How to Score High in Wonderlic SLE Test?

The Ultimate Guide to the Wonderlic SLE: Prep, Tips, & FAQs

The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam is a cognitive abilities exam used by many universities and academic institutions. It is intended to test their applicants on a variety of skills. It can range from mathematical, verbal, and general knowledge questions.

The Wonderlic SLE is not to be confused with systemic lupus erythematosus, which is also abbreviated as SLE. This is because the former is a simple enrollment test, while the latter is an inflammatory disease that attacks one’s immune system.

How can one confuse the two? If you are reading this, you have better-googling skills than our researchers. So you can rest assured that you’re a shoo-in for this test!

In this article, we will look through the broad strokes of what the Wonderlic SLE test measures and how it does so. We will look at each test section and how you can best prepare for them individually. With the help of JobTestPrep, you will also have access to a wide range of practice tests and studying material!

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About the Wonderlic SLE

The Wonderlic SLE Test is a 50-question long cognitive assessment test. It handles abstract, verbal, numerical, and general knowledge questions. You will be expected to sit and write this exam in a venue chosen and moderated by your school or university. Your time is very limited, and you only have 12 minutes to answer the multiple-choice questions.

Knowing the range and limits of the test is more important than the actual content. Once you understand how the questions are posed and how you are required to answer them, then you can breeze through the study material. Here are some of the things you need to know about the test itself before we tell you what content you need to cover.

Time Constraints

The challenge of this exam does not come from the questions it asks you. The difficulty is centered around the time limit. You have an average of 14 seconds to answer each question. With the 50-question version of the exam paper, you have 12 minutes to complete the test. We will look at the other version of the test in the next section of this article.

When it comes to preparation, the most important thing you can do is to have a strategy that will help you finish as many questions as possible. The general idea around the Wonderlic exams is that most of them are based on how swiftly you can answer the questions. The sad truth is that many of the students who take the test do not finish the Wonderlic SLE.

The best advice you will receive throughout this entire article is this: Skip a question if you do not understand it. You cannot risk wasting precious seconds on a single question.

What Is the Difference Between the Wonderlic SLE and the SLE-Q Test?

You need to know that there are two different versions of the Wonderlic SLE. No, we are not making another joke about the SLE immune system disease. Besides the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam, there is also a Wonderlic Quick test called the SLE-Q.

The SLE-Q is essentially a shortened version of the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam, so your questions are still posed in multiple-choice format.

Luckily for you, both versions of the exam contain similar questions and are written in the same format. This article will cover the content for both tests since there is little to no difference between the two. Regardless of which version of the test you are writing, this article will help you prepare.

You will not be monitored during this test version, and you can take it from home online. It is intended to be completed as a practice test, but universities can use it for the same application as the longer test.

This quick test is shorter than the actual Wonderlic exam. Both in content and your given time limit. The SLE-Q consists of 30 questions, which you must complete within 8 minutes. On average, the quick test gives you 16 seconds per question. This combination of time and questions gives you a fraction more time per question than the regular SLE.

These are the only notable differences between the long and short test versions. Your preparation for the exam will be the same regardless of whether you take the Wonderlic SLE or the SLE-Q.

The Layout

The exam is presented in a multiple-choice format. You will receive varying answers per question that you can select or circle. Depending on the version you are writing, the SLE or the SLE-Q, you will either write in person or online respectively.

The test is not divided into different sections. You will not switch from mathematics to language or any of the other sections. All of the different question types will be presented in a mixed format. Although it might seem a bit more confusing this way, this does ultimately incentivize you to think quickly and not to linger on a question for too long.

The Wonderlic SLE test arranges its questions so that the easier ones are at the start of the exam. They will become progressively more difficult to answer as you reach the last questions.

Since the time constraints in this exam are so tight, it would be a good idea to answer the easier ones at the start of the test first. If you do end up skipping most of the starting questions and get stuck somewhere else, try to turn back and answer the early ones again.

You will be able to skip questions and come back to them while taking the test, regardless of whether you are writing online or in person.

Can You Take in a Calculator?

This exam does not allow you to bring in a calculator. Luckily, the questions do not extend beyond basic multiplication, addition, and subtraction questions. The exam assesses your abilities without external help. You will be supplied with a few pages of scrap paper that you can use to work out math problems.

If you are writing the exam in person, you will need to bring your own writing instruments to the venue.

How Is It Scored?

You will receive one mark for each question you get right. Meaning you have a maximum score of 50 for the Wonderlic SLE test. Each question only has one correct answer as well. This also means that if you do not know the answer, you can just guess which is the correct one without losing points.

The average passing grade between different institutions varies. But if you get around 21 and higher, your chances of passing the exam are pretty high. The school you are writing for is the ultimate authority on whether you pass or not.

Keep that in mind when you get conflicting information on the passing grade. The SLE does not recommend a passing score either. So your pass depends on your chosen college and program. Try to find out what the passing score of your desired program is for yourself.

How Do You Write It?

You will write in an exam venue for the regular Wonderlic SLE exam. There will be a proctor present, and you are not allowed to communicate until the test is done—regular exam rules.

You will either write the exam with paper and pencil present or online. Your exam center will let you know what format you will be writing in advance.

As we mentioned earlier, the Wonderlic SLE-Q exam can be written at home. Since it is not a proctored exam, you do not have the option to write a pen and paper version. The SLE-Q is strictly computer-based since there is no one there to mark it afterward.

Regardless of how you write the exam, you only have around 15 seconds to answer each individual question. You should make sure you are prepared to write and think quickly.

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Why Do You Need to Write the Wonderlic SLE Exam?

The most common reason a University would turn to the SLE is when a student’s GPA is below a certain threshold. If your GPA is below 2.5 or 2.4, then you might need to write this exam as proof that you can withstand the pressures of University life.

The other reason is that it is likely just a part of the registration process. These exams don’t usually have much weight in exams and are more of a formality on the government’s side than anything else.


What Should You Know About the Wonderlic SLE?

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Most of the Wonderlic SLE and SLE-Q tests are based on general knowledge and things you learned early in high school. There is little to no reason to worry about being tricked by any of the questions.

That said, there are specific subjects that the Wonderlic SLE-Q and the SLE focus on. Telling you not to worry about studying for a test would be irresponsible of us. This test has four subjects of interest, each with its own little sub-sections that you can brush up on for the exam. These sections are English, Math, Logic, and General Knowledge.

Remember, you can do a few practice tests to best prepare for these exams with the help of JobTestPrep.

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Also known as Verbal Reasoning, English is a general sense of your ability to read and understand instructions. Some basic language rules are also tested, such as grammar and vocabulary. You will also need to analyze analogies, provide or identify synonyms or antonyms, and finally, your deductive reasoning will be tested.

Basically, The Wonderlic SLE wants to see your powers of deduction.


Most of the Numerical Reasoning questions in the Wonderlic SLE exam are built around word problems. These can be a little confusing, especially with the time constraints tied to the test. The best way to approach them is to read them carefully and to underline important keywords in the question.

Besides those word problems, you will also need to know your number series and number patterns. You might encounter a graph during the test and need to read data off of it to help you answer the question.


These questions are also known as Abstract Reasoning questions and usually revolve around basic geometry and pattern recognition. It might sound a little like primary school puzzles, but to a certain extent, it is.

But when it comes to analyzing the different matrices these Wonderlic SLE tests can give you, you would be surprised by how long it takes to fully process the different types of visual information they can give you.

General Knowledge

These sections can be best described as clerical work. It is a set of questions that test your general knowledge and error identification when you are analyzing a set of data that they give you. Say you must pick out mistakes in a sentence or leaps in logic that make no sense. These are the basic types of questions you will get.

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Different Types of Questions Asked in the Exam

The test is not split into different sections. The questions will be mixed and not presented as we give them to you down below. We simply took an example for each section so that you can take a look at how they all work individually.

You will have multiple answers to choose from for each section. The questions will not be presented the same way each time, so you must read each one carefully.

Remember that you can skip a question and come back to it later if you do not understand it. The most important part of this quiz is that you answer as many questions in a short time as possible.

These questions do not necessarily reflect the quality of questions in the exam and are intended for you to get a general idea of how the questions are framed. If you want to get a more detailed example of questions, check out JobTestPrep’s example tests.


Remember you won’t have time to check your dictionary for this part. The questions won’t try to catch you off guard, so keep a fine eye on the phrasing, and you should be fine.

Here is a sample question where you are required to compare two words:


These words are:

A. Similar
B. Contradictory
C. Neither similar nor contradictory

You have to decide whether these words have: A – the same meaning – B – opposite meanings – or C – Neither the same nor opposite.


These are usually word problems that you can solve with a piece of scratch paper.

Remember! You are not allowed to use a calculator for these questions.

Here you need to determine a person’s age based on the given information:

Maya is three times older than Zak. If in 2 years Zak will be 22, how old is Maya today?

A. 64
B. 15
C. 30
D. 60
E. 66

Don’t let the phrasing catch you off guard in this one. Know which sums you should do first. Should you subtract Zak’s age, or should you multiply Maya’s age first?


These questions will give you a set of information that you need to use to answer the question they pose for you.

The questions can be true or false, or they can give you a series of answers and ask you which is the most likely option.

You can also be given a set of pictures, shapes, or patterns that you need to use to determine patterns.

This example gives you three statements and asks you a question based on what they tell you here:

If the First Two Statements Are True, Is the Final Statement True?

  1. Black belt warriors are the strongest fighters.
  2. Blue belt warriors are also fighters.
  3. Pink belt warriors are weaker fighters than blue belt warriors.

Your options:

A. Yes
B. No
C. Cannot say

For this question, you need to ask yourself if you can answer the question with what they have given you. Try to ignore any outside knowledge you might have on the subject. You might know what order karate belts are awarded in, but the test didn’t tell you.

General Knowledge

These questions rely on world knowledge questions that should be common knowledge. Other questions in this section might give you a set of information that you need to scan for errors.

This example is a simple general knowledge question based on geography and world knowledge:

In what country is the Eiffel Tower situated?

A. France
B. Egypt
C. Canada
D. Turkey

General knowledge questions are hard ones to prep for. Your best bet with this section is to complete as many example tests as you can to get a better idea of what your examination wants to know from you.

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Preparation Tips

It is incredibly difficult to recommend a study guide for these kinds of tests since the questions can vary wildly in difficulty. The best study guide we can give you is to look through a few general mathematics lessons online to help refresh the things you learned in high school.

As for the language and general knowledge sections, your best bet would be to go through free English Language test papers that focus on comprehension and editing work.

The absolute best way to approach this test is to take a few practice tests on JobTestPrep. The site features a host of exams that help you practice the content and point out your strengths and weaknesses.

This will help you study better for the coming Wonderlic SLE test. While no one can prepare for the exact questions that are found in the Wonderlic SLE test, you will prepare with JobTestPrep. They have a few different options when it comes to sampling questions and taking the Wonderlic SLE practice tests that reflect the types of questions you will see on the test.

JobTestPrep will also help to simulate the time limit of the real Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam. You can run the exam with or without the time limit. But we recommend you run the exam with some sort of limit so that you can get used to the stress and constraints of the actual exams.

The biggest failing factor in this exam for most students is the fact that they do not actually finish the exam.

Don’t fall for the same mistakes that they do! One constant between all the different versions of the Wonderlic tests, your biggest enemy you will face in the exam is the clock. Test takers who do poorly on the Wonderlic often complain about the limited time they were given to complete the test.

JobTestPrep has a slew of different tests of varying lengths to help you get used to the Wonderlic SLE exam. You can run through the different types of questions individually. This should help you drill into any weaknesses you might have in the test material.

JobTestPrep also offers study guides and video tutorials to help you prepare for the Wonderlic SLE exam. Their collection of different tips and theories allows you to understand the SLE exam better. JobTestPrep will give you the edge you need to ace the Wonderlic SLE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cost of the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam?

The Wonderlic SLE and SLE-Q exams are generally free resources that many institutions use to test their students. There are rare instances where Wonderlic tests are to be paid for by the participant. This is mostly because the test administrators have to pay for the package of tests ahead of time.

The cost per test varies depending on the department as well. Contacting your school’s administration is the best way to find out whether you need to pay or not. The average cost seems to round at $25, but this price varies wildly between institutions.

What Is the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam for Nursing?

The Wonderlic SLE is commonly used as an entrance exam for nursing schools. It is very little to no noticeable difference in content between the different institutions that have you write the test. So if you are asked to write the Wonderlic SLE exam for nursing, also known as the Wonderlic nursing assessment test, then you can still use our sources as study material.

The ultimate use of the Wonderlic SLE is to assess a candidate’s ability to cope with the challenges facing students. This extends to any high-pressure environment such as nursing. Remember, you are being tested on your ability to answer questions that test your cognitive faculties on a tight time limit.

The more questions you answer ultimately mean, the better you will do in stressful environments.

The other thing that might change when you write this particular exam for nursing is the passing grade. As with every exam, a student must score a minimum amount to be accepted into the institution to which they are applying.

For nursing school specifically, the program will require at least a minimum score of 30. This is still dependent on the program you are applying for, but it is leaps above the minimum score of 16 that most schools set for the passing grade.

The reasoning for this is the stressful environment nurses are put in. Your ability to keep a clear head during cognitively strenuous situations is what is being tested.

What Are the Key Differences Between the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test and the Wonderlic Scholastic Exam?

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, also known as the CogAT test, has a far more general application than the SLE tests. The CogAt looks at your ability to learn, adapt, solve problems, and understand relevant instructions.

It is intended to test an applicant’s abilities retaining to a specific career field and how likely they are to perform well in that field. The Wonderlic CogAT test is not often used for school and university application processes. That is where the SLE and SLE-Q step in.

When it comes down to the content of the exam, the only difference between the Wonderlic Cognitive Test and the Wonderlic SLE test is that the SLE test has fewer questions related to shapes and fewer questions about abstract reasoning than the CogAT. The SLE puts a greater focus on its common logic and verbal questions. In other words, you will need to put greater effort into the language and logic sections of the test when you study for it.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this article has put your mind at ease on how to prepare for the Wonderlic SLE and SLE-Q examinations. The content is not designed to trick you and is not combined with the most difficult study material. The Wonderlic SLE test measures your ability to function in high-pressure environments such as university test venues and while working as a nurse.

Your study efforts should go towards answering as many questions as possible in the exam, rather than double-checking every answer before moving on. Always write your JobTestPrep practice tests under a simulated test environment. Write on the clock and try to stick to the 14-second per question time limit.

Ultimately, the best preparation tool is clearing your mind before and after the test. Try not to cram for the test the night before. Instead, take your time to go through the materials a week in advance. Wear comfortable clothes when you take the exam and arrive early at the exam venue.

And remember! This is not the place to be if you are looking for advice on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. If you are looking for advice on how to prepare for a blood test, then I have some bad news for you. No article on this planet can fix your immune system.