Nissan Assessment Test Preparation: A Complete Guide

If you have applied for a job at Nissan, you may find that you are faced with taking the Nissan Assessment test.

Passing this test is vital for getting the job, but what is it? What kind of questions are on it? How can you study?

Take the Nissan Assessment Test to improve your score.

With approximately 140,000 Nissan employees currently working for the company, competition for positions is high. Nissan has job openings in product development, manufacturing, engineering, supply chain management, purchasing, and sales, among other fields. There are various graduate and internship programs available for those interested.

Whichever position you have applied for, acing this test is one of the main obstacles standing in the way of launching your career at the company. Read on to discover all about the test and how to prepare.

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Recruitment Process for Nissan


Nissan has several career opportunities online. Nissan offers the option of creating a candidate profile or logging in to your LinkedIn account and applying that way. In order to apply through the Nissan website, you will need a cover letter and resume. Your cover letter should align with the position and be unique enough to stand out among the tens of thousands of others received.

Nissan’s Psychometric Tests

Nissan conducts a series of online assessments in order to ensure that potential candidates have the right competencies. Testing will be administered by Nissan under the SHL assessments tests, and Nissan will let you know which tests you’ll be required to take ahead of time. Depending on the job you have applied for, you will be required to take various tests. Some jobs will require more testing than others.

The following are likely to be encountered by job seekers:

  • Numerical Reasoning Test – This 25-minute test will measure your ability to work with numbers. A basic understanding of math concepts such as addition and subtraction, or ratios, percentages, will be required. The test is timed and is multiple-choice.
  • Verbal reasoning test – This involves reading short passages and answering either truthfully, falsely, or with no conclusion. Identify the answers to the questions by using deductive reasoning and reading comprehension. Test participants will be given 19 minutes to complete the 30 questions.
  • Mechanical Comprehension Test – Testing your understanding of simple mechanical concepts such as pulleys and levers is conducted via the mechanical comprehension test. It is more likely that you will be given this test if you are going into engineering or a more mechanical role.
  • Situational Judgement Test (SJT) – An assessment of your situational judgement will be given in this test. You’ll be able to determine if you made the right decision and handled the situation appropriately.

Nissan Interview Process

It’s possible that your initial interview with Nissan will be a phone interview. The phone interview will be brief and will focus on your experience and questions regarding your resume. During the phone screening, ask questions you may have. By gaining a sense of your personality, the interviewer is not simply checking your experience. By asking questions, you may establish a rapport with the recruiter and make yourself stand out.

If you’ve been chosen to continue, you’ll be invited to an on-site interview. Two members of management may ask questions. This interview will delve deeper into your experience and background. It will comprise a mix of behavioural and technical questions in order to gain a better picture of your work style and skill level.

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Nissan’s Assessment Day

For some occupations, an assessment day may be necessary. Those looking for management positions are the ones who are invited to take part. Several exercises will be used on the assessment day to show how successfully applicants fulfil their assigned duties. Participants will be required to participate in a variety of activities.
Group exercises, presentations, skill demonstrations, and interviews are all part of an assessment centre’s activities.

Prepare for the Nissan Assessment

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Using online psychometric tests has become commonplace to test candidates in the employment process. Even though your resume is great, you will not be chosen to proceed in the hiring process unless you score exceptionally well on the online assessments. Therefore being prepared for any tests it may force you to take is crucial. Start by going over the job requirements to get a sense of what the job entails.

We highly recommend using the services of an online test preparation provider to take practice tests online. Here you will get an authentic feel for the different types of questions you will face. Job Test Prep is our favourite site for this. They have a huge host of free psychometric tests and prep materials. They also have more comprehensive packs if you feel you want further study.

One of the most popular examinations offered to job applicants is a numerical reasoning test. Practice your arithmetic abilities to ensure that they are sharp and that performing math functions does not cause you stress.

A high psychometric test result can change your career in three ways:

  • It increases your chances of being employed because high scores offer you first attention throughout the selection process.
  • Companies often pay applicants that stand out with higher wages.
  • Your test results will be saved in your portfolio.

Why the Psychometric Assessment Matters

The personality test is often more influential in a final hiring decision if both aptitude and personality tests are included in the recruitment process. Recruiters can use personality tests to determine which applicants are the best matches for a job because personality tests provide an in-depth analysis of a candidate’s character traits.

These attributes include assertiveness, dominance, motivation, responsibility, reliability, communication skills, organizational ability and much more.

When you possess the necessary traits for the job you seek, the personality test will enhance your chances of being hired.

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What is the Nissan Assessment Centre?

Assessment centres are used by a lot of firms to evaluate job candidates. Before making a final decision, they use an assessment centre as the last step in the pre-employment process. Job seekers that are invited to an assessment centre are individuals who the company believes have the best chance of filling the job position they are looking to fill.

What to Expect at the Nissan Assessment Centre

The activities are usually completed in four to eight hours and are spaced out over two days, while the mass recruitment process can take up to three days. The centre is usually administered by the company’s HR department and is used to imitate real-world scenarios. In the role-playing activities that assessment centres are known for, organizers may bring in actors to impersonate unhappy or bewildered consumers.

This creates a more realistic setting for evaluating a job applicant or recent graduate. The way applicants respond to the stress and pressure of an assessment centre, when combined with the heavy workload in assessment centres, allows employers to better understand how they perform on the job.

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About Nissan

Nissan is the world’s sixth-largest automaker and the leader in electric vehicle production. Nissan had sold over 320,000 electric cars as of 2018, with the Leaf being the best-selling model in the company’s whole electric vehicle lineup.

In the 1930s, Tobata Casting, a subsidiary of Nissan Zaibatsu, purchased Datsun, making Nissan the first brand linked with automobile manufacture. When Nissan debuted the Datsun Bluebird to the US market in 1958, it broadened its international reach.

Nissan sold smaller cars under the Datsun brand from the 1970s until 1989, when it phased out. In 1913, Nissan relaunched the Datsun brand as an economy model for expanding regions, including Russia, Indonesia, India, and South Africa.


Finally, while it is impossible to practice or prepare for every aspect of the assessment, the majority of the assessment and its general needs can be prepared for. Above all, keep in mind the assessors’ objectives, which include getting to know each candidate.

They’re looking for the best fit, so if you can demonstrate important competencies in your responses to the assessments, you’ll stand out. Prepare for your assessment by clicking here for more information and highly useful practice materials.

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