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Primark Test – Career & Interview Guide For Aspirants

Last Updated on February 20, 2023

Primark is a well-known and low-cost retail chain that many would love to work at.

However, before you’re hired as a retail assistant or supervisor, there’s a pre-employment process that involves interviews and tests (such as the Hogan Personality and Aptitude Test).

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You’ll need to prepare and study for this, and for that, you can use JobTestPrep’s PrepPacks, which offer study guides, score reports, answer explanations, and other efficient materials. Included on JobTestPrep’s site are:

  • Practice tests that are similar to the real Hogan Primark test
  • Timed exercises to improve your real-time test efficiency

Primark Hiring Process

1. Application: Most applications are made online. When submitting your CV, make sure it is concise, truthful and well-written. Present yourself as the ideal applicant according to the job listing requirements.

2. Phone Interview: This will be a phone conversation with the recruiter.

3. Interview: There might be a panel interview. Answer any questions with the job listing requirements in mind. Questions likely to be asked:

  •  Do you have any experience working in a team?
  • Recall a time when your ad provided work to a good standard
  • Have you ever had bad experiences with customers, and how did you handle this customer?

Answer: you’re hard-working, diligent, and an on-time person who can work well in a team. Whatever your experience has been, talk it up and appear confident and capable in a shop or the companies’ environment.

4. Assessment Centre: There will be a day where you will be asked to participate in group activities (such as discussion and role-playing), take tests and be interviewed. Again, this is an opportunity to show yourself as the candidate that meets all the required traits and skills.

5. Exams: Hogan is an important test; also, there might be other exams depending on the position you apply for.

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Primark Company Tests

1. Hogan: A personality and aptitude test. To know more about this assessment read here.

2. Situational Judgement Test (SJT): You are given different scenarios and asked to select the best solution or answer for each one. This assessment tests your problem-solving and decision-making skills and shows Primark how you may act in different workplace situations.

3. Verbal Reasoning: Questions your language skills, vocabulary, grammar. Primark needs to see you can effectively communicate.

4. Logical: Examines your step-by-step reasoning and intellectual level.

5. Numerical reasoning: Assesses your quantitative thinking.

6. Excel: Microsoft Excel may be required in your position, and so this test assesses your knowledge and skill level in the program.

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Test Prep and Advice

Use sites like JobTestPrep that offer study guides and practice tests to prepare for Primark’s hiring process exam aspects.

Past test takers’ advice:

  1. What you have to do when answering the questions is to come across as clear and confident about everything asked. For example, click “strongly agree” instead of just “agree” when prompted. If you write ‘agree’ on a question, they may also mark this as an incorrect answer, so make sure all your answers are ‘strongly agree’ or ‘strongly disagree’.
  2. Also, apply early to the job listing and prepare as soon as possible, so you leave a strong impression on the recruiter that you are a prepared and organized person.
  3. For every opinion based question, consider the job listing content and how they described the person they are looking for. If you’re asked anything about how you spend your time or your interests, do not mention your pets or family but how committed you are to joining a profitable company and how you love learning new skills. These kinds of comments are what recruiters are looking for, and they add to the application.
  4. Know the company values, check the Primark website for their values and intentions as a business – this is very impressive to employers and will show everyone that you are tailored for the position.
  5. Tidy your social media accounts – This is especially important for those applying for more managerial and supervisory roles. Companies often run soft background checks on their prospective employees to see how you share yourself and promote yourself. As a potential company representative, they will want to ensure you won’t spread or share anything negative online. Tidy your Instagram and Facebook of any scandalous posts and make sure if a recruiter were viewing your profiles, they would see someone worth hiring.
  6. If you’re unsuccessful in your application, call or email the recruiter and ask for feedback. This is unlikely to get you hired, but it’s so helpful to know where you went wrong in the process so you can correct yourself in future applications. Also, you never know. The recruiter might remember you in future processes and recall your initiative and willingness to grow.

Primark is a well-known company and their jobs are likely to come with many benefits, but make sure through their application process that you prove yourself to be the complete package.

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