PepsiCo Pre-Employment Assessments

How to Prepare for PepsiCo Hiring Process?

So, you want a job at PepsiCo? With job applications, resume-building seminars, cover letter writing, and pre-employment assessments, securing a new job is tricky these days. However, the assessment preparation company, Job Test Prep, can help you land a job with the esteemed PepsiCo!

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The PepsiCo hiring process follows the following format:

  1. Apply online
  2. Take assessment tests if required
  3. Undertake a phone or in-person interview
  4. Receive an offer

If you want to be the next prized member of PepsiCo, preparation is key. Read on to discover everything you need to know to land your dream job at PepsiCo.

PepsiCo Pre-Employment Assessments

After the initial application, candidates may be invited to take one or a number of pre-employment assessments. Although this may be nerve-wracking, with the right preparation, you can pass these with ease.

How to Prepare for the PepsiCo Assessments?

If you are faced with one or multiple PepsiCo assessments, we highly recommend using the specialized preparation materials from Job Test Prep.

Their assessment package prepares you with comparative tests, interviews, and scenarios to those you’ll experience during the examination. Job Test Prep Includes three test prep variation packages, a Wonderlic test, a mechanical reasoning test, a candidate tracking system guide, and interview prep specific to PepsiCo.

Users of Job Test Prep’s pre-employment preparation package rated the program a 4.8 out of five stars.


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Wonderlic Tests

Comprised of two separate assessments, the Wonderlic Personnel Test-QuickTest (WPT-Q) and the Wonderlic Personnel Test-Revised (WPT-R), the Wonderlic Assessment measures problem-solving skills, reading comprehension, and critical thinking.

Wonderlic Personnel Test-QuickTest (WPT-Q)

Previously named the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Pretest, this assessment contains 30 questions to be completed in an eight-minute time frame. The WPT-Q is taken online, unsupervised, and serves as a precursor to all other assessments during the hiring process.

Wonderlic Personnel Test-Revised (WPT-R)

Otherwise known as the Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test, the WPT-R asks test-takers to complete 50 questions within a twelve-minute time frame (14 seconds per question). This exam can be administered online or in person with a supervisor.

Start Preparing for Wonderlic, Today

Free a Girl Writing on a Copy

The Job Test Prep assignment for the Wonderlic Test portion of the PepsiCo hiring process includes nine assessments designed after the Wonderlic tests and a study guide to help you prepare for the questions used on the exam.

After taking the practice test, check out the in-depth explanations about each question. You can also score your practice test for maximum accuracy.


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Raven’s Progressive Matrices Test

The first practice test prep listed on Job Test Prep, Raven’s Progressive Matrices Test, is a nonverbal exam measuring abstract reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Each of the 36 questions is in the same format: there are eight shapes, and you must select the ninth to complete the pattern. You have 40 minutes to complete the test, and with Job Test Prep’s package, you can learn the best strategies to answer the questions confidently.

How Is It Scored?

Raven’s Test is progressive, meaning each question is more and more difficult throughout the exam. If you get the final questions correct but flunk the first few, you will still receive a high score due to your ability to comprehend complex equations.

What Does the Test Prep Include?

  • Practice Questions
  • Practice Tests
  • Study Guides


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The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32)

This personality test measures your compatibility for the job by asking you specific questions relating to the job description. For example, one question might read, “How do I respond to conflict?” Well or not well.

The test-taker might feel inclined to respond not well; however, Job Test Prep suggests the test-taker apply the questions to the job.

Be extra cautious when answering these questions. If you do not respond to conflict, that could translate into not knowing how to problem-solve. The answers to this test are not rating your traits but your work personality.

How Is It Scored?

This test measures 32 personality traits to see if you fit the job description. These traits are broken further into three separate categories. Relationships with people measure how you interact with others and if you are a leader or a group member.

Thinking style assesses how you digest and respond to information, and feelings and emotions measure your desire for growth, change, advancements, and reactions to certain situations.

What Does the Test Prep Include?

  • 107 practice questions
  • Answer guide
  • Answering tips
  • Interview prep


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AON Smart Predict Assessment

A Student Taking an Exam

This exam uses games to measure different areas of expertise in candidates. The four sections include switch, grid, digit, and motion.


In this portion of the test, you have two rows of symbols. The first row is the basis for the question, and in the second row, something switches.

Your goal is to figure out what indicated the switch and answer as many questions in the time frame (three-six minutes). This test examines deductive-logical thinking.


The grid section measures executive attention by combining memory and spatial awareness elements. A memory game but with dots and their size/symmetry/location.


This section measures arithmetic skills. You are given a diagram and must decide which addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills are needed to solve the question.


The final section of the test measures your planning skills. You need to move blocks around to solve the puzzles. Job Test Prep does not have a practice portion for this part of the exam yet.


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What Does the Test Prep Include?

  • Digit, switch, and grid challenges with a study guide
  • Eight math practice tests and study guides
  • Three diagram reasoning tests

PepsiCo’s Mechanical Reasoning Assessments

Mechanical Reasoning tests correlate to the position you apply to. For example, if applying for a semi-truck driver position, your mechanical reasoning exam will show pictures or diagrams of the truck and ask questions about basic mechanics and physics.

For PepsiCo positions, you might be given a diagram of machinery in a factory and quizzed with multiple-choice questions about the physics of the diagram.

What Is CandidateCare?

What about your resume, cover letter, recommendation letters, and application? The CandidateCare applicant tracking system consolidates and tracks all those files. Since a system reads your application files, make sure you use keyword-heavy phrases and language so your file gets handed off to a person.

When filling out your application, you need to pay attention to the job description on the job listing. It’s a good idea to take notes of all the keywords or repeated phrases used and triple-check your application.

You might get a phone interview if your application moves to the next round. If you pass the phone interview, you can advance to in-person interviews.


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How to Prepare for Interviews

Business Lady interviewing a man

Completing a job application is stressful. Not to mention interviews. Meeting someone for the first time and impressing them with a piece of paper or your personality. The thought is enough to make anyone nervous. However, Job Test Prep compiled some guides to help you nail each type of interview.

Phone Interviews

Once you pass the CandidateCare applicant tracking system, you move on to a phone interview with a Human Resources worker. You have up to thirty minutes to speak about your education, job experience, job history, why you are the right fit for the job, etc.

If the interviewer flips the questions around to you, take a moment to ask about the position, benefits, and in-depth company history.

To prepare for a phone interview, pretend you are completing an in-person interview. Although the interviewer cannot see your facial expressions or read your body language, they can hear the inflections in your voice and will respond to the intonations you speak.

You want to sound excited about the position and not bored like they are wasting your time.

Phone interviews are standard protocol for many applicants, so questions are similar. Since interviewers ask about experience and qualifications for the job, practice how you will respond before the interview.

Even if you don’t remember everything you wanted to say, you won’t hesitate as much when prompted with the question, “Why are you the right fit for the job?”

The interviewer will either have your resume in front of them or read your resume before the interview. You should do the same. If you get nervous or forget something, look at your resume for reference.

Always thank the interviewer at the end of the interview.


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In-Person Interview

Congratulations! You’ve impressed the company, and they want to meet you in person! To prepare for an in-person interview, study more about the company and consolidate any remaining questions about the position.

Practice doing mock interviews in the mirror or with a friend, and pay attention to your body language and your tone of voice. Make sure to dress for the part.

Remember to thank them for their time and the opportunity at the end of the interview.

Begin Your Job Prep for PepsiCo Today

Preparing for the hiring process at PepsiCo is challenging. With Job Test Prep’s esteemed preparation tools, you can increase your chances of securing a job with the infamous company.

Visit Job Test Prep to get started.


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