Ace the Midwifery Numeracy & Literacy Test: Essential Tips & Strategies

Being a midwife is challenging and rewarding at the same time. The joy of helping new mothers deliver their babies to this world is incredible. In the UK, there are around 37,000 registered midwives providing services to public and private hospitals.

To be a professional midwife, you need to pass the midwifery course first, which includes a maths test as part of the assessment. 

Take the Midwifery Numeracy & Literacy Practice Test to improve your score.

Midwifery numeracy test

What Is a Midwifery Maths Test?

Aside from your technical skills, being a midwife requires a strong sense of numerical reasoning. During the delivery, the pregnant woman’s vitals could be jumping from place to place. Different doses of drugs are administrated altogether. Other than making sure the baby is on its way, you have to check that the mother is physically fine.

With all the equipment indicating the vitals, you have to calculate if the drugs are correctly measured and if the dosage is suitable. While the primary responsibility of that falls onto the doctors, you still act as a backup to ensure the process is mistake-free.

Therefore, maths skills are essential to a midwife’s job. And that’s why it is included in every midwifery course.

Take Midwifery Numeracy & Literacy Practice Test Now

What Is the Format of the Test?

In the test, you will encounter six questions in total. Each question mimics the daily tasks you will face at work. For example, you have to add, subtract, multiply, or divide different doses of drags to deduce if the pregnant woman is reaching her physical capacity. 

The most important thing is that you can arrange the maths formula so the final answer is correct. You have to exercise your numerical reasoning to solve these questions by adding and subtracting the correct items.

From drugs to weighing the patient and baby, the questions can transform in styles and formats to better access your knowledge about the delivery process. 

Some questions involve hypothetical questions about labouring emergencies when you have to deal with an unconscious mother or a bleeding-out patient. You have to decide the volume of blood or drugs to be given to save the patient. It should be in your professional knowledge to know the exact amount administered.

The test is divided into two parts. In one part, you may use a calculator and one without. The two parts are not significantly different in terms of difficulty. But the part with a calculator will involve bigger numbers that are hard to calculate without a tool.

Passing the maths test is a must for the midwifery course. It proves your ability as a midwife. Only students that can complete the course are recognized as professional midwives that can assist in the labouring process.

Once you pass the maths test, you can move on to the literacy test and physical interview section. Only if you pass all sections successfully can you gain your seat as a midwife in the industry.

Take Midwifery Numeracy & Literacy Practice Test Now

How Long Is the Midwifery Maths Test?

You have 15 minutes to complete the entire set. Having 15 minutes for six questions means you do not get much time to review them if you are stuck with one. You have to be precise about your answers and move on to the next question even if you have to leave one blank.

How to Prepare for a Midwifery Maths Test?

1. Prepare Using Practice Tests

Understanding how the midwifery maths tests without a mock test is an abstract concept. Luckily, you can get the entire midwifery numeracy and literacy tests on Job Test Prep. The preparation set is made by course experts with inside knowledge of how it works. With this reputable platform, you are guaranteed to get the mock tests the closest to the real ones.

The study guide comes with three complete sets of midwifery tests, seven maths tests, study materials about drug administration, and plenty more study tips for becoming the best midwife. It also comes with 24/7 customer support where you can get help instantly if something is unclear in the notes. With the help of Job Test Prep, you will pass the maths test with ease. 

2. Get Enough Rest

The simplest tip is often the most efficient. As a midwife, you will work under intense pressure. The test is designed to put you under stress at work to see how well you can cope. The best way to tackle the questions is to keep your mind fresh.

Get enough sleep the day before your maths test to keep your brain sharp to dissect the questions. Having a well-rested mind is better than chugging all the study guides the morning of the test.

3. Join Some Online Groups for Midwives

There are loads of online support groups for midwives in the UK. They share expert opinions on the work and how to continuously improve their performance. From them, you will learn a lot about the maths skills needed. It consolidates your knowledge and helps you better when constructing your answers.

Besides, it gives you a clear understanding of the midwife’s career path. It is beneficial to you not only for your course preparation but also for your future job. You can ask as many questions as you want to the professionals about the maths test. 

4. Use Your Logical Reasoning Skills

Most of the maths questions you will encounter are not entirely straightforward. You need to think about which number to add or subtract. Since the questions are medical-related, you should use your logical reasoning to think about the appropriate procedures in this scenario.

A midwife’s job is mainly to keep the pregnant woman alive and well. Keep this logic in mind and construct the formula so that it is always in the patient’s favour. When you can think about it from the mother’s perspective, you are never too far away from the correct answer.

Take Midwifery Numeracy & Literacy Practice Test Now


It is such an honourable job to be a midwife in the UK. The title is well-respected with lots of benefits. However, before you can be a professional midwife, you need to pass the maths test. Check out Job Test Prep now to get your set of midwifery maths tests and ace the assessment without a fuss.