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Preparing for the Insights Discovery Personality Test: A Complete Guide

Whether you are busy preparing for your upcoming Insights Discovery Test, or you simply just want to find out more about this personality test, then you are in luck.

In this article, we will highlight what you need to know before completing the Insights Discovery Test, including the best ways to prepare for this test.

While the Insights Discovery Test might seem like a complex personality test, it is quite a simple assessment that identifies key aspects of an individual’s personality and behavior. While this test is often used in a business environment with the aim of assessing the candidate’s personal development and team development.

It is also a great test if you are interested in self-awareness as it helps identify quite a few personality traits.

About Insights Discovery Test

The Insights Discovery Test is a personality test that is based on Carl Jung’s model of personality types. However, the Insights Discovery psychometric tool was founded in 1993, by Andy Lothian and Andy Lothian.

While the psychometric tool has been around for quite some time only in 2018 was the personality test introduced to companies. With the aim of employers getting the best from their employees through self-awareness.

This psychometric tool-based test creates self-awareness for employees, it will help the employees improve their performance, and decision-making skills, and improves communication. This personality test is based on the Insights Discovery model, which is a four-color model and that is why this test is

This test is commonly referred to as the color personality test because the test is based on the Insights Discovery Model. This model is a four-color model or a four-color energies model this includes fiery red, sunshine yellow, earth green, and cool blue. This model helps determine why individuals react to situations in the way that they do.

These colors are used to stand for specific personality types and the common behaviors that are linked to them. The four-color energies expand into eight psychological types which are a mix of the different color energies.

This assessment will only take approximately twenty minutes for candidates to complete, the assessment consists of twnety0five questions. Once the candidates complete the questionnaire section of the test a personal profile will then be created based on the individual’s answers to the questionnaire.

The personal profile will contain an in-depth review of specific information about the candidate including their communication style, problem-solving skills, team contribution, as well as their strengths, and weaknesses.

Insights Discovery Model

Insights Discovery Test Model

The Insights Discovery Model or color wheel consists of four color energies that each have to represent specific personality traits. This model is used in the test to determine the unique mix of personality traits individuals have that influence the way people behave and think.

The personality traits that are included in each of these four-color energies consist of the following:

1. Fiery Red

Fiery Red in the Insight Discovery Model consists of personality traits that involve people who are driven and goal orientated. People who fall into the fiery red color energies are known to be strategic and decisive. However, these individuals tend to also be a bit impatient and can even come off as arrogant.

The key personality traits of fiery Red according to the Insights Discovery Model consist of:

  • Purposeful
  • Determined
  • Demanding
  • Competitive
  • Strong-willed

2. Sunshine Yellow

The positive behavior of individuals who fall into the sunshine yellow color energies includes being able to build relationships, someone who is excited about the future and enjoys getting credit for their ideas.

However, the negative traits of the sunshine yellow color energies include people-pleasing and someone who does not handle critical feedback very well.

The key personality traits of sunshine yellow based on the Insights Discovery Model consist of:

  • Persuasive
  • Dynamic
  • Sociable
  • Demonstrative
  • Enthusiastic

3. Earth Green

The positive personality traits that are often associated with the people who fall into the earth green color energies include being someone who likes to support and take care of others. These individuals are usually non-judgemental and enjoy building deep relationships with a few people.

On the other hand, negative personality traits associated with earth green color energies include having difficulty seeing the future, being defensive, and being headstrong.

The key personality traits of earth green based on the Insights Discovery Model include:

  • Relaxed
  • Caring
  • Sharing
  • Patient
  • Encouraging

4. Cool Blue

The positive personality traits associated with people who have cool blue color energies consist of working well under pressure, being objective, and being decisive.

However, when things go wrong their personality traits might include being pedantic and overanalyzing everything. The key personality traits of cool blue based on the Insights Discovery Model include:

  • Precise
  • Formal
  • Deliberate
  • Questioning
  • Cautious

The Eight Psychological Types

The Insights Discovery four-color model can be divided to form eight psychological types, which are a combination of two of the colors on the model. Each of these psychological types is a combination of thinking, intuition, feeling, sensing, introversion and extraversion according to Carl Jung’s theory.

The eight psychological types that have been identified in this model include:

  1. Director (Extraverted Thinker)
  2. Motivator (Extraverted Intuitive Person)
  3. Inspirer (Extraverted Feeler)
  4. Helper (Introverted Intuitive Person and Extraverted Sensor)
  5. Supporter (Introverted Feeler)
  6. Coordinator (Introverted Sensor)
  7. Observer (Introverted Thinker)
  8. Reformer (Extraverted Sensor and Introverted Intuitive Person)

Insights Discovery Personal Profiles

Who Is the Insights Discovery Test For?

The Insights Discovery Test can be used by a wide range of people at different levels in order to help these individuals to develop self-awareness. As it is believed that once people understand themselves they will have the potential to succeed in whatever they plan to achieve.

This is why this personality assessment can be used by a wide range of users including:

  • Learners
  • Colleagues working in the office
  • Colleagues working in a virtual environment

Benefits of the Insights Discovery Test

The main belief of the Insights Discovery Model is that once people understand why they behave in the way that they do, this helps them excel in other areas. Individuals will have a better understanding of what they prefer their communication style to be and what others might prefer their own to be.

A few benefits for employees who complete this assessment include being able to overcome challenges in the workplace, as well as developing positive working relationships. Colleagues being able to communicate better with each other will foster collaboration.

Colleagues who are working in a virtual environment will be able to develop a common language with their team, to establish virtual boundaries.

Types of Questions Asked in the Insights Discovery Test

closeup of a clock and a person working on laptop in the background

The Insights Discovery Test consists of 25 multiple choice style questions, which will have to be completed within the 20-minute time limit. This test includes four statements for each section, the candidate will have to indicate which statement is most applicable and least applicable to them.

The candidates will have to mark the statement that they agree with the most with an ‘M’, while the statement that the candidate disagrees with must be marked with an ‘L’.

The candidates will then be left with two statements that they have not marked, these statements will need to be ranked by the candidates using a scale from one to five. This scale indicates how much the statement relates to the candidate, one being the least and five being the most.

It is important to keep in mind that this is a personality test, meaning that the test does not have right or wrong answers. Since this is a personality test the candidate must answer the question based on how they would react to a certain situation in order for the assessment to be accurate.

Tips to Prepare for the Insights Discovery Test

Now that you have a better idea of what the Insights Discovery Test is, you can now start preparing for this test. Here are some tips that will help you get prepared for your upcoming Insights Discovery Test ‘L’.

1. Read Over the Insights Discovery Model

Before your Insights Discovery Test, it is a great idea to have an insight into the personality traits that are being identified in this assessment. This is why it is a good idea for you to read about the personality types that are mentioned in the Insights Discovery Model.

2. Complete Sample or Practice Tests

The number one way to make sure that you are prepared for any assessment is to complete a sample or practice test. After all, practice tests allow candidates to gain a better idea of what they can expect to see in the actual assessment.

Completing practice tests will not only improve your score but will also help you feel more relaxed when taking the official assessment.

3. Read the Questions Carefully

Make sure to read each of the questions and statements in the test carefully to ensure that there is no confusion and that you provide the most accurate answer.

Final Thought

The Insights Discovery Test is a personality test based on Carl Jung’s personality model which aims to help people develop by creating self-awareness. This test is used in several business organizations to improve relationships in the workplace, overcome business challenges, and more.

This test is based on the Insights Discovery Model which is a wheel of color energies that each represent different personality types. Each candidate will be assessed against this color energies wheel to determine their personal profile.

Now that you have all the information that you need about the Insights Discovery Test, including a few tips that will help you prepare for this test you will be ready to complete your upcoming personality test.