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MCOLES Reading and Writing Test: Ultimate Study Guide

Last Updated on January 18, 2023

The MCOLES reading and writing test is a required test that anyone who wants to become a police officer in Michigan will have to pass. If you live in Michigan and are considering a future in law enforcement, or you are about to take the MCOLES test. There are a few things that you need to know about this test.

To make this a bit easier for you we have highlighted some important key information, about this reading and writing test. Including the types of questions that you can expect to be asked in these tests. As well as, a few tips that will help you prepare for the MCOLES test.

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About the MCOLES Reading and Writing Test

MCOLES stands for Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards test (MCOLES). This test was put in place to ensure all law enforcement officers have the necessary reading, writing, and comprehension skills needed for these jobs.

There are different MCOLES reading and writing tests for the different law enforcement jobs. These tests each have different questions that are unique to the profession that you are applying for. This means that each of these tests has a different time limit. However, the pass mark for all MCOLES reading and writing tests is a score of Each of 70%.

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The Michigan law enforcement jobs that will require this test and their time limit include:

  • Police officer/Role Patrol Duty (two and half hour time limit)
  • Corrections/Jail Officer (one and half hour time limit)
  • Firefighter (two and half hour time limit)

While the test administration is done online all candidates are required to complete their tests at one of the test venues. The cost of the test is $68.00 which will need to be paid before the test. When applying to write the test you will have a choice of the time and testing venue that you will prefer.

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Types of Questions asked in the MCOLES Test

The MCOLES includes two sections this consists of a reading section and a writing section. Each of these sections has 60 questions, meaning that you will have to answer a total of 120 questions in your test’s time limit.

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The types of questions asked in the test will differ depending on the profession that you are interested in going into. The format of the test questions will be multiple choice.

The reading section of the tests will include reading comprehension. Whereas, the writing section will focus on 5 key areas including, grammar, clarity, spelling, word usage, and details.

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4 Tips To Help You Prepare for the MCOLES Test

Make sure to take note of these tips which will help you prepare and get a better score on your final MCOLES test:

1. Read Over the Study Guides

What’s great about the MCOLES reading and writing test is that each of the different tests has its study guides. This includes the law enforcement study guide, firefighter study guide, and corrections officer study guide.

2. Plan your Study Time

Make sure that you have sufficient time to study. One of the worst things that you can do is cram all of your studying a few days before the test. A good idea would be to break down the work that you need to study and go over different sections each week coming up to the test.

3. Complete MCOLES Practice Tests

A great idea that will help you prepare for the MCOLES reading and writing test is if you complete a few MCOLES practice tests. These practice tests will give you an idea of exactly what you can expect from the official test. Practice tests will also help you practice how you can manage your time during the official test.

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Final Thoughts

Anyone who wants to become a law enforcement officer in Michigan will need to pass the MCOLES reading and writing test. Even though this test may have seemed overwhelming at first. However, now that you know everything you need to about MCOLES you will be prepared to take this exam head-on.

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