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National Testing Network Practice Test | Career Aptitude Assessment for Public Safety Careers

If you have a National Testing Network test coming up there are a few things that you need to know. As the dates for these tests get closer you may start to experience a bit of test anxiety which is completely normal. One of the best ways to help calm yourself down is by completing a few practice tests. This will help you feel more prepared for your upcoming National Testing Network exam.

Take the National Testing Network Practice Practice Test to improve your score.

Here is everything you need to know about the National Test Network practice, as well as a few tips that will help prepare you for your official exam.

About the National Testing Network Practice Test

The National Testing Network (NTN Tests) is a form of career aptitude test specifically for candidates interested in public safety careers. Candidates who take this assessment are not required to have any previous experience in public safety departments. This assessment is specifically for candidates interested in more entry-level positions.

Usually, the National Testing Network test takes around about one hour and a half hours to two hours to complete. This time limit will differ depending on which role you are working towards and how many tests you will need to take for that role. When completing your practice test a good idea would be to stick to the time limit to help you prepare for the official test.

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A few of the jobs that require the NTN exams include Corrections Officer, Juvenile Corrections Officer, Firefighter Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, EMT, and Emergency Communications. Each of these roles has a collection of tests that have been designed specifically to test certain skills required for that role.

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Like the official NTN tests, the National Testing Network practice test will include all the assessments required for each role which includes:

  1. Corrections Officer (REACT)

    Candidates who are considering a job as a correction officer will need to complete the following tests, the Count test Incident observation and report writing test, and the Humans Relations test. The fee for the React practice tests is $24.95 and consists of two rounds.

  2. Juvenile Corrections Officer (IMPACT)

    There are only two tests that need to be completed for candidates who are interested in the role of a juvenile corrections officer. This test includes the Reading test and the Human Relations test.

  3. Law Enforcement Officer (Frontline National)

    All candidates who are planning to start their career as law enforcement officers will need to complete three of the NTN exams. This includes the Reading test, Human Relations Test, and Report Writing test. The Frontline national practice test costs $24.95 and includes two sessions of the test. You can purchase the official Frontline national practice test via the National Testing Network website.

  4. EMT (MedicTeam)

    Candidates interested in a role as an EMT will only need to complete two of the NTN tests, which include the Written Knowledge Test, and the Human Relations test. The application fee for the EMT tests totals $80.

  5. Firefighter Officer (FireTEAM)

    Four tests need to be completed by all candidates who are interested in becoming a firefighter officer. These tests include the Math test, Mechanical test, Reading test, and Human Relations test. There are two options for the FireTEAM practice tests available, the basic test cost $24.99, and the extended test costs $38.99. Candidates can purchase the official FireTEAM practice test via the National Testing Network website.

  6. Emergency Communications (ECOMM)

    All candidates for the emergency communications role will need to pass three of the NTN test which includes the Dispatcher test, CallTaker video test, and Recording pertinent information test.

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Types of Questions asked in the National Testing Network Practice Test

Like the official National Testing Network tests the practice tests will also follow a multiple-choice format. However, these tests are video-based testing which means candidates will watch a video of a scenario and use their multiple-choice options to choose the best course of action. The multiple-choice test can be completed online which means that you can do your practice test from the comfort of your home.

These tests will have a wide range of questions and the best way to prepare and familiarise yourself with the questions asked in the exam is to complete the necessary practice test. Once you complete a round of the practice tests you will have a better idea of what to expect when the time comes for the official National Testing Network tests.

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How to Prepare for the National Testing Network Practice Tests

While practice tests are usually used to prepare for the final exam. In this case, it is just as important to prepare for your NTN practice test. After all, candidates only have about two rounds with these tests and they are quite expensive. This means that as soon as you get your practice test you should be ready and treat it as the official test. Use these tips to help prepare you for both your NTN practice and official test:

  • Watch relevant video segment – If this is your first test with video scenarios a good idea would be to watch relevant videos to help you identify situations quicker. This will help you notice something similar to the video scenarios included in your test.
  • Manage your time – the NTN tests have time limits so make sure to effectively manage your time.
  • Answer all questions – make sure to answer all the questions in your test. When you are unsure about an answer use common sense and logical thinking to select the best answer.
  • Review your answers – after completing your test make sure to use your extra time to double-check your answers. You can always miss a detail or make a mistake so it is always a good idea to go over your answers before submitting your test.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to be fully prepared for the official National Testing Network tests then a good idea would be to complete the National Testing Networks practice tests. The practice test will give you an idea of the type of questions that you will be asked in the test and what you can expect.

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A few of the National Test Networks exams have a few different practice tests to choose from, giving you the option to decide which is best for you. To make sure that you give both the practice and official test your very best, make sure to follow our few tips to help you prepare for these assessments that will help you land your dream job in public safety.

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