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How to Prepare for Nationwide Graduate Scheme Online Test?

Are you interested in applying for the Nationwide graduate scheme? Then you are in luck, this article will highlight what you need to know about the Nationwide graduate development programmes and their recruitment process. Which will help you prepare for the recruitment process and increase your chances of landing a job in your dream career field.

After all, landing a position in the Nationwide graduate scheme will be a great start to kick off your career in your chosen field. These programmes help individuals entering the corporate world utilise the skills that they have and learn new skills through the job positions available.

Here is everything that you need to know about the Nationwide graduate schemes online test, including the tips that will help you prepare for your test.

About Nationwide Graduate Schemes

Nationwide Building Society is a well know financial organisation and building society, that currently has approximately 18,000 employees and has offices all over the UK. The company is a major provider of personal loans, mortgages, ISAs, and more.

This financial organization are responsible for the Nationwide Graduate Scheme that provides graduate job opportunities in many career paths.

The graduate scheme is a two-year programme which allows graduates to gain experience in their chosen field through their graduate jobs. This programme aims to allow graduates to apply the expertise and what they have learnt in their chosen fields, as well as learn new skills while on the job.

The graduates will have the opportunity to switch from their chosen field to another every six to eight months. This will allow the members of this programme to gain expertise in different business areas while getting a real feel of the corporate world.

A few of the jobs that are available through the graduate programme include:

  • Lawyer
  • Project manager
  • Software engineers
  • Information technology
  • Customer service representatives
  • Claims specialists
  • Consultants
  • Sales

The Graduate Development Programmes Recruitment Process consists of the following steps:

  • Select a Programme
  • Application
  • Online Test
  • Video Assessment
  • Interview

Benefits of Nationwide Graduate Scheme:

Usually, the main focus of graduate jobs is to simply gain experience in hopes of getting your career started and hopefully landing a better job in the future. While Nationwide’s graduate jobs allow their graduates to gain the experience needed to help them meet their career goals, this company also offers members so the graduate scheme several benefits including:

  • The opportunity of a permanent contract based on a good performance
  • Competitive starting salary from £28,000
  • Bank holidays and 25 days of leave
  • Life assurance
  • Training to help you gain expertise
  • Aid with relocation if required
  • Pension
  • Bonuses and benefits for good performance

Departments of the Nationwide Graduate Development Programme

The Nationwide graduate development programme has a few different departments that their potential graduates will have the opportunity to choose from when completing their application process. You must choose the department that you are interested in carefully, keeping in mind that you meet the requirements to increase your chances of being accepted into the programme.

The Nationwide departments included in the graduate programme consist of:

1. Human Resource

The key areas that will be focused on in the Human Resources departments consist of people strategy, recruitment, people service, and more.

2. Change and Digital

Candidates who are accepted in the Change and Digital department will have daily roles such as managing digital channels, scouting for future trends, managing website optimisation, and more.

3. Supply Chain Management

Graduates who are accepted into the Supply Chain Management department will need to be able to find solutions and focus on duties involving the responsible business team, and more.

4. Product and Marketing

If you are accepted into the Product and Marketing department you will have the opportunity to choose the commercial or the creative route in this department. The duties that will be expected in this department consist of planning and delivering marketing campaigns, and assisting in producing brand communications.

5. Payments

The main focus of Nationwide is financial solutions, they are a financial company after all meaning that there is a payment department apart of the graduate programme. The duties that the candidates accepted in this department will include working with stakeholders and developing a direct strategy using data.

Types of Questions Asked in the Nationwide Graduate Schemes Online Tests

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Once you have submitted your curriculum vita with the Nationwide Graduate application form and if you pass the first stage you will be sent the online tests. The National Graduate Scheme recruitment process consists of three online tests however, candidates who are applying for the finance departments will be required to complete a total of four tests.

Situational Judgment Test

All candidates applying for any scheme in the Nationwide Graduate programme will be required to complete the Situational Judgement Test. This test focuses on the behaviour of candidates and how they will react to scenarios in the office.

This test consists of video scenarios which the applicant will have to watch and understand, the applicants will then be presented with a choice of responses. The applicant will then have to choose the response they feel is best based on the video.

For this assessment are no correct answers as it is based on what the applicant believes is the best solution and how they would react to the scenario.

Cognitive Ability Test

The cognitive ability test consists of a few sectioning including verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, and numerical reasoning if you are applying for the finance schemes. All questions in this test will be multiple choice and there is no time limit for applicants to respond in.

However, the time you do take to answer these questions will be factored into your score which is also made out of the number of questions that you answer correctly.

The verbal reasoning section will focus on your ability to comprehend and interpret information whereas, the numerical reasoning test focuses on your skills to comprehend information and form conclusions. The logical reasoning section of this test focuses on the relationships and being able to make sense of relationships between sequences.

Personality Questionnaire

The personality questionnaire focuses on identifying the applicant’s personality traits and uses the information to determine whether the applicant would be a good fit for the role and the company. This questionnaire consists of four states and a likelihood scale which you will have to make a note of based on what you believe is correct.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test will only be a requirement for an applicant who is interested in applying for the finance schemes. This test aims to determine if the applicant has the required numerical aptitude level required for a graduate position in their finance department.

This multiple-choice assessment does not have a time limit but the amount of time you take to answer the questions and the number of the questions you answer correctly will make up your final score.

Tips to Prepare for the Nationwide Graduate Programme

Preparing for the Nationwide Graduate Programme can be overwhelming however, there are a few tips that you can follow to help you prepare for this process including:

  • Make sure all your devices are working before the test and interview
  • Complete practice tests for the Nationwide Graduate Schemes online test
  • Practice time management skills for all assessments
  • Conduct mock interviews

Final Thoughts

The Nationwide Graduate Development Programmes is a great opportunity for all graduates that looking to kick start their careers and achieve their career goals. With this program, graduates have the opportunity of landing graduate jobs that will allow them to apply their skills in their chosen field, as well as learn new skills.

This is why the Nationwide Graduate programme is worth applying for even though it might seem overwhelming.

The recruitment process for this programme is quite long and consists of a few online tests but luckily, with the information and tips we have listed you now know everything that you need to about the Nationwide Graduate Scheme, This means that you can start preparing you for your tests to increase your chances of landing this dream graduate job.

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