are selected. To rise above the competition serious preparation is required.

Also, consider the huge part a secretary plays in the running of a school. School management need to ensure they are employing the person who will be best for the position.

But with preparation and the right tools to hand, you can do it

Searching for effective preparation methods can be time-consuming. To avoid wasting time trawling through notes from your training and searching for material online it is advised you equip yourself with a test prep pack from Job Test Prep, a company experienced in helping job seekers.

Knowing that you have reliable material to work with will allow you to approach the challenges of preparing for a test more confidently. It will also give a structured approach to your preparation.

Your test prep pack will give you a range of sample test papers mirroring those you will have to do in the tests to become a school secretary. For a feeling of how this works click the following link and begin testing yourself – Free sample test.

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Preparing for your test

When preparing for your test it is important to adopt a disciplined approach:

  1. Become familiar with the tests you have to do.
  2. Calculate the amount of time you have to prepare for the tests.
  3. Draw up a timetable for your test preparation. Make sure this is realistic and you will be able to stick to it.
  4. Find a quiet place free from distractions that you can use while you are preparing.

When you have drawn up your timetable, decide what you are going to work on in each session. Careful planning will ensure you have the material covered on time.

Doing this, remember it is more effective if you can work for 50 minutes at a time, followed by a 10-minute break before returning for the next 50 minutes. This will guarantee you are absorbing material more effectively.

While preparing, remember the old adage, “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” Taking care of your physical health directly affects the workings of your mind. While involved in this intensive test preparation ensure you get:

  • Adequate rest
  • Proper nutrition
  • Fresh air and exercise

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Using your preparation time

Your preparation time will be taken up with:

  1. Refreshing your knowledge of the material you learned in your training course.
  2. Doing the sample tests that come with your test prep pack.
  3. Reviewing the tests you have done and becoming familiar with the areas you need to improve on.

Doing the sample tests allows you:

  1. To become familiar with the format of the test and avoid any unpleasant surprises on the day of the real test.
  2. Track your progress as you advance from test to test
  3. Practice timing your test. Failing to do a test within the time allowed is one of the main reasons people do badly in tests. Working with the sample tests allows you to discover how much time you should give to individual questions.

For a free sample supervisory test click here

Learn from your mistakes

It is important not to be discouraged with your results in the first or second test you do. Doing tests takes practice and you will make mistakes at the beginning. However, with regular work, you will improve.

Take the approach that we learn from our mistakes and see each mistake as a guiding tool in your exam preparation. When you review a test you have done make sure you make a note of your errors and make a conscious effort not to make them in subsequent tests.

By giving adequate time to doing the sample tests you are honing your answering skills and training yourself in time management. When the real tests come around your preparation will have put you in a position to do them confidently.

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Doing the tests

When test day arrives there are a number of factors that can help you benefit from the work you have done while preparing.

  1. Ensure you get a good night’s sleep before the test. Tests can be both mentally and physically challenging. Avoid the temptation to stay up late preparing the night before the test.
  2. Have a proper breakfast.
  3. Try to ensure you have nothing else to concentrate on, on the day of the test.
  4. And once again, fresh air. Try to get some outdoor-time before entering the test center.

If you become stressed

Stress can strike the most seasoned of people, especially when doing a test that impacts on their career. Be prepared for this eventuality.

It is natural to feel a little nervous before a test and a few nerves can sharpen your performance. However, being overly nervous can undo all your hard work.

During your preparation build in some stress-busting techniques. You may have a technique that works well for you. If not, try doing some deep breathing exercises, a little yoga or meditation.

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When it’s over

Congratulate yourself on all the work you have done.

If you have applied for a job as school secretary and have been invited to take the tests then clicking the link will lead you to the resources you need to ace the tests.