Your Guide to the RSM Online Application and Assessment Process

RSM is currently the sixth-largest professional service network, by revenue, in the world.

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They are a globally recognized accounting network and service provider of audit, tax, and consulting services. RSM is highly reputable, and employees enjoy the supportive corporate culture, positive work environment, and opportunities associated with working for a global network.

RSM provides a range of graduate opportunities in different positions, including corporate tax, mergers and acquisitions, and internal and external audits. Each candidate must go through the RSM application process, consisting of four main stages.

In this article, you will learn about the RSM application and hiring process and how to prepare for it.

Close up of student girl hands comparing notes on laptop sitting on a desk at home at night

Close up of student girl hands comparing notes on laptop sitting on a desk at home at night

About the RSM Online Application

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As mentioned above, the RSM application process requires candidates to go through four main stages: application, assessments, interview process, and assessment centre. We will walk you through each step so that you know what to expect when applying to RSM.

When to apply?

Before we start, it is essential to note that the RSM intake opens in September, with closing dates every month. They also have a smaller intake in January, but this depends on your location. Vacancies close as soon as they are filled, so apply quickly.

Stage 1: Application

The first step is to fill in the online application form that you will find on the RSM website. This will require you to answer questions about your educational achievements and work experience. The online application will take you about 30 minutes to complete.

Filling in your personal information and qualifications is reasonably straightforward, but you need to double-check that the information you provided is accurate.


You will need to meet specific criteria to apply at RSM. You need to have a university qualification of 112 UCAS across three A-levels or 104 across four highers or advanced highers. These are measured in tariff points. You will also need to be studying towards an honours degree or already have one.

Regardless of the outcome of your application, you will receive feedback from RSM within five working days. RSM only accepts one application form per intake. Multiple applications for different vacancies will not be accepted.

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Stage 2: Assessments

After submitting your online form, you will receive an invite to create an online RSM profile if you meet the RSM requirements. Once you have an RSM profile, you have access to complete the online aptitude assessments, including a situational test, a cognitive ability test, and an analytical test.

You have seven days to complete the tests. So, once you have submitted your online application, make sure that you have enough time the following week to prepare.

The online tests each consist of 25 questions and will take approximately one hour to complete. You can take the test online and will need a pen, paper, and calculator on hand.

The RSM Verbal Reasoning Test

In the RSM verbal reasoning online test, also known as a situational test, you will be presented with a series of paragraphs of information consisting of several disjointed facts. The paragraphs will usually set out hypothetical workplace scenarios.

There will be a statement below each paragraph. Based on the above paragraph, you will be required to use your analytical skills to decide whether the statement is true, false, or impossible.

While there are no right or wrong answers, you need to keep the RSM values in mind when considering your answers. The RSM values include integrity, teamwork, respect, excellence, and stewardship.

The key element is practising reading and making decisions within a limited time frame. Practising for the online situational assessment is crucial as it is one of the main predictors of success later on. You can practice for the CEB SHL test with JobTestPrep.

The RSM Online Numerical Reasoning Test

This analytical test will encounter questions similar to the situational assessment. You will be presented with a scenario, followed by a question and multiple-choice answers.

The scenarios contain numerical information that will be presented in the form of statistical graphs, charts, and tables. You will need to use percentages, fractions, ratios, and other mathematical skills to finish the test by calculating the correct answers and choosing the right option.

Make sure that you are familiar with basic financial terminology and have the skills to solve fundamental mathematical problems.

You can prepare for the Talent Q numerical test with JobTestPrep. Practising for the analytical test will make you more familiar with the format, and you will know what to expect on the actual test.

The RSM Cognitive Ability Test

The cognitive ability assessment covers various numerical, verbal, logical, and deductive reasoning topics.

You will be required to find solutions to all the exercises within a specific time frame. You can overcome difficulties through practice with the correct materials available on JobTestPrep.

If you successfully pass the RSM tests, you will be invited to start the interview process.

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Stage 3: RSM Online Video Assessment

The RSM recruitment process requires candidates to participate in various interviews. Usually, the hiring process includes three interviews, which are either telephonic or in-person. But it would help if you were prepared to participate in more interviews.

It is essential to improve your interview skills by practising answering technical, behavioural, and competency-based questions. Use the STAR (specific situation, task, action, and result) method to present your answers efficiently and precisely.

RSM Online Video Assessment

RSM invites successful candidates to participate in an online video assessment. You will be given five days to prepare for the video interview to have sufficient practice time.

The RSM online video assessment consists of five questions, which gives you one minute of preparation time before recording a response in a single take.

It is a strength-based interview that will test your competency according to the role you have applied for. The interview also helps RSM to get to know you a little better and determine whether you are the right fit for the firm.

Ensure you have a professional, quiet, clean space with good lighting. Wear something professional that also makes you feel confident.

Get enough practise recording yourself so that you are comfortable talking to the camera. The more natural and calm you feel when you are recording your answers, the better your responses will come across.

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Stage 4: RSM Assessment Centre

After successfully passing the online assessments, you will be invited to go to a Baker Tilly/RSM Assessment Centre. This is where you need to prove that you stand out from the crowd.

There are a variety of different activities at the RSM Assessment Centre. These activities include confirmation aptitude tests, interviews, and working with case studies.

You must be successful in these activities. If not, you may be sent home. That is why it is essential that you continuously practice for these tests.

After the confirmation tests, you will be presented with a case study exercise.

RSM Assessment Centre Case Study

In the RSM case study, you will be presented with a set of information to read. Then you will need to use this information and analyze it to answer a series of different questions.

You may need to use similar skills that you used on previous tests to answer the questions. But you may also need to read longer articles, effectively manage your time and workload, and provide written answers.

To avoid being sent home, you need to make sure you meet the requirements for each activity and are fully prepared. With JobtestPrep’s online case study preparation pack, you can prepare for the case study.

RSM Group Exercise

After the case study, you will move on to the RSM Group Exercise. The group exercise involves being divided into groups where you will be provided with an additional case study. This time, you need to discuss the problems with your group.

This task tests whether you are a confident team player.

RSM Interview

After having an afternoon snack and doing another exercise, you start the RSM interview. You will be invited to a virtual assessment on Microsoft Teams. This includes an introduction to RSM and a manager interview process.

The interview consists of competency-based questions and some general questions about motivation, etc. It also includes an informal chat with one of the firm’s partners, as they want to find out more about you. Tell them about your career goals and ask lots of questions.

As with every other aspect of the recruitment process, preparation is essential. It would help if you were particular about why you want to work with RSM and have knowledge of commercial awareness and understanding in the finance field.

RSM is looking for candidates who possess strategic skills, work effectively in a team, and can build professional relationships with clients.

RSM Interview Questions

  • Why did you choose RSM?
  • Tell me a little more about yourself.
  • What makes you different from other candidates?
  • Give me more details about a time when you were in a leadership position.

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Tips for Applying at RSM

When you are preparing to apply for RSM, you need to consider how you apply carefully. The tips below will help you successfully apply.

Know what RSM is seeking

RSM is seeking graduates who are passionate about working in the professional services industry, working with and for clients, and working within the RSM network.

The firm wants graduates who are driven to advance their professional development, including taking additional exams and qualifications.

Answer the question with examples

Carefully read or listen to the question and think about what is being asked. Do not rush to give a textbook answer, but rather understand what is needed. Use an example to back up your response.

Practice for the online tests

Preparation is key to successfully passing the online tests.

Make sure you are familiar with the online tests and are skilled at reading and interpreting text and data. Revise your basic mathematical skills.

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Final Thoughts

RSM is a highly competitive firm, and you need to have a brilliant application to secure a job offer. Candidates who meet the application requirements, successfully pass all the RSM tests, and deliver well-prepared interviews will succeed. Your key to success is preparation. JobTestPrep offers helpful resources that will aid you in your practice.

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