How to Prepare and Pass Nursing Maths Test?

Nursing is a very competitive career path, and there are many tests that future healthcare professionals will have to pass before they can actually pursue their career. One of these tests is the Nursing Maths test.

You will need exceptional math skills to enter the nursing career. If you are wondering why, maths skills are actually vital when it comes to dosages, weighing, and measuring, among other tasks.

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Any healthcare professional will require sound numeracy skills as they need to comprehend numerical data from hospital equipment or discuss conditions with patients and other professionals while interpreting data.

Here you will find some vital information about what the nursing maths test is and how to prepare for it properly. With this information, you can face test day more confidently.

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What Is the Nursing Maths Test?

The nursing maths test is used to evaluate your basic and advanced numerical skills. If you are capable of passing the test, you will have the ability to work effectively in the medical field.

This is one of the most important tests a future medical professional will have to take. It is crucial to understand that this is the test that will determine whether you will move forward or not.

You must keep in mind that there may be tests that will not allow you to use a calculator or notes for the test, meaning you will have to rely on your own mathematical capabilities. If you are taking a test that will allow you to use a calculator, then the test proctor will provide you with one.

The chance of whether or not you will be allowed to use a calculator will depend on the course you are taking. You will be told before the test if you will be allowed to use a calculator or if they are forbidden. Either way, giving yourself ample time to study can help you better prepare for the test.

It is crucial to understand that each institution creates its own maths test. That being said, you can expect a similar pen and paper style of test with both multiple-choice and open-ended questions.

Time management will be a crucial factor in the nursing maths test as they are timed. This is to test how effectively nursing candidates can work under pressure and with a tight deadline.


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Preparing for the Nursing Math Test

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There are a few efficient ways to properly prepare for the nursing maths test. The best way is to start by finding study guides and sample questions on Job Test Prep. Their study guides will help you practice and brush up on the areas you really need to focus on.

The nursing maths test involves polishing up on unused skills and being able to answer without the help of a calculator.

What Is in the Nursing Math Assessment?

There are different types of math that you should expect to be on the test. Expect questions on fractions, ratios, percentages, formulas, measurements, and more. You may need to take some time to brush up on some basic and advanced math functions if you want to do well on the test.

You can also expect a mix of straightforward calculation questions as well as more complex word problems that involve a higher level of comprehension.

The test will be challenging for every test taker, but studying should help you be prepared for any question you may face. There may also be questions that will test how you solve situations in the medical profession. Others may involve simply testing your math skills and seeing if you have what it takes to build a career as a healthcare professional.


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Nursing Numeracy Sample Questions

Study guides like Job Test Prep can provide you with some sample questions that you may expect to find on the test. Brushing up on these questions will be a step in the right direction. Here are a few sample questions that could help you study what you will need to know.

  • One-fourth of a group of 40 people have blonde hair. How many people have blonde hair?
  • A patient is given 800mg of pain meds every 24 hours. What is the most the patient will have in 72 hours?
  • 10% of a group of 100 people are wearing a black shirt. How many people within that group are wearing a black shirt?
  • Convert 2,300 mg to grams.
  • If 30% of a group of 30 people are male, how many males are in that group?
  • Convert 34 km to meters.
  • What is 34% of 130
  • If you have to give out 4,000 pamphlets in two weeks and you distributed 1,432 of them in the first week, how many would you have left to distribute?
  • How many tablets of ibuprofen should you give a patient every six hours if they have been prescribed 200 mg and the stock strength available is 100mg?
  • -3.43 x 5.47=
  • Convert to fractions: 0.245
  • What is the value of x if 2x+2=200?
  • Convert 1050 mL to Litres.


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How to Pass the Test

Taking plenty of time to study and getting enough rest before the day of the test will help you tackle your test with the best state of mind. You will have to brush up on both basic and advanced math skills so you can be prepared for any question the test will have for you.

As mentioned, your best chance at doing well is to practice with sample questions on Job Test Prep. It will help you know what to expect and what you need to brush up on.


Show up on time for the test, come fully prepared, and be sure to manage your time well as you solve the questions. This test will determine whether or not you will be able to move forward as a healthcare professional.

With the help of Job Test Prep, you will be able to gain confidence during your practice and tackle the questions with that much more ease. Spend time digesting their study guides and getting familiar with their tests so you have the best chance of succeeding.


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