Optiver Online Assessment Guide: Tips to Master the Test

by Sarah Duncan

For many, a career in trading and financial instruments is a great place to put their mathematic and logical skills to the test in an environment where the risk is as great as the rewards.

You might be thinking that a career with a powerhouse trader like Optiver is the best use of your skills and experience!

If that’s the case, you’ll need to undertake the Optiver Online Assessment as part of the first steps towards potential recruitment by Optiver.

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In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to prepare for the Optiver Online Assessment so you can put your best foot forward. We’ll discuss:

  • What the Optiver Online Assessment is
  • The test format
  • Top preparation strategies.

Let’s get started!

What is the Optiver Online Assessment?

Optiver is a proprietary trading firm established in the 1980s that specializes in market-making for a range of financial instruments.

The role of a trader for Optiver is an immensely competitive position, and as such, Optiver has a rigorous selection and screening process for would-be traders.

The Optiver Online Assessment is the point of the spear in this process, serving as the first step in any recruitment process.

The test is a series of logic and mathematics questions designed to assess a candidate’s suitability for a role as a trader.

The test is rigorous and takes over two hours. It includes exercises meant to test your critical thinking, mathematics skills, logic, and time management, and is supposed to replicate the stressful nature of trading.

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Test Formats and Overview

The Optiver Online Assessment is broken up into a number of sections, with each one designed to test different skills and abilities.

80 in 8

The 80 in 8 is the classic Optiver maths test you may have heard of. It is a high-speed, high-intensity test that puts you up against 80 math questions in 8 minutes.

To get a passing score, you need to get 56 correct answers, with skipped questions not counting towards your final score.

Zap N Test

The Zap N test is a one-hour assessment made up of a series of games. The games test your memory, your multitasking, and many other traits and can range from 15 minutes in length down to 2.

Optiver NumberLogic

The Optiver Sequence test is a set of exercises all about pattern recognition and seeing form in randomness.

It will test your ability to see patterns in sequences as well as your ability to predict forthcoming entries in a pattern.

Beat the Odds Test

The beat the odds test is a 15-minute quickfire section that requires you to assess the probability of certain outcomes and make assessments based on probability.

Zap Q Test

The Zap Q test is a personality and traits assessment. It is used to determine personality and characteristics that can be later investigated during interviews further into the recruitment process.

Preparation for the Test

Like all tests, the best preparation is to practice on similar content or example tests.

While the Optiver assessments are well-guarded and kept secret, there are some places you can find similar assessments to practice on.

One example is JobTestPrep, a site that specializes in creating accurate tests that reflect the skills and requirements necessary for hundreds of pre-employment or recruitment tests.

JobTestPrep has a range of practice exercises that cover a handful of the Optiver tests.

While JobTestPrep doesn’t have any practice tests for the Zap Q test (because there is no exact science to personality tests) JobTestPrep does have practice content for the Zap N, the 80 in 8, and the NumberLogic test, with a Zap N games test on the way.

Preparing for any test is all about getting as much practice in as you can with similar questions or topics.

If you’ve already got a STEM degree or are studying towards one, you will likely be well-placed to have a strong grasp on the principle of the Optiver Assessments.

Finding logical thinking tests online as well as studying mathematic formulas will help you have a strong grounding.

You might not study to learn the answers to the test questions, but you will find yourself prepared to use the tools at your disposal to work out the answers.

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Final Words

The Optiver Online Assessment is by no means an easy test.

It isn’t supposed to be. Instead, the Optiver Assessment is designed to test your abilities and stretch your skills to see how you might perform in a real-life trading situation.

Understanding that the Optiver Online Assessment is not a walk in the park, and understanding the reasons behind its difficulty will help you prepare for it.

Remember to keep your math skills sharp by practicing with a range of different resources, and to test yourself in different capacities with all of the practice tests on offer at JobTestPrep.com.