Ace the Next Shop Floor Assessment: Complete Prep Guide for 2024

If you want to work at Next, it’s important to know that they have a rather elaborate hiring process that involves several stages. Don’t be put off by this, though. If you can prepare for the various stages and components adequately, you should have a higher chance of progressing and securing the job you want.

Keep reading to find out more about what the Next shop floor assessment involves and how you can excel in it.

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Next Shop Floor Assessment

What Is the Next Shop Floor Assessment?

Next is an international clothing and home product retailer that hires employees at all levels of their careers. Everyone from recent graduates to seasoned professionals can work at Next, but after you input your details into the application, you’ll have one more step: the aptitude tests.

Your application will ask you to complete a few assessments to understand your abilities better and determine how you might do working on the shop floor.

What Is Included In the Assessment?

You have the Cubiks’ assessment tests to complete, which involve two psychometric tests that will help determine your abilities.

Numerical Test

First, you have the numerical reasoning test. This will test how you can understand and analyze numerical information, which is important for you to work as a merchandiser. From data, spreadsheets, charts, tables, or graphs, you will need to make some deductions.

This means working out the percentages, ratios, and more while you’re at work. So, you’ll want to make sure you do some preparation for your test because you’ll only have around 20 to 25 minutes to finish 28 multiple-choice questions.

Verbal Test

Then you have the verbal reasoning test. This is the test that allows you to understand your written information. Just like your comprehensive exams back in school, you’ll be reading pieces of text and answering true and false questions based on what you read.

The questions are fairly simple and straightforward, but be prepared to work quickly since you only have 20 minutes to finish 44 questions. The options you’ll be given include True, False, and Cannot Tell, so you’ll need to apply your analytical and comprehension skills to make the correct choice.

Now, for a position on the shop floor, you’ll likely need to complete both of these tests, but the tests do vary depending on which position you’re applying for. Some positions will only ask you to take one of the tests, while others will have you take both.

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Next Video Interview

Video Interview

After you’ve finished the test online, there’s still more to come. The next stage in your application process is the video interview, where you have to record yourself answering some questions before uploading the video.

For the video interview, you get four minutes, and there are just three questions to answer. The questions are not technical but of a more personal or motivational nature. You will also be asked to imagine yourself in specific scenarios and think about how you would handle the situation.

Some examples of the video interview questions are:

  • What is your reason for wanting this job?
  • What would you do if things didn’t go according to plan?

To prepare for this segment, you should already be quite familiar with the company, its culture, goals, and why you want to work with them. Think about your answers before the interview so you can answer the questions with ease. Also, be prepared to highlight your strengths and let your interviewers know how you can contribute to the company.

For your video interview, it’s crucial to speak confidently and maintain good eye contact by looking at the camera. This is where Job Test Prep’s practice packs can help you gain confidence and feel more prepared through practice.

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Next Telephone Interview

After your video interview comes the Next telephone interview. In this stage, you’ll get on a 30-minute phone call, and you’ll be speaking directly to someone who actually works in the relevant department of your application.

This part of the interview isn’t about testing your knowledge but rather, it’s to see how well you’ll fit in with your potential future team. In this stage, you’ll have to try to show how enthusiastic you are and again highlight your relevant skills and strengths.

Some example questions that you may be asked include:

  • Do you know who Next’s main competitors are?
  • Tell me what you know about Next as a company,
  • Have you noticed any significant trends that have shown great results?
  • Are there any trends that you can suggest?

Again, it’s crucial to think about how you would answer these questions so you can tackle them with confidence and ease.


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Team Assessment

Team Assessment

The last stage in the recruitment process is the team assessment, which is part of the Next assessment day. You’ll be asked to compete in a group activity together where you’re asked to figure out a problem. Working effectively as a group is crucial when you work in a big company like Next.

You’ll have to show that you’re able to lead as needed, speak up confidently yet not overpower the entire group excessively. Show the assessors that you are able to work well under stress and fast-paced situations as an effective member of your team.

In that group activity, you’ll be given a task to complete together with a group of candidates who have all applied to the same role.

Your group will be given information that you’ll discuss and work with while assessors watch you all to see how you work together and what you contribute to the discussion. This means that you want to find a way to learn how to stand out a little bit.

Some trainee positions will involve a 15-minute presentation that you do alone, where you’ll demonstrate your knowledge to the company and show how you can work under pressure. For this presentation, you’ll be evaluated on your presentation skills, grasp of language, and how well you can deliver your presentation.

Don’t worry, you’ll be told beforehand if your team assessment involves this presentation, so you’ll have adequate time to prepare. Check out Job Test Prep’s presentation pages and blogs which feature valuable guidance for preparing and delivering a presentation.


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How to Prepare for It?

Ultimately, Next wants employees that can serve the company well, work effectively as part of a team and add value to their respective departments. As such, you’d want to do as well as possible in your Next assessments to increase your chances of getting the job you want. Preparation is a key part of this. Not to mention that you only have as little as half an hour to complete the assessments.

Preparation might seem difficult, but you can easily begin with Job Test Prep’s practice tests. These testing packs provide you with numerical reasoning tests, situational judgment tests, and verbal reasoning tests as well.

You’ll even have some diagrammatic reasoning tests, which will help you learn how to handle the problems that require you to look at graphs and charts.

You might worry about other parts of the exam, too, like the team assessment. The best thing you can do to prepare is to search online for both strategies and mock exams, which will go a long way in terms of getting you used to what’s expected of you and how you might respond if you’ve never done a group interview.


Given Next’s status as a major retail company, it’s only natural that they’ll receive a huge number of applications for jobs and traineeships. Getting through each stage of the recruitment process isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible.

Ultimately, they’re looking for candidates who can add value to their departments. All you have to do is ensure that you’re well prepared with Job Test Prep and show them that you’re a good fit for the role with the strengths and skills you possess.