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The Ultimate Guide to the Kentucky State Police Written Exam

Do you live in Kentucky? If so, are you pursuing a career in the police force? If you don’t live in Kentucky, are you planning a move to the state? Wondering what a career in the police force entails?

Maybe you’re just researching the requirements to branch into law enforcement in Kentucky.

Take the Kentucky State Police Written Practice Test to improve your score.

Whichever option applies to you, this article will explain everything you need to know about the Kentucky State Police Written Test.

Keep reading to see what to expect and how to study for the exam.

What Is The Kentucky State Police Written Test?

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The police written tests measures how you think about different topics.

Some topics the test targets are:

  • Critical-thinking skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Math skills
  • Written communication skills
  • Reasoning ability
  • Awareness
  • Judgment

The written tests differ between states and between police departments within the same state, but generally, studying for the exam helps to improve your score and earns you a passing grade.

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How Is The Kentucky State Police Written Test Scored?

To pass into the next round of law enforcement interviews, you must receive a 70% or higher on the written test for most departments.

For some departments, they rely on a pass/fail system. It just depends on the police department. Don’t aim for 70%. Earning a higher score increases the odds you will land on the law enforcement team. It is best to practice as much as possible to pass the test.

How Do You Prepare For The Kentucky State Police Exam?

Job Test Prep has your back, of course. With the company’s leading resources and study guide packets, you will ace your police exams.

For free content, Job Test Prep has pulled from the most challenging and significant material to give you a glimpse of the types of questions asked on the Kentucky state exam to prepare you for the real deal.

Job Test Prep offers paid packages for even more in-depth material to help you succeed in becoming a Kentucky state police officer.

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What Does The Prep Pack Include?

  • Two practice exams that mimic the real exams. They are the same length and timed the same as the actual exam. This allows you to get a feel for what is to come up on the test and makes sure you don’t run into any surprises during the important assessment.

Some subjects included in the practice tests are

  • Reading comprehension– the ability to make sense of written material. Based on the text, what can you deduce, what do you observe, and what do you need more information about? This helps you in law enforcement solve cases and catch criminals. You might not have all the information, but you will have some to base judgment on.
  • Math– Throwback to high school algebra and geometry. You need to be able to calculate different equations and figures to succeed as an officer with crime reports and data entries.
  • Written communication– You need to use proper grammar and familiarize yourself with proper grammar and language skills to earn the respect and trust of the community.
  • Reasoning skills– When working as a police officer, times arise when you need to make a decision based on minimal information. If you can look at a small piece of data and make an informed and beneficial decision, you will succeed.
  • Visualization– visualization applies directly to the job. You have to decide which method of action works the best to carry out the task, which route is the quickest, and how to notice criminals or past suspects. If you can visualize perpetrators, your team will notice and hold you in high regard.
  • 19 written communication practice tests. These will review proper use of grammar, hone your spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary, and help you reframe language.
  • 10 memory practice tests. Remember those memory games played as a child? Where you look at the front side of cards for a few seconds and flip the cards but match the pictures based on memories? These tests are the same concept, except they strengthen memories with pictures and words.
  • Four reasoning skills practice tests. These improve your deductive reasoning skills. You practice reading passages and answering questions based on the given information. Only focus on the given information to answer the questions, don’t assume any information.
  • Three spatial orientation and visual orientation practice guides. These study guides include graphs or figures from which you must answer questions. It measures your ability to make sense of what is happening based on visual cues.
  • Two deductive reasoning practice guides. These guides help you make decisions based on logic. Pay attention to what you’re reading in the passage and form your conclusion on the information given to you.
  • Two situational judgment tests. These practice tests score you based on your ability to gauge the danger and impact of a situation. One of the most important parts of your job as a police officer is protecting the public from danger, so take these tests seriously.

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Kentucky Police Departments

Kentucky has five separate departments for police to enroll:

  • Louisville
  • Paducah
  • Lexington
  • Florence
  • State Trooper

The written assessment varies between departments, so let’s break down what is on them and how to prepare for them, one by one.


Before the written exam for Lousiville, you complete an oral exam with active officers. They ask you specific questions about possible scenarios to gauge how you will react on the job. You respond to each scenario with the response you think is most important given the scenarios.

Once you pass the oral exam, you move on to the written test, which focuses on reasoning skills, reading comprehension, and written communication skills.


Paducah’s written exam has four sections, including math, reading comprehension, incident reporting, and grammar. You have between one hour and one and a half hours to complete the test. You need a 70% to pass.


The Lexington written test operates on a different scale than the other tests in Kentucky. You need a 65% to pass, and it includes a Math, reading comprehension, and grammar section.

The reading comprehension section is 25 minutes with 25 questions to complete, the math section is 20 minutes for 20 questions, and the grammar section gives test-takers 15 minutes to answer 20 questions. You receive your grade a few minutes after you complete all three sections of the exam.


You must complete and pass a physical fitness test before moving on to the written portion of the exam. Florence’s written exam includes math, reading comprehension, report writing, and grammar sections, similar to Paducah’s.

State Trooper

State Troopers in Kentucky have to take a longer written examination as their jobs require more skill and effort than entry-level police officers.

This exam includes sections on spelling, vocabulary, language skills, math reasoning, spatial reasoning, reasoning ability, measuring drugs, computing speeds, and a study guide portion that evaluates your memory skills.

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Start Preparing For Your Police Written Exam Today

Becoming a police officer in any Kentucky branch requires candidates to take a written test. The exam varies between branches, but Job Test Prep’s study guides and practice tests prepare you for each and every section included on the written tests.

Whether you want to delve into a career as a law enforcement officer in Lousiville or as a Kentucky State State Trooper, Job Test Prep has everything you need to earn a job in the police department.

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