SAT Writing and Language Tips to Boost Your Score

If you want to pursue higher education, you need to pass the SAT. Your SAT scores will determine your admission to the college or university of your choice. Good scores can also help you secure a scholarship as well. 

The SAT measures your college readiness and covers the subjects you study in high school. It consists of a Reading, Math, and Writing and Language Test. 

This article focuses on the last one and gives you SAT Writing and Language tips to help you prepare better for the test.

SAT Language and Writing Test Structure

The 35-minute multiple-choice test is part of the entire SAT exam. 

The Writing and Language Test includes three text types, which are:

  • Argument. The passages take a strong position, using evidence to support the assertion.
  • Narrative nonfiction. The passages tell a story from beginning to end.
  • Explanatory or informative. The passages want to teach the reader about a specific topic.

Each passage is about 400 to 500 words, covering topics like history, humanities, science, and careers. There are two sets of questions. One is about the expression of ideas to check your written communication. The other covers the standard English conventions requiring you to create sentences consistent with standard English grammar and conventions.

SAT Language and Writing Test Prep

As the Language and Writing Test assesses your facility with the English language, you should study sentence structure and grammar concepts to boost your test score. Focus on these topics. In addition, look for the SAT prep books to understand punctuation usage, subject-verb agreements, and compound subjects. You should also know how to use correct verb tenses and modifiers. 

In your test prep, strive to read more content and learn its format. The test actually presents you with several passages, so being familiar with a diverse range of topics will help you a lot. Some passages in the test may read like a short academic paper. 

If you comprehend the passages, you will be able to identify how to express ideas presented in the text better. Further, your thorough understanding of English grammar, usage, and conventions will help you in making sentences that are consistent with the standards of written English.

Aside from that, you should study how to grasp the context of the passage. This step will broaden your understanding of what the passage wants to convey, help you create more ideas and expressions related to the topics, and develop stronger arguments to support what you believe is right.

If you cannot study by yourself, consider hiring an experienced SAT tutor who can help you prepare for the test in an organized and systematic manner. Alternatively, you can look for a school specializing in SAT test preps where you can receive individual coaching or with a group.

SAT Language and Writing Tips

Getting a high mark on the SAT Language and Writing Test will improve your college or university admission chances. Since you will be using your English writing skills extensively throughout your academic life, knowing some tips on taking the test will help you immensely.

This section of the SAT can be complicated and confusing because you must read different passages to identify and fix the content’s weaknesses and mistakes. Therefore, knowledge of different topics and understanding the grammar rules and conventions are critical to passing the test.

As you read a passage, try to identify what is wrong with it. The writing test has a multiple-choice format and you will encounter long sentences, uncommon phrases, and grammar errors that are common but often overlooked, which you might consider as correct.

You will have sentence improvement questions. For these, you should eliminate the answers that you know do not fix the grammatical errors in the sentence or contribute additional errors to the sentence. It is also important to remember that in making choices or picking the exact answer, the brief but grammatically correct answer choice is often the right one.

Throughout the test, your consistency is a factor in getting high marks. In choosing the correct sentences, make sure that it is consistent in person, subject, and verb tense. Don’t forget to choose the one that applied proper parallelism.

Finally, ensure that you read the passage thoroughly, from the title to the content’s last word. Sometimes the title gives you an idea of the topic, while you will find the answers from the text. Summarizing the passage could ensure getting the main points covered to help you pick the precise answer from the choices.

Ensuring Success

Your college admission depends on your SAT scores, and scoring high on the Writing and Language Test gets you closer to your dream. Give yourself a chance to succeed by following this guide that gives you insights on what to expect for the test and what preparation you need.