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PELLET B Test | To Get a Job as a Police Officer

If you are exploring a possible career path as a police officer in the US, you need to pass the PELLET B Test.

Widely considered as the most difficult police exam in the US, the PELLET B Test consists of a variety of sections that assesses your writing ability and reasoning ability. Taking the exam can be a stressful experience. You need the most reliable resources so you can pass the exam.

Is your PELLET B Test just around the corner? Read the following article so you get all the tips you need.

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What is the PELLET B Test?

The PELLET B Test, also known as the POST Entry Level Law Enforcement Test Battery, is an aptitude test in California that measures the candidacy of peace officer applicants. As stated in the Commission Regulation 1951, all police officers must possess a certain level of reading and writing abilities to perform their job. Therefore, the PELLET B Test is adopted.

Although the test emphasizes the necessary skills needed for police officers, the difficulty, in reality, is much harder. The PELLET B Test will effectively eliminate unfit candidates to make sure the new hires reach the desired level of language skills.

The test heavily focuses on the language skills of candidates. There are 105 questions in total. The questions consist of multiple-choice questions and fill-in-blank questions. You are given two hours to complete the test.

Since the test is considered to be the most challenging police officer test in the US, you need to put in adequate effort to study it.

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What is on the PELLET B Test?

PELLETB Test Writing Ability Section

This section is further divided into three sub-sections to better examine your adequacy in different fields. The three sub-sections are:

  • Clarity
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary

There are 45 multiple-choice questions across the three sub-sections, with each sub-section having 15 questions.


The first sub-section is clarity. Two sentences will be given. Based on the sentence structure, grammar, and delivery, you have to choose the sentence with more clarity. The two sentences can both be grammatically correct but one is more confusing and lengthy. Candidates have to select carefully after analyzing the message in the sentence.


Next up is the spelling section. Sentences with missing words are provided. Then, four variations of a word are given. You must choose the correct form to fill in the blank. Some of the questions can be about using the right tense for the word and some are about tricky spellings of some words.


The last sub-section is vocabulary. You with be given sentences with underlined or capitalized words. You need to choose the correct synonym for those words or the definitions. The words used in this sub-section will not be extremely difficult as they are common words that police officers will encounter in their daily tasks.

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PELLETB Test Reading Ability Section

This section contains two sub-sections, which are reading comprehension and the CLOZE test.

There are 20 multiple-choice questions in the reading comprehension section. Several passages of varying lengths are provided. The passages can be police reports or anything relevant to the role of a police officer.

From the passages, you need to select the best answer for the questions. A tricky part of this section is that there can be more than one answer that seems correct. The rule is to select the best answer. Therefore, among all the “correct” answers, candidates will have to evaluate their suitability and pick the one that fits the situation the most.

The CLOZE test is often said to be the most difficult part of the entire PELLET B Test. It is essentially a reading test where you have to fill out missing words without a list of possible choices provided.

Inferring from the context, you have to fill in the missing words. Small clues like the length of the word or one of the letters are given. However, you will not be provided with clues like the correct tense or the meaning of the word.

You need to write the correct word based on the message in the text. Luckily, there can often be more than one correct answer. Even if the word you choose is not the model answer, as long as it fits the context and contains the same number of letters, you will be rewarded the points.

The CLOZE test is supposedly the hardest part that has eliminated the most applicants. You will need to be well-read about the police report formats to better understand what the passage entails.

PELLETB Test Reasoning Ability Section

In this section, your logical reasoning skills are assessed and evaluated. You will be given multiple sequences with numbers of letters. From the information provided, you need to draw a conclusion or connection among the elements to accurately identify the relationship, patterns, or causations.

For example, you are given a story scenario where you are interrogating witnesses. Based on their testimonies, you need to logically put down the correct timeline or identify which witness had done certain things or not.

The reasoning ability test is seen as the easier part of the PELLET B Test. Any well-prepared applicant should be able to tackle this section. You just need to exercise your reasoning skills and draw a connection between each clue to see which one matches the answer.

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How to prepare for the PELLET B Test

Do a practice test

No amount of studying will get you as far as doing the actual test itself. Job Test Prep is an online resource library that has all the study materials and practice tests for the PELLET B Test.

Make sure you get your study materials from a trusted source. Job Test Prep has one of the highest ratings across all test preparation platforms. Students are perfectly satisfied with the quality and results after studying from the platform. Don’t waste your time trying out unknown resources. Get your practice tests from experts.

Be well-informed about the various tasks police officers have to do

The whole test is designed to assess your fluency in handling the daily tasks of a police officer. The test itself mimics common situations that you will encounter at the job.

Read more news and go through the police website to understand more about their work. Make sure you are fully aware of what this job entails. Read the job description and highlight any unfamiliar tasks — research them.

Read more police reports

Quite a few sections of the tests are directly derived from regular police reports with the information and details changed. Therefore, you are basically completing a police report. Take your time to read as many police reports as possible.

Cover reports in various fields and purposes so you can familiarize yourself with the structure and the tone of the text. It helps you come up with suitable words in the test.

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Being a police officer is honorable. You are out there protecting the lives of ordinary citizens. It is the dream of many to become an officer one day. To become a police officer, you will need to follow this guide to prepare for your PELLET B Test so you can ace the first step to being a successful police officer.

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