How to Prepare for the NTN Test

How to Prepare for the NTN Test?

Last Updated on January 20, 2023

If you are interested in roles in public safety departments, then you may be required to complete one of the National Testing Network tests. While these tests can seem a bit challenging, once you start preparing for the exam, you will feel much better before the exam.

So whether you have an upcoming NTN test or you are planning to go into a public safety department role in the future, there are a few things that you need to know about this exam. Luckily, the information that you need to know about the NTN test is highlighted in this article, including a few tips to help you prepare for this assessment.

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About NTN Test

The National Testing Network (NTN) test is a pre-employment assessment given to candidates to complete when applying for roles in public safety departments. The NTN test is a psychometric assessment used to assess whether a candidate will be a good fit for the job they are applying for.

The exam focuses on the applicant’s mathematics, verbal, written, and situational judgment abilities.

The employers for public safety departments that will usually require applicants to complete this exam include law enforcement, emergency medical technicians, firefighters, correctional facilities, and more.

One of the benefits of employers making this test a requirement in their recruiting process is that it will help ensure that the applicants they hire have the skills and knowledge needed for these jobs.

The National Testing Network offers applicants the Virtual Proctor platform, allowing candidates to complete the test in a secure location. This platform helps ensure the candidate completes the test while following testing protocols. However, for the practical portion of the test, candidates must visit testing sites allocated by the department they are applying to.

Applicants of the NTN will have to pay a fee for the NTN test that they choose to take. Each of these tests has a base fee. However, the test cost will vary depending on the department you would like to apply to. Candidates unable to pay the test fee can submit the fee waiver request form, which may aid these fees if your application is successful.

NTN Test Scores

The passing score for different departments may vary. However, a good score to get throughout all sections of your test to ensure you pass is at least 70%. A few departments will accept 70% reading, 70% writing, and 65% video scores. It is important to ensure you find out your assessment’s passing score before completing it.

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Types of NTN Test

The National Testing Network offers quite a few different tests that are unique for safety roles, each of these tests will have sections that apply to that specific role. The test type you choose will also have its own time limit because each other test has different sections, and some may be longer than others. The different test types of the National Testing Network assessments include:

Law Enforcement Test (Frontline National)

The Frontline national law enforcement test typically has a time limit of 2.5 hours and consists of 3 sections, including:

  • Reading test
  • Report writing test
  • Human relations test

EMT Test (MedicTEAM)

The MedicTEAM EMT test is around about 2 hours and consists of two sections, including:

  • Written knowledge test
  • Human relations test

Firefighter Test (FireTEAM)

The FireTEAM firefighter test is around about 2.5 hours and is used as an aptitude test to hire candidates interested in base-level firefighter positions. This test has four sections that focus on situational judgment and reading comprehension and include:

  • Human relations test
  • Reading test
  • Mechanical test
  • Maths test

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Transit Operator Test (START)

The START transit operator test typically has a time limit of 1 hour and consists of two sections, including:

  • Reading test
  • Human relations test

Juvenile Corrections Test (IMPACT)

The IMPACT juvenile corrections test will usually have a time limit of 1.5 hours for the candidates and includes two sections:

  • Reading test
  • Human relations test

Corrections Test (REACT)

The REACT corrections officer test has a time limit of around 2.5 hours and consists of four sections:

  • Incident observation and report writing test
  • Reading test
  • Count test
  • Human relations test

Emergency Communications Test (ECOMM)

The ECOMM emergency communications test has a time limit of approximately 35 minutes to one hour and includes three sections:

  • Dispatcher test
  • Recording pertinent information test
  • Call taker video test

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Different Types of Questions Asked in the NTN Exams

The NTN exams will only consist of multiple-choice questions, and the candidates will only have ten sections to answer each of the questions. Typically, the test will contain video scenarios the candidates will watch, then answer the multiple-choice questions relating to these video scenarios.

Tips to Prepare for the NTN Test

When it comes to the NTN test, it is never too early to start preparing for this assessment. Here are a few tips that will help you increase your chances of passing your upcoming NTN test:

1. Complete NTN Practice Tests

The key to doing well on almost any assessment is ensuring you complete a few practice tests before your assessment. Practice tests help you better understand what you can expect to see in the assessment, which will help you feel much more prepared.

2. Stay Focused

It is important to ensure that you stay laser-focused during your NTN exam because you will only have a 10-second window to answer each question.

3. Practice Time Management Skills

With the strict time limits the NTN test has on each question and each of their assessments, this is why it is important to practice your time management skills when competing for this test.

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Final thoughts

The National Testing Network offers several psychometric assessments and aptitude tests for various roles in the public safety department. These tests are used as a pre-employment test to assess whether a candidate will be the right fit for a role.

The roles which usually require an NTN test include frontline national, firefighter, juvenile line corrections officer, corrections officer, and transit operators.

Now that you know everything you need for the NTN test, you will better understand what you can expect in your upcoming exam. Do not wait any longer, and use the tips listed above to help you prepare for your NTN test so you will be ready to pass your exam and land your dream job.

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