Mettl Aptitude Test: A Complete Study Guide with Practice Questions

Mettl is a company offering candidate and employee assessments to many organizations such as Starbucks, Toshiba, Uber, American Express, Pfizer, Frontier, and Fidelity—to name a few. These tests can be intimidating at first because they test skills that some test takers may not have used since their school years.

But test takers can rest easy knowing that test preparation materials can jump-start your memory and get you ready for the exam. Job Test Prep provides a particularly comprehensive guide for test-takers looking for a leg up on this exam.

First, let’s talk about how the test is administered.

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How to Take a Mettl Test Online?

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Mettl tests are proctored remotely using a live video feed. Candidates will take the test at home but will be monitored for the duration. Test takers must have an available internet speed of 512 kbps in order to take the test remotely. They should expect their eye movement to be monitored and all other websites to be blocked during the test.

While the test will autosave in the event of a power outage, it’s possible that premature test cessation will be seen as suspicious. Test takers using a laptop should be sure to connect to a power source prior to beginning the test to avoid running out of battery.

Take the time to make sure your system is compatible with Mettl’s system requirements. You’ll find these requirements listed below shortly.

Some test takers may wonder how a test taken within their home can be fair to all who take it. What will stop cheaters from taking advantage of a remote test-taking environment? Read on to learn what Mettl does to prevent instances of cheating.

Can the Online Mettl Test Exam Detect Cheating?

Test takers will not be permitted to use their phones for the duration of the exam, and will not be permitted to use the Windows calculator. This test-taking software utilizes both AI-based as well as human proctors.

Mettl boasts a 95% accuracy rate for catching instances of cheating, so it’s best to take the test without any intention to get ahead in unpermitted ways. Suspicious cases are managed in real time, as the testing software is paused and the proctor checks in with the student.

Essentially, you should expect the same anti-cheating protocols from an online proctored exam as you would during an in-person exam. Most test takers feel reassured that the Mettl test will prevent cheating as well as a test taken in a testing center.

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What Is the Mettl Aptitude Test Structure?

You will be tested on three areas: Verbal, Quantitative, and Logical Reasoning. Each of these sections offers multiple choice answers and contains 20 questions. The entire aptitude test is 60 questions long.

– Verbal Reasoning

There are two sections in the verbal reasoning portion of this exam. If you are working in the reading comprehension section, be sure to mark keywords as you proceed through the set of paragraphs. If you are being asked about a particular quote within the text, do not only look at the quote in providing your answer.

You will also want to read through the sentences before and after the quote to obtain additional context. Job Test Prep offers additional verbal reasoning content, so if you are concerned about struggling in this area, take a look at whether this could offer an additional benefit.

For the verbal ability section, start by expanding your vocabulary and recognizing correct tenses, subject/verb agreement, and commonly confused homophones such as there/their/they’re. Always be sure to check that your answer makes logical sense and can be understood. To learn more about how to pass verbal reasoning tests, click here.

– Numerical Reasoning

If you haven’t used your math skills regularly since high school or college, you’ll want to visit the extra numerical reasoning test preparation offered by Job Test Prep. Additionally, you’ll want to cover math concepts such as unit conversions, algebraic formulas, differential rates and more.

Seek out a full Quantitative Reasoning section prepared just for Mettl test takers that will provide extensive practice on the specific question types you will see on the Mettl exam.

Always remember that word problems require additional attention as test takers must be sure they are calculating for the correct value.

– Logical Reasoning

This test evaluates your ability to think through puzzles and logical deductions. Essentially, you’ll be determining which information is relevant to solving problems and which conclusions follow from logical arguments.

For this exam portion, you’ll want to bring out your pen and pencil to arrange information and evaluate the validity of particular arguments. You’ll want to practice questions on topics such as cause and effect relationships or analogies. Be careful not to infer any information besides what is included in the question, and avoid inserting personal bias into your reasoning.

Logical reasoning can be confusing, so it’s always a good idea to supplement your Mettl preparation with an additional set of logical reasoning practice questions.

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Why Is My Employer/Prospective Employer Asking Me to Take the Mettl Exam?

Employers have found that comprehensive aptitude tests can help with employee retention in the long term, and can help companies match talent to appropriate roles. Whatever your educational opportunities and long-term motivations, the Mettl test is designed to ascertain your ability to succeed, learn, and grow in a given professional vocation.

Studying for the Mettl exam demonstrates your mental acuity and commitment to put effort into important career goals. If you are selected for a professional role based on your Mettl score, you’ll be glad to know that your colleagues are also undergoing such an assessment, and you will be surrounded by people who are both talented and well suited to their respective positions.

You may also be asked to take the Mettl exam if you are being considered for a more advanced role within your company. The Mettl exam can determine if this new position will be a good fit for your current abilities, and whether your abilities can be stretched to accommodate a new challenge.

Choose Job Test Prep’s resources to study for this important exam, and you’ll be grateful for your improved score.

What is the Best Way to Pass the Mettl Aptitude Test?

Practice, practice, practice! The most important way to pass the Mettl Aptitude Test is to acquire a comprehensive Job Test Prep study pack and practice questions on a regular basis. You will want to treat these study sessions as a second job, and your efforts will be rewarded as you gain familiarity with the topics covered and your confidence grows.

Once you begin to take practice exams, you will notice that you find some sections easier than others. It’s important to study for all portions of the test, but you should spend extra time on areas where your natural skills could use a boost.

Depending on what sort of runway you have prior to taking the test, consider acquiring a three-month subscription to sample test questions from Job Test Prep. You’ll find that at first, memorizing the necessary mathematical formulas and building your vocabulary can feel challenging.

However, the more time you spend crafting your answers to sample questions, your confidence and ability will grow. You’ll also want to increase your theoretical knowledge and be sure to get adequate rest and relaxation time built into your day.

Taking on each section of the exam means spending extra focus on the Logical, Quantitative, and Verbal portions, in addition to answering the more than 500 test questions available in the Job Test Prep PrepPack.

The Mettl Aptitude Test stands between you and the future you are envisioning for yourself. Consequently, this is not one of those times in life to “wing it.” Invest in your future by spending both the time and money to succeed on this exam. You will look back on this time in your life and be grateful you took your career into your hands and got a high score on this assessment.

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How Should I Study for the Mettl Exam?

Some people panic before big exams. It’s natural to be nervous. But the most important part about the process is to stuff your brain with as much regular, consistent practice as possible. In other words, don’t cram! Take your studying seriously over a period of time.

You’ll study polynomials and spelling, spatial reasoning and combinatorics, as well as grammar and number matrices. Perhaps these topics sound intimidating to you now, but with a study schedule in place and plenty of lead time, you’ll gain confidence over time.

Practice exams are a practical way to assess your strengths and improve your areas of weakness. You don’t need to study each topic for an equal amount of time. Instead, focus on the places where your skills are the most rusty.

Who is Most Likely to Succeed at the Mettl Assessment?

Test takers may wonder who among them will be the best equipped to nail the Mettl exam. Is it your friend with the photographic memory, or the engineering student who is familiar with math equations?

Truthfully, people of all backgrounds and abilities can succeed at the Mettl test as long as they put in the work to practice ahead of time. You’ll want to make sure you spend time memorizing mathematical formulas and remembering proper grammar rules.

You’ll need to get comfortable with the pace of the test, and you’ll need to dedicate many hours to your studies. Some test takers consider test prep to be a second job, which requires time set aside most days of the week to study.

Job Test Prep provides study packs for one week up to three months. The longer lead time you have for studying, the better your score will be.

If you are a person who has test-taking anxiety, the Mettl assessment may be your opportunity to break this fear. Practicing for something important that inspires apprehension and worry can be the best way to move beyond that “stuck” feeling and step into an empowered mode where you build confidence and take the test head on.

Who is the most likely to succeed at the Mettl assessment? The most prepared and confident test taker, that is, YOU!

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When Will I Get My Score?

Thankfully, the Mettl Assessment Exam is scored directly after the test is finished, which means that candidates will receive their scores as soon as they finish taking the exam. You can receive your results in three different formats.

– PDF Report

The PDF report provides score analytics on sections of the exam as well as an analysis of the test taker’s difficulty level. You’ll even see details about the answers you provided. This will help you understand why you received the score that you ended up with.

– HTML Report

The HTML report is similar to the PDF report but it is available online through a weblink.

– Excel Report

You’ll see details about your performance in each section of the test. You’ll also see the length of time you took on each portion of the test, the number of correct answers you submitted, the raw score by section, and the total test score.

You’ll also see what percentage you are compared to other test takers and the percentage of correct answers per section.

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What About Guessing?

There are a number of different tests out there which are scored differently from one another. For the Mettl test, incorrect answers are not counted against you as you take the test. That means that if you don’t know the answer to a question, your best guess can be better than leaving a blank answer. With a multiple-choice framework, putting an answer down can be better than no answer at all.

When you take the Mettl exam, you will be able to go back to previous sections and change or add answers. That is, you can leave an answer blank and come back to your answer. If you have time at the end of the Mettl exam, you can review your answers to make sure they are accurate. But once you press “submit,” you can’t change your answers anymore.

What System Requirements Do I Need for the Mettl Exam?

Test takers cannot simply use any old desk or laptop computer they have. In fact, there are a few system requirements that Mettl will make sure your system meets prior to taking the exam.

You will need a web camera with .5 megapixels and a resolution of 1280 x 720. While Windows 10 is recommended, you must have at least Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1 to be able to take the test. Be sure to check your internet connectivity is at 512 kbps, with a recommended 1.5 mbps.

If you’ll be taking the Mettl exam at your work, you’ll want to check with your company’s IT department to ensure there are no firewall barriers to taking tests of this nature on system computers.

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Let’s Get Started

Now is the perfect time to jump into your studies and get excited about preparing for the Mettl Exam. Grab the Job Test Prep PrepPak and you’ll be taking charge of your future.

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