School Safety Agent Test: Complete Preparation Guide and Tips

by Sarah Duncan

Taking the school safety agent exam can be daunting and nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t know what to expect.

School Safety Agents are crucial in schools to keep children safe. If you’re looking to become a school safety agent in NYC, you’ll need to take the exam before you can proceed with your application.

Take the School Safety Agent Test to improve your score.

As the name suggests, the School Safety Agent Test is a necessary step in becoming a school safety agent.

It tests your aptitude and qualifications for the position and is especially important as the role necessitates a lot of time dealing with children. Candidates must first be thoroughly screened for their suitability.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the exam, what to expect, and how to prepare so that you can show up on the day and do your absolute best without any apprehension. Let’s get started!

What is the School Safety Agent Test?

When applying for positions to work with children, there are often extended screening processes to ensure prospective employees are suitable for the role. School safety agents are no exception.

The School Safety Agent Exam tests relevant skills for the job such as:

  • Situational judgment
  • Problem-solving
  • Basic law enforcement principles

It also tests basic skills such as reading comprehension and memory.

The School Safety Agent Test is used in New York City to ensure candidate suitability for the position of School Safety Agent, and it encompasses the skills you’ll need for the job.

The duties that School Safety Agents are expected to do include:

  • Patrolling the site
  • Keeping up communication between staff, students, and visitors
  • Monitoring who’s on-site (and when)
  • Being generally available to offer assistance to visitors, staff, and students

It’s a great exam to take as the results stay valid in the system for four years and is similar to other tests required for similar positions.

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Sections of the School Safety Agent Exam

The specific sections of the test are as follows:

Written Comprehension

This section tests the ability to comprehend written text.

You’ll be faced with a passage of text and then multiple-choice answers that test your comprehension. The purpose of this is to ensure language proficiency when writing reports and other duties.

Written Expression

This section also tests your ability to use language.

The written expression section gives you an incomplete sentence and multiple-choice options for the missing word/phrase. This tests your grasp of the English language and vocabulary.


This section tests your memory, by giving you words, text, numbers, pictures, or other information that must be memorized and then tested.

Problem Sensitivity

This section uses scenarios and then questions based on those scenarios to test your ability to identify when a problem is likely to occur, and what that problem might be.

It can refer to the problem as a whole or as parts. You’ll be faced with scenarios that may occur on the job, and then you’ll need to pick from a choice of possible solutions.

Deductive Reasoning

This section tests your reasoning by giving you information and then asks you to make a logical conclusion statement based on the information provided.

This tests your ability to problem-solve and use logic to arrive at a solution.

Inductive Reasoning

This section will present you with a question that has a missing piece of information, which you then have to identify. It tests your ability to make a conclusion and identify patterns based on the information given.

Information Ordering

This section presents you with a sequence of numbers, shapes, words, etc. to test your ability to organize information.

It does this by giving you a prompt and a sequence of information that must be ordered in a certain way.

Spatial Orientation

This section involves the use of maps to determine the relative distance or location between you and some identified object or location on the map. The answers are given in the form of multiple choice.


This section tests your visualization by asking you to identify the changes that would happen to a specified object after a certain manipulation, such as rotation or mirroring.

This tests your ability to accurately predict changes to an object based on your mental visualization.

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Preparation Tips

As is the case for any exam, it seems a lot harder and scarier if you don’t know what to expect.

To prepare for this test, it’s recommended that you familiarize yourself with the questions that will be asked and the concepts that will be assessed.

You can also prepare for this test by brushing up on your memory, written language comprehension, reasoning, and other cognitive functions.

The most important tip that’s often overlooked (but which is true for any exam) is to make sure you’re physically prepared for it.

Be sure to get a good night’s rest the night before, and nourish your body with nutritious food and plenty of water. Your brain will thank you.

School Safety Agent Practice Tests

Another surefire way to ace the test is to prepare with practice tests.

This can be a lifesaver especially if you’ve never done a test like this before; it’s so helpful to have a good grasp on what to expect from the test so you can go into it with a cool head and avoid mistakes that happen when you panic.

Practice tests are a great way to give yourself that extra peace of mind that you know what the test will be like, how to allocate time for each question, and what you need to focus on.

You can find excellent practice tests for the School Safety Agent Exam at JobTestPrep, which will improve your performance in the actual exam.

Sample Questions

Most of the questions on this test are multiple-choice, which is great news for anyone taking it.

You’ll be faced with questions for deductive reasoning which give you a sequence of statements, and then ask you whether the final concluding statement is true or false based on a logical assessment of the situation.

Reading comprehension questions, for example, also utilize multiple-choice answers by giving you a passage of text to read and then asking a multiple-choice question at the end.

This is usually a true or false question based on the information provided in the text.

Most of the sections follow this plan with multiple-choice answers, making it very simple in terms of formatting.

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Post-Test: Next Steps

Once you’ve completed the test and left the test site, your test will be scored.

If you pass the School Safety Agent Exam, you’ll be put on a list of eligible candidates, ranked by score. You’ll be notified of this by email.

If you pass the test and meet all other requirements, you’ll be eligible for a position as a School Safety Agent in NYC.

Final Thoughts

Passing the School Safety Agent Exam in NYC is highly achievable if thorough preparation is carried out beforehand to ensure you know what to expect.

It can be hard to know how to prepare for exams such as the School Safety Agent Exam as it tests cognitive functions.

However, with this comprehensive guide (as well as other resources such as practice tests from JobTestPrep), you’ll be well on your way to excelling when it comes to the day of your test.

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