2024 Robert Half Skills Assessment Test Guide & Practice Test

Looking to score a new job in an accountancy, financial, legal or administrative role through specialist staffing agency, Robert Half? If so, it is likely you will have to take one or several of the Robert Half exams, to prove that you are the right candidate for the job. Outperforming other candidates could be your route to the reliable, high-paying, rewarding job you are missing.

Take the Robert Half Skills Test to improve your score.

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As the sectors that Robert Half works in tend to have a lot of competition, the tests are tough and candidates must score highly to be in with a chance of landing the role they are after. We know this is a nerve-wracking prospect. But with the right preparation, there is no reason you can’t be the one to do it.

Read on to find the tips and tricks to discover all you need to know about Robert Half tests and how to successfully prepare for them.

What Is Robert Half?

The company is both a career consulting business and a staffing agency. Since 1948, Robert Half has placed hundreds of thousands of workers in 345 places throughout the world. Robert Half specializes in accounting and financial careers, but it also helps with IT, marketing, legal, and administrative matters.

What Is the Robert Half Hiring Process Like?

Before you can be hired through Robert Half, and gain all the benefits of your new role, you need to apply and be accepted first. The initial step in the Robert Half application procedure is to upload your resume to the company’s website.

It will be forwarded automatically to the office closest to your region, guaranteeing that you are matched with a job in your region. You will be contacted to come in for an interview and a skills test if your resume fits a local employment opportunity.

Take Robert Half Skills Assessment Test Now

The Online Assessments

An email with a link to an assessment will be sent to a candidate after their application and credentials have been verified. The candidate’s technical weaknesses and strengths are outlined in this assessment. The findings will aid Robert Half in matching specific individuals with specific jobs that demand certain abilities.

Robert Half uses a single, multi-sectioned evaluation called the Robert Half Skills Assessment. Depending on the candidate’s selected professional path, some of the parts may vary. The sections are as follows:

Accounts Payable

Only accountants are subject to this examination and the two that follow. There are around forty multiple-choice questions on accounting principles such as debits, liabilities, and credits. The problems cover a wide range of topics, including mathematics, entrance, and analysis. The results provide Robert Half with information on the candidate’s accounting knowledge.

Accounting Test

The accounting exam is used to determine a person’s overall accounting knowledge as well as the areas in which they excel. The test taker’s score indicates whether he or she is stronger at accounting, payable accounts, receivable accounts, and so forth. There are forty questions with four to six response options for each. Basic accounting principles will be covered in the questions, and the test taker will be asked to do computations or discover errors in an entry.

Accounts Receivable

The accounts receivable test is identical to the accounts payable test in structure. There are forty multiple-choice problems covering accounts receivable, general ledgers, and assets and balance sheets. The questions are timed, much like the accounts payable test.

Data Entry Test

The data entry skill test is usually a simulation with a few checking questions thrown in for good measure. The aim of checking questions is to discover the one that is 100 percent equal to the original number among a series of numbers with various response options that are comparable to the original number.

The program simulates the day-to-day data input activities. The exam findings tell Robert Half about the test taker’s ability to pay attention to detail, work swiftly and correctly, and cross-reference.

Excel Power User

The Excel test has twenty-five questions and is not timed. The questions are divided into three categories: fundamental, intermediate, and advanced. The basic and advanced sections each include 10 questions, while the intermediate portion has five. Robert Half has information about the test taker’s capacity to utilize and comprehend the program based on their performance.

Word Power User

The Word test has questions that are quite difficult. Because the test is a simulation, the applicant will be assessed using Word rather than multiple-choice questions. The exam-taker may be asked to execute mail merges, copy defaults, or other sophisticated software operations as part of the evaluation. This test seeks applicants who know everything there is to know about Word.

Take Robert Half Skills Assessment Test Now

How to Get Free Robert Half Practice Questions

Most online resources and companies do not offer free practice questions for the Robert Half assessments. Therefore, what we highly recommend is using the services of a reputable test preparation company like Job Test Prep. This online outlet offers high-quality packages with accurate practice exams that can help you understand the types of questions you will find.

They offer a tailored Robert Half Test Prep Pack which contains some amazing preparation resources and practice questions. This test prep pack is specifically designed for administrative roles and accounting positions but it will help you with any Robert Half test you face.

The application process will also include a face-to-face interview. This will take place in a Robert Half location. This portion of the application process is vitally important and could be the last hurdle that stops you from securing the job. Therefore it is important that you prepare and answer well.

We have pulled together some free practice interview questions. Some of these interview questions could include:

  • What’s Your Management Style?
  • Describe your dream job
  • Why Should We Hire You?
  • What is the single largest problem facing your team today?
  • What Are You Passionate About?
  • How Do You Deal With Pressure or Stressful Situations?
  • What do you know about the company?
  • What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?
  • How Do You Prioritize Your Work?
  • What Motivates You?
  • What’s Your Current Salary?

But that’s not all, there are even more questions that you will need to answer when you are facing your Robert Half face-to-face interview. Some of the other pivotal questions include:

  • What is the most difficult job you have had in this field?
  • How did you handle the difficulty of that job?
  • What do you want out of a job?
  • How do you handle conflict?
  • Do you work better in a team or by yourself?

The Telephone Interview

The telephone interview serves as a first screening. The interviewer will inquire about the candidate’s résumé, ambitions, and a few competency-based questions during this period. Inquiries regarding job preferences, strengths, and shortcomings may also be made by the recruiter.

There are also technical inquiries concerning the particular career path and sector. These questions may also require you to solve an issue.

Take Robert Half Skills Assessment Test Now


Robert Half is a wonderful way for you to find a career that is right for you and your future. With their assistance, you will be able to start making the money you deserve while doing what you love and are best at.

Robert Half has helped millions of people with their time-tested process. There are many questions that you will have to answer. Some of those questions are kept under lock-and-key by Robert Half but there are online packages you can pay for to get help.

However, using Job Test Prep’s preparation materials will help you prepare for questions on the Robert Half test, and for the final, pivotal face-to-face Robert Half interview. Studying these questions and perfecting your answers will help you find the job path that is ideal for you.

With the help of jobtestprep.com, your path through the Robert Half process couldn’t be any easier. You will learn what you have to know, enhance and evolve your test answers, and feel comfortable traversing through all that Robert Half asks and offers you.

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