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How to Pass The PeopleAnswers/ Infor Talent Science Assessment?

Over 20 million job seekers fill out PeopleAnswers’ ( now Infor Talent Science) employment surveys each year. Foot Locker, Audi, Gold’s Gym, Panera, The Cheesecake Factory, Yahoo, Dunkin’ Donuts, Neiman Marcus, Walgreens, Lowes, and Hertz all employ these questionnaires. PeopleAnswers’ employment software is available in over 16 languages and is web-based.

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Behavioral theories were used to build the PeopleAnswers technique by scientists and industrial psychologists. As a result, the organization gives the traditional pre-employment test a behavioral twist. Infor, a business software provider with 70,000 corporate clients worldwide, purchased PeopleAnswers in January 2014.

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What is PeopleAnswers/ Infor Talent Science Employment Test?

PeopleAnswers has two different tests:

  • Cognitive ability
  • Personality test

They are used during the job application process to assess how suitable a candidate is for a role. Your employer may ask you to take one or both.

What is on the PeopleAnswers tests?

Cognitive ability

The cognitive ability test has 60 questions. These will test your aptitude and intelligence. They can include questions such as:

  • Number sequences
  • Verbal analogies
  • Math word problems

Personality test

The personality test consists of 230 questions about how you perform in a work environment. It assesses how you see yourself at work. It may touch on:

  • Leadership skills
  • Timekeeping
  • Teamwork
  • Obeying orders

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How is the PeopleAnswers Test Scored?

The cognitive ability test is scored based on how many answers you get right.

  • The personality test will judge your answers on the following three areas:
  • Leadership ambition
  • Flexibility within a changing work environment
  • Empathy with fellow coworkers

How Do I Pass for PeopleAnswers Test?

The best way to pass the PeopleAnswers test is to prepare well. For this, we highly recommend using the services of a test preparation company like Job Test Prep. They have information about the test.

They also offer a tailored prep pack specifically for the PeopleAnswers tests that includes timed practice tests, study materials, answers, and explanations.

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Tips to Pass a Personality Assessment Test

Knowing what information an employer is looking for and how to approach a personality test can help you when you’re asked to take one.

It’s understandable that you’d want to provide the correct answers to a personality test. It is important to keep in mind that personality is a subjective evaluation. The following tips can help.

  • Honest answers are important – Personality tests sometimes include scale-based questions. You might be asked to rate your agreement by putting a number between one and five, where five is “strongly agree” and one is “strongly disagree.” Since you cannot change who you are, tell the truth.
  • Try to avoid repeating yourself too often – Answer honestly, but think about how you really feel about a particular statement. Your answers should not all be on one extreme, since an employer may interpret this as a lack of diversity.
  • Examine the job description – The purpose of personality tests is to determine whether you are suitable for a particular position. It is crucial that you keep the qualities the employer is looking for in the back of your mind while you are taking the personality test. Certain job characteristics are indicative of success, including attention to detail. Be sure to pay attention to the questions that align with the job posting, as those will determine whether you pass or fail. For instance, if the job posting mentioned “ability to work well on a team,” focus on questions about your willingness to cooperate.
  • Think about taking a practice test – If you know ahead of time that you will be taking a personality test, you might want to take a practice test. An online personality test is available in various formats. The advantage of a practice test is you can get comfortable with the types of questions you will be asked and how they are phrased so there are no surprises when you take the actual exam. It is also a good idea to practice if you easily get nervous before taking exams.
  • Don’t rush – Read the instructions and each question carefully before selecting your answer. The question may change as the exam continues, so make sure you know what it is asking. Let yourself have enough time to choose a response that fits your personality and what you value.
  • Questions about honesty and integrity may also be included in personality tests. During your employment, you may face ethical challenges, so employers will want to know what you value. You may be asked to describe your character instead of your personality.

How Do You Prepare for the PeopleAnswers Personality Test?

A person may feel intimidated by the prospect of revealing hidden aspects of their personality. Nevertheless, if you have concerns about the test, remind yourself that there’s a good chance you already possess many of the competencies required for the job, and you should find yourself passing.

The revision you can do isn’t as extensive for tests like numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning. After all, you are who you are— changing your personality before the test isn’t possible.

Understand which competencies are key

There will be key competencies for every position. If you work in finance, for example, you need analytical skills. If you work in consulting, you need interpersonal skills. You can build the ideal profile for the position by responding appropriately to questions that assess these key areas. In this case, you and the employer need to know up front that you aren’t suited for the role.

But don’t exaggerate

There is a limit to how much a company can have in terms of strengths. Being assertive, for example, implies you are pursuing your goals through dominance rather than diplomacy. A personality test is not a good place to exaggerate your behavior. That could cause people to lessen their interest in you.

Don’t second guess

Answer the question as you would like it to appear. This is an assessment of consistency in your responses. Your chances of doing well are good if you’re right for the job and the employer is right for you.

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Examples of Strongly Agree and Strongly Disagree Questions on Job PeopleAnswers Tests

Listed below are some questions on which you are likely to find strong agree or strongly disagree responses on a job assessment test:

  • “I never make a mistake at work”
  • “I prefer working alone rather than as a part of a team”
  • “I need little to no supervision to complete my tasks”
  • “I enjoy being a leader”
  • “I am never bothered by criticism”
  • “I handle stress well at work”
  • “I am never late to work”
  • “My friends would describe me as dependable”
  • “Your previous boss would describe you as hard-working”
  • “I can easily adapt to changes in my routine”
  • “I prefer working on multiple projects at once, rather than focusing on one thing at a time”
  • “Sometimes, rules can be broken for the greater good”
  • “I would never take the blame for a coworker’s mistakes”
  • “I thrive in team situations”

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