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How to Prepare for ING Online Assessment? – Ultimate Career Guide

Looking into working for ING Group? ING banking jobs offer great pay and a really excellent future. This is a banking group that is located in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg and it is considered one of the premier banks in the world. This is a competitive place to find a job and it can be one of the most competitive places to try to secure a job.

This company has so many applicants each year that it limits the number of people that it grants interviews based on some key factors. Part of the vetting process involves an assessment that is competency-based. It tests your prior banking experience and knowledge on a wide range of related topics. This is not a company that you can apply to work for without the ability to take an in-depth test with success.

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If you are thinking of applying for a job with ING, you need to know the best ways to prepare and practise for the ING assessment before you take the real thing.

What Are the Components of the ING Assessment Test?

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There are some key things that you will be tested on when you apply for a job with ING. These assessments will only be done on those people who meet the minimum requirements for the job that they have applied for. This is not an entry-level employer and you should build up your resume with some banking experience before you even apply to try to take the screening assessment.

If you make it past the HR screening process, you will then be put into consideration to take the assessment. Remember that you will not get an interview if you have not completed the assessment and gotten good scores on all three of the sections.

This is something that not every company does before granting an interview and some people are surprised when they find out that they will have to take a test in order to get an interview at this company. You can spare yourself from this surprise by practicing in advance for your ING assessment test.

Cognitive Assessment

This step of the process is intended to determine how you process information and whether your mathematical skills or your verbal skills are higher. Being better at verbal skills does not mean that you will not be offered a job, but it might direct you toward management-style jobs that are less involved with daily banking processes.

There are some jobs at this employer that are very much about verbal and people skills, and that is why this part of the test identifies both kinds of skills.

The numerical reasoning part of the test will test your knowledge of graphs, tables, datasets, and more. You might also be asked to answer simple math questions and to analyze data and return predictions based on trends. This is not a math test directly, but it does require that you have basic practical math skills in order to succeed.

People with strong data skills from their current job will probably excel in this portion of the test even without practice. There will be enough other mathematical and numerical work in this part of the test that you should still brush up on your skills prior to taking the assessment.

The verbal portion of the test is based on written work. There are segments of the test that involve reading a passage and then summarizing portions of the information or drawing conclusions. You will also be tested on grammar, spelling, and writing skills overall. There are some multiple-choice questions in this part of the test as well.

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Situational Judgment Tests

This part of the assessment is done by giving you hypothetical workplace scenarios and asking you to choose responses that most closely resemble your personality and values. You will be asked to choose multiple-choice responses that most closely resemble how you would handle the situation in question.

This is a hard part of the test to flunk overall, but it is intended to rule out people who will not have the right personality type to get along well in groups and to work in certain environments. This test actually can be practiced as well so that you know what to expect before you are working on this part of your assessment process.

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Personality Assessment

This is another set of multiple-choice questions that are intended to place you into personality categories. This company tries not to hire too many of any one type of temperament and they also want to avoid picking people for social jobs who are loners and vice versa.

Many of these questions will seem quite similar to one another and this tests the consistency of your responses to scenarios that are common in daily work at this company. This can be an unexpectedly fatiguing part of the process of testing before you are granted an interview and you will want to prepare for this part of the test just like the skills-based section.

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How to Practice Before Your ING Assessment?

If you are worried about being ready for this important test, you are not alone! Many people each year practise for this test before they apply to this company for a job. There are many ways to practise for this assessment and companies offer testing modules that are specifically made for this test.

There are many general skills-based tests and practice personality tests that you can take to make sure that you are ready for the assessment process. We highly recommend all the free and paid practice tests from Job Test Prep.

You should remember that the skills portion of the test is not the only factor that will guide the decision to grant you an interview or not.

For many people, this is the area that they put all their focus on, and then they are not as prepared as they could be for the other parts of the test. The personality and situational judgment portions of the testing process are just as important as the skills section.

Always remember that you should answer the personality and situational sections with care. These questions should require some thought and you might want to think about the situations that are presented to you in terms of workplace interactions to be sure that you are answering them consistently.

Some people get too attracted to the answers that fit their personality when they are away from work, and they can give a false impression of their personal skills with others as well as their temperament at work by making this mistake.

Companies like ING want to be sure that you are skilled as well as socially adept and that you are good at critical thinking before they will consider interviewing you. You should consider every portion of the assessment process of equal importance toward getting an interview.

Being sloppy in your answers to the personality part of the assessment or thinking too casually about the situational portion of the test can make it harder for you to secure the interview that you have been working hard to get.

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Pick Quality Practice Tests

Make sure that you work with quality practice tests as you prepare to take this assessment for real. You will want to be challenged enough to cover a wide range of topics and you will want to work on looking at the logic behind the situational judgment tests as well as the personality tests too.

There is no reason to head into this test process blind and you can prepare for your assessment with ease if you take the time to do some legwork before you need to take the real test.

Think of this process like taking an important scholastic test. You need to prepare for this kind of assessment in advance so that there are not any surprises that sneak up on you when you are working through the test.

Preparation is a good predictor of success, and taking a practice ING assessment is a great way to be ready for the real test when it comes time to take your assessment. Check out Job Test Prep for top preparation materials.

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