Practice Assessment Days – Feb 2022

Would you like to join us at a ‘mock’ assessment day?

(Posted: 4th February 2022)

Business People Meeting Presentation Office Concept

We’re trying something new in February. We’re going to run a series of practice assessment days to give people a huge employability boost. Are you interested? Here’s some more info…

What will happen on the day?

You’ll take part in a full corporate assessment day. The difficulty of your exercises will scale based on your level of expertise and your target role.

Candidates will take part in the following exercises:

  • Group exercise
  • Role-play
  • Presentation
  • In-tray exercise
  • Interviews
  • Numerical, verbal and logical reasoning tests


Customised ‘Candidate Report’

After the event you will receive a customised candidate report which breaks down your performance.

  • You will see which exercises you performed well in and where you most need to improve.
  • You’ll receive detailed and candid feedback from all assessors on your performance and personal manner during the event. Feedback will be scored in areas including: competence, professionalism, personal appearance, inter-personal skills, team-focus and leadership.
  • Your report will show you objectively how you compare to other candidates with a series of mean performance graphs so you can clearly see the areas that are holding you back and prioritise your future preparation accordingly. (We all have ‘blind spots’ and this report will reveal yours.)

Secondly, you will receive a structured programme for you to follow over the coming weeks to improve your performance and help you reach the necessary level for your target role.


Venues & Costs

Final venues aren’t confirmed yet as this new event is still taking shape. The events will be held at hotels in Manchester and London.

We’re not sure what the cost will be yet as it depends on venue hire and staffing requirements. (We can’t firm these numbers up until we have a better idea of how many people want to attend.)


Are you interested?

If this is something you’re interested in, please subscribe to the notification list by entering your email here and we’ll contact you within 7 days to give you more details and confirmed pricing. Enter your email here:

Tell us how we can make this day better for you!

This is a new venture for our team. We have plenty of experience of real assessment days, but none of practice assessment days. Which means we have a unique opportunity: We can design this day to help candidates, rather than simply assess them.

And for this, we would love your input.

We need to hear your feedback on this idea. Do you want us to do this for you?

In the comments below can you please let us know what you’d like to see on the day? (If you can’t see the comments box, please log into Facebook & then refresh this page. Or just email us!)

Please tell us…

  1. Looking at the above list of exercises, are there any you would like us to add? (Or remove?)
  2. How much would you be willing to pay to attend an event like this? (If the numbers don’t stack up then we can’t run the event, so please consider your answer carefully. Thank you.)
  3. In addition to your customised candidate’s report and performance plan, what would you like to come away from the event with?
  4. Any other feedback or suggestions? What could we add to this event to make it an amazing and career-boosting day for you?


Thank you so much for your input and I look forward to seeing you (possibly) very soon!

Mike Kennedy – Founder of AssessmentCentreHQ