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Linklaters Training Contract | To Be Accepted In This Prestigious Law Firm

Calling all who are considering gaining some experience at one of the best law firms in the United Kingdom, Linklaters. If you are interested in joining Linklaters as a trainee, then you are in luck. In this article, we have highlighted everything that you need to know about the Linklaters training contract.

This article will also include what you need to know about the Linklaters training contract application process, and the types of assessments included in the application process. As well as, a few tips to help you prepare for these trainee’s assessments.

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Whether you are simply considering kick-starting your career in law or this is a stepping stone for your dream job, much like the Clifford Chance Training Contract. After all, it can be quite difficult for fresh graduates to find spots at any law firm. This is why it will be worth the time and effort of applying to be a Linklaters trainee. This will be a great way to start and gain some experience at one of the leading law firms that are members of the Magic Circle law firms in London.

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About Linklaters

Linklaters is an international law firm that was founded in London in 1838. Since then the company has expanded to many international and regional locational. A few of their international offices are based in Amsterdam, Dubai, New York, and Singapore. The firm is considered to be a member of the “Magic Circle” law firms in London that are seen as little firms. The firm currently has a total of 515 partners and 2300 associates. The firm also has more than 230 trainees based in the Linklaters London office.

This international law firm has a few different areas, from finance, corporate, and projects to dispute resolutions. The firm thrives on everchanging and expanding which they believe has contributed to its success over the last few decades. Another aspect of this firm that sets it apart from others is the benefits they offer, especially the training opportunities.

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About Linklaters Training Contract

Linklaters offers great trainee opportunities that are available to a wide range of young professionals. The firm is open to hiring individuals who have completed law school with a law degree and even professionals who have not gone to law school. This is quite uncommon for law firms to do especially Magic Circle law firms.

The training contract occurs over four six month periods in which the trainees will have the opportunity to work on projects. Trainees will have access to gaining depth and insight by spending time in departments of the law firm. Once you have completed the training contract you would have gained enough experience from the firm and will be well-informed about where exactly you would like to move ahead with your career.

Linklater’s trainees have access to a good support system during their training contract. A training plan will be compiled by the Trainee Development Team. This team will also provide you with a personalised feedback report. When in any department, trainees will sit with a principal. Your principal will be in charge of providing you with any support that you need as well as training you during your time in that department.

If you require any additional support during your time as a trainee you will also have a Group Trainee Solicitor Partner. All trainees will also be able to outline their goals and interests making your experience as a trainee unique suited to you. Trainees will also be able to attend workshop training sessions and seminars that fit their chosen practice.

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Linklater Training Program Applicant Requirements

Even though the training program is open to all graduates whether they have gone to law school or not. There are a few requirements candidates will have to achieve before they can be considered as a potential candidates for the Linklaters training program.

Graduates who make it through the trainee’s application process will be required to the Legal Practice Course before they can begin as a trainee at Linklaters. However, if you are a candidate who is interested in applying for the Linklaters training contract and if did not go to law school. You will be required to get your Graduate Diploma in Law which takes approximately a year to complete.

If you are an undergraduate who is considering applying for a training contract, you should take note from 2023, Linklaters will require their candidates to qualify through the Solicitors qualifying examination route.

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Benefits of Linklaters Training Program

What sets Linklaters apart from other firms is the wide range of benefits that the firm’s trainees will experience. A few of the benefits that trainees can expect to experience during their training contracts include:

  • Personalised feedback report
  • Exposure to different departments
  • Exposure to different principals
  • One on one time with a principal
  • Guidance and support from a principal
  • Additional support from a Group Trainee Solicitartor Partner
  • Access to seminars

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Linklaters Training Contract Application Process

Potential candidates have two routes to choose from to be selected for the Linklaters training contract. Potential candidates can choose to either take the Linklater Vacation scheme route which helps candidates secure their training contract in the future. However, this will only be after they have completed the Vacation scheme.

On the other hand, potential candidates have to option to directly apply for the training contract. Even though the Vacation scheme option is a bit longer for candidates it increases their chances of being awarded a training contract. This is why there are quite a few final year undergraduates who have made the decision to go into Linklaters Vacation scheme.

While candidates have the option to choose how they would like to approach their training contract. The application process for both directly applying for a training contract or applying for the Vacation scheme is the same.

All potential candidates interested in the training programs will need to do is visit the Linklaters website and go to their careers page. Candidates can then go ahead and complete the online application form. This form will only need you to fill in some basic personal information. As well as, information about your academic record. Once you complete the form you can go ahead and submit it.

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After the application form has been submitted you will then need to complete an assessment online which will be based on the Linklaters Agile Mindset Framework. which will then be followed by a verbal reasoning test. Once the online assessment is completed, you will then need to complete the online Watson Glaser online test.

If the candidate is successful in both the online assessments they will then be invited to the assessment centre. Usually, candidates can expect to spend a day or half-day at the assessment centre. While they are there candidates will complete a simulation assessment and go for two interviews.

The first interview will be done with graduate recruitment and if you pass this interview you will go to the final interview stage. Which will be done with the partner and managing partner at Linklaters. Once you have completed the final interview, you will then need to wait for the results of your application.

On the assessment day, potential candidates will also have some time to go on a tour of the Linklaters London office. So makes sure to have enough time to fit this in on the day of your assessment.

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What are the Types of Questions asked in the Linklaters Training Contract

Online Verbal Reasoning Test

In this assessment, the candidate will need to respond to scenarios. This assessment focuses on the candidate’s critical thinking abilities. This assessment does not have a time limit and usually takes about 70 to 90 minutes for an average candidate to complete. After completing the assessment the candidate will also have a deeper insight into what the culture is like at Linklaters and being a trainee at this law firm.

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Watson Glaser Online Test

The Watson Glaser test is an aptitude test used specifically to test law practices. This test is commonly used in many firms to create a shortlist and try to identify the best candidate to bring into their firm.

The test focuses on five main skills that the candidate needs to have. This includes the potential candidate’s ability to evaluate arguments, think critically, draw conclusions, recognise assumptions, and assess strong and weak arguments.

The Watson Glaser test consists of 40 questions which will be divided into 5 sections. Candidates have a time limit of 30 minutes to complete these questions. To help you prepare for this test a good idea would be to complete the Watson Glaser practice test.

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Interview Process

How to Prepare for the Linklaters Trainee Assessments

Whether you are still deciding if you want to apply for the Linklaters training contract or you have gone ahead and submitted the training contract applications already. You need to start preparing for the assessments, and interviews that you will need to ace.

The sooner you start preparing for the Linklaters training contract assessments and interviews the better. After all, there are a few assessments that you will need to prepare for as well as two interviews. To help yourself not feel too overwhelmed as the assessments and interview dates get closer. Follow these tips that will help you feel much more prepared to earn your Linklaters trainee contract:

1. Go through the Assessment Guidelines

The first step will help you feel much more organized and prepped for the assessments that you are about to take for this application process. All you will need to do is read over each of the assessment guidelines, this will include the Verbal Reasoning test, Watson Glaser Online Test, and the Work Simulation Assessment.

Almost all assessments will have some type of guide on what candidates can expect to see in the test. Once you read through the guide you will have a better understanding of how you should complete each of these assessments.

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2. Read Over the Linklaters Job Description

Even though you may have read over the Linklaters trainee job description several times. It is so important for candidates to read the job description at least a day before they complete the application process. This is because job descriptions include exactly what the recruiter is looking for.

After reading over the job description you might identify a few points that you may have forgotten about. However, it could be beneficial to you to mention these points in the interview or use them during the basement portion of the application process.

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3. Go through the Linklaters Agile Mindset Framework

Before you start the Online Verbal Reasoning Test which aligns with the Linklaters Agile Mindset Framework. A great idea will be to go over this framework and make notes about the core values of the company. By doing this you will know exactly which values you should reflect through your answers in this assessment.

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4. Complete Practice Tests

It is a huge benefit that Linklaters has included which assessments the training contract applications can expect to see. It is a good idea to use this information to your advantage and complete practice tests for these assessments. Linklaters themselves, recommend for their candidates complete the practice test for the Watson Glaser Online assessment.

Practice tests a great for helping candidates not only feel more prepared but they gain a better insight into what to expect in the assessment. Practice tests are also great for helping candidates improve their scores until they are ready and feel prepared to take on the assessments.

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5. Practice Mock Interviews

Since there will be two interviews during this recruitment process, focusing on how to prepare for an interview is a great idea. After all, interviews can be daunting and overwhelming.

This is why it is a good idea to practice a few mock interviews and included possible questions the Linklaters recruiters may ask. By doing this you will feel much more prepared during your interviews.

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6. Practice Time Management Skills

While most of the assessments included in this recruitment process do not have a time limit. It is still a good idea to practice your time management skills, and practice sitting down and completing these assessments in one sitting. This will help avoid you procrastinating and completing the assessments as quick as you can.

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Final Thoughts

The Linklaters training contract program is a great way to kick start your career, especially if you want to go into the field of law. After all, should your training assessment be successful and you sign on as a trainee. You will have access to gain knowledge and experience from one of the Magic law firms in London.

However, even if you are uncertain whether you want to go into the field of law. Linklater has several departments and having a hands-on experience while trying to figure out exactly what you want to do is a great idea.

The application process for the Linklater training contract is pretty straightforward. All you will need to do is complete the online application, followed by two online assessments, and should you be successful you will be invited to the assessment centre for the final steps of the process.

Now that you have all the information you need to decide if the Linklaters training contract is for the path you want to start your career with. You can now start prepping for the assessments in the process. If you feel the program is right for you, then don’t let another minute go by and start taking your future to the next level.

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