Publix Assessment Prep: Tips for Acing Pre-Hire Tests

Publix is an esteemed grocer for many citizens living in the southern United States. With grocery, a deli, a bakery, and friendly workers, you might also wonder how you can become a part of this successful grocery store.

Publix Assessment Test Answers

Lucky for you, we’re here to tell you that we have the guide for you. Publix asks its potential employees to complete some pre-employment tests. If you don’t know what to expect, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading for all the information you need to pass the assessment.

Publix Hiring Process

The application and hiring process for Publix will look something like this.

  • Online application
  • Interview
  • Pre-employment assessments
    Job offer


Before you complete any assessment, you have to complete interviews so the managers decide if they want to move forward with your application.

Remember, when you approach your interview, you must prepare yourself for what a day on the job looks like. This means you need to clear your head and put yourself in the mindset of someone who already works at Publix.

To see what kind of candidate you are, a cashier interviewer might ask you how you handle money and if you have discipline with money. The best way to answer these series of questions is to be as honest and direct as you can.

You want to make a good impression on the person asking the questions to guarantee yourself a spot on the team.

You should demonstrate your inclination to grow with the company and stay with the company for a long time. If you say you only want a temporary job, the company might seek other applicants looking for permanent positions.

For the customer service interviews, you need to take a look inward and respond to each question honestly and thoroughly. There is no specific set of questions to prepare for, but rather types of questions you can prepare for. The interviewer might ask something along the lines of what kind of color best represents your personality.

To answer these kinds of questions, you need to be specific and explain why blue represents your passion for interacting with people. You need to also explain why customer service is the right fit for you. Be honest, but don’t embellish.

Pre-Hire Tests

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Before receiving an offer letter for a position at Publix, a hiring manager or Publix employee administers a few pre-hire tests. You might take a personality test or a numerical assessment test.

Let’s take a look at what each test looks like.

Personality Tests

Personality tests quiz you on the characteristics you possess and assess how you will best fit the role. Through personality tests, employers can narrow down their candidates to find the best possible match for the job.

Personality tests also help determine the kind of worker you are. For example, if a question asks how you react around new people and you say that you dislike new people, a hiring manager is not going to want to hire you.

When you work a customer service job, people surround you on the job. You need to be comfortable working around strangers and interacting with multiple people daily.

It is important to be yourself, be honest, and don’t embellish your personality on personality tests.

Numerical Assessment Tests

These tests are a bit more complicated than personality tests because they assess math skills rather than your personality. You need to have an understanding of basic math.

When you work at Publix, whether you’re in the bakery, deli, cashier, or customer service, you will have to deal with money, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to ensure you complete your job requirements.

This test demonstrates if you have the mathematical capabilities to successfully work at Publix.

How to Prepare for the Publix Tests?

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Using online practice tests and resources is the best way to ace the Publix tests. Our favorite resource is Job Test Prep, a test preparation company that has compiled five various preparation packages to ensure you a position at Publix. They also have free resources like free personality tests and practice questions.

Job Test Prep has compiled three different preparation packs to help you land your dream job at Publix. Let’s take a look at all the different prep packs.

1. Premium Preparation

This prep pack has access to over 100 practice exams, interview preparation materials, answer guides, step-by-step answer explanations, and applicant tracking systems that examine resumes, cover letters, and any other pre-employment paperwork.

Brush up your skills in mechanical reasoning, abstract thinking, behavioral tendencies, English language, verbal abilities, numerical abilities, and job-related skills.

Master your Publix job prep with this study guide.

2. PI Behavioral Assessment Prep

The predictive index test pulls information from the predictive index test. On the test, you select two options for each question, one choice representing your actual behavior and one choice representing how you actually behave on a daily basis or when faced with a hypothetical situation.

This guide illustrates the personality traits required for various positions in the workforce and explains why and how to choose them. You will learn how to apply the predictive index test to the Publix exam to increase your chance of getting hired.

3. Psychometric All Inclusive

This prep pack has 113 practice tests spanning personality tests, abstract reasoning, numerical tests, situational judgment, and verbal exams. You will learn the best way to prepare for the personality tests and the numerical assessments given when applying to work at Publix.

More specifically, the prep pack includes 18 different numerical tests so you can master the math skills needed to ace the Publix entrance exams and move one step closer to working at the beloved supermarket.

For the personality tests, the prep pack includes one larger test that includes 50 various traits. After you take the personality test, the answer guide explains each trait and how it applies to certain jobs.

In addition to these practice tests, this test prep offers several study guides, 13 to be exact, demonstrating the best way to answer questions about your potential job.

Wrapping Up

Applying for a job at Publix is a competitive field, but with Job Test Prep’s help, you can increase your chances of getting hired at the national grocer. Between personality test prep and numerical assessment study guides, you are on your way to a future with Publix.