Essential Guide to Passing the South African Police Service (SAPS) Test

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has a competitive hiring process. There are so many collaborative examinations, so it’s crucial to figure out ways to stand out among other employees. In the modern employment landscape, you need to push yourself with the necessary skills and expertise.

If you want a job with SAPS, you will need to take the SAPS test and fulfill other requirements.

Here’s all you need to know about the process and how to ace it.

Requirements To Become a SAPS Police Officer

Anyone who desires to be a SAPS Police officer must meet the following requirements:

  • Fill out the official application form and affirm, under oath or using a solemn declaration, that the information they supplied is correct.
  • Applicants must have permanent residency in the Republic of South Africa and provide proof.
  • Be at least 18 years old but less than 30 years.
  • Undergo a physical and medical examination as determined by the SAPS, and be found physically and mentally fit to be appointed for the applied position.
  • Undergo a psychological assessment as determined by the National Commissioner of the SAPS and be fit for the profile of a police official.
  • Applicants must have a Senior Certificate qualification.
  • Be fluent in English and at least one additional South African official language.
  • Be prepared to undergo any training needed.
  • Not having any visible tattoos.
  • Not have any prior criminal records.
  • Have their fingerprints taken.
  • Be prepared to have their background checked.
  • Be prepared to operate anywhere in South Africa.

SAPS Employment Process

Although the SAPS hiring and selection procedure is relatively simple, it could take some time. The registration form has various components: personality tests, written exams, evaluation centers, role-playing exercises, and more.

The steps to becoming an officer are subdivided below.

CV Submission

SAPS CV Submission

The employment for South African Police Officers starts with you showing your interest in the job position. Checking your suitability on the SAPS’s primary website is the first hiring process step.

Verify the form due dates carefully since SAPS only hires a few times yearly. If you’re on time for the job position you want, you need to apply to active job openings with an application and CV submission.

The South Africa Police Department has a rigorous application form you must fill out and send. You can find the SAPS application form here. Our next section will cover more details about the Application form.

SAPS Application Form

  • The application form must be correctly assembled and signed by the applicant.
  • The application form must be concluded in black ink color.
  • All instructions on the application paper must be attached. Failure to do so might result in the application being turned down.
  • An initial application and CV must be presented.
  • The CV must include full details of all boards an applicant serves, reimbursed work outside the public service, employment positions, career chronology, present studies, and other credentials.
  • The applicant must have a valid driver’s license, academic record, service, and previous certificates.
  • Applicants will be subjected to a vetting procedure, including security screening and fingerprint validation.
  • Applications must be mailed promptly, before the scheduled date. Late applications will automatically be rejected.
  • Only successful candidates will be contacted for further details.

The successful applicant’s appointment will come into effect on the first day of the month following the date the National Commissioner approved the appointment.

Pre-Employment Telephone Screening

If you are eligible and have a suitable background, educational level, and past employment experience, you will be contacted by SAPS representatives for a phone screening and interview.

The questions on that interview will be a follow-up to your CV. You will be questioned about your history and personal qualities with the goal of SAPS representatives integrating you appropriately with their bureau.

Assessment Tests And An Assessment Center

In the next part of the process, you will take assessment tests to measure your cognitive abilities, personal characteristics, and natural tendencies. You’ll probably take personality, cognitive, mathematical, verbal, and abstract exams as a part of the recruiting procedure.

Each of these tests evaluates your skills, enabling SAPS to decide whether you will be a suitable police officer in the future.

In the Assessment Center, you’ll probably be interviewed by a selection of individuals, either individually or in a meeting with other applicants. You’ll be required to complete several exams, role-plays, and other activities that will measure both your abilities, but also your ability to work in teams.

In the end, you will also take more tests to measure your mental and physical readiness.

SAPS Testing Process

A Person Working

The testing process for SAPS police officers consists of a personality test, a situational judgment test, and a few cognitive tests for various reasoning abilities.

Personality Tests

A person’s true intentions, priorities, hobbies, sentimental contouring, and manner of communicating with others, as well as scenarios, are all subjected to a set of questions on personality tests.

Personality tests often come in statements, where you reply with the degree by which you agree with a particular statement.

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Situational Judgement Tests

Situational judgment exams are used to evaluate decision-making skills. Attendees are asked to assess their responses to theoretical work-related scenarios tailored to the job.

The participants choose their preferred response from a variety of options available. If the personality tests measure your behavior, intention, and personality traits, the SJ tests measure how you practically use them in work-related settings.

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Cognitive Tests

Cognitive exams measure the brain’s capacity for problem-solving, spoken and numerical reasoning, awareness, and cognition. Such exams ask candidates questions intended to gauge their capacity to use their intellects to resolve issues or gain knowledge of unique skills.

Throughout history, cognitive ability exams have evaluated fundamental aspects known as “intelligence” and “general mental ability.”

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Move on to our following sections if you want to practice more concrete aspects of the cognitive tests – numerical, verbal, or abstract.

Numerical Tests

An evaluation of a candidate’s aptitude for handling and interpreting numerical and arithmetical values is done through a numerical reasoning exam.

The information on the test will be displayed in the form of columns, charts, or math problems that need to be analyzed for you to make conclusions. The exams have a limited time and a multiple-choice layout.

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Verbal Tests

Your comprehension of written paragraphs is evaluated using a verbal reasoning test. These tests are made to judge your verbal mastery, justification, and reasoning through the English language.

The exam will reveal whether you tend to make quick judgments or misunderstand statements when you face them.

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Abstract Tests

Abstract reasoning evaluates one’s capacity for problem-solving and recognizing logical correlations using geometries and patterns. You might have to decide which photo accomplishes a sequence, is lacking from the general scene, or doesn’t match the other images displayed.

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SAPS Assessment Center Assessment centre

Assessment centers are used in numerous employment processes since they are an excellent way to assess the candidates’ abilities and tendencies while they perform a task or work-related scenario.

Assessment centers usually assess all (or groups of) candidates while giving them to fulfill projects and tasks like case studies, role-play exercises, group collaboration, interviews, or easy written activities.

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How To Pass The SAPS Tests?

Going through a series of tests might be daunting. To reduce anxiety, professionals from Job Test Prep have developed this planning box. You’ll notice an improvement in your results on the assessment exercises if you adhere to the tips in this kit.

Use Online Preparation Materials

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Practice The Tests You’re About To Take

There is no disputing the fact that practicing as many sample exam questions as you can is the most efficient method to prepare for testing. Talking about some essentials to think about may significantly improve your chances of passing your test.

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Practice Simulations

Using scheduled preparation tests that mimic legitimate tests can minimize the surprise element and get accustomed to the test’s degree of complexity.

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Step-by-Step Explanations & Study Guides

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About SAPS


South African Police Service (SAPS) is the primary and official law enforcement agency of The Republic of South Africa. A Provincial Commissioner is assigned in each region, and South Africa’s 1,154 police facilities are segmented based on the boundaries of the various provinces.

The purpose of the SAPS is to investigate all criminal activities that could jeopardize the safety of any congregation, protect and fight anything that could do so, ensure that the criminals are carried to law, and take part in initiatives to deal with the underlying crime-related issues.

What Are SAPS’ Responsibilities?

The South African Constitution requires from South African Police Service and its Police Officers to:

  • Implement the law
  • Protect the security of all communities
  • Investigate criminal activities that endanger safety
  • preserve municipal order
  • secure Republic residents and their possessions
  • and establish a safe atmosphere for all South Africans


For the SAPS’s mission and work to remain successful, finding the appropriate applicants to work as law enforcement officers is crucial. The recruiting methodology aims to select only qualified candidates to prevent prejudices, graft and corruption, and discriminatory treatment.

This article detailed the SAPS employment process and introduced you to the nature of the assessment tests administered.

Furthermore, we also provided you with practice materials for numerous of those assessments as a way to help you ensure that you brush up on knowledge and practice the assessment center activities.