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Civil Service Interview Tips: From Online to In-Person

Being a civil servant entails a stable salary, pension scheme, and bright career prospects. You get to work with professionals in various fields and formulate policies beneficial to the public. As a civil servant, you bear an important responsibility to the country and the public.

Therefore, the hiring process is stringent. You will undergo several tests, interviews, and exams to examine your candidacy. Interviews make up a huge part of the process, and you will attend at least three interviews before you are offered a contract.

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What is a Civil Service Interview?

During the hiring process, there will be two sets of interviews conducted.

  • An online interview
  • A physical interview

The first round of online interviews will be conducted after you have passed the online assessments.

These interviews give the HR manager and department supervisor to get to know you and analyze your suitability for the role. Not only will your skills be assessed, but your personality traits as well. The interviews fully evaluate your work ethics and methods. It will be easier for the interviewers to decide which department you will shine in or if the government structure is the best for your expertise.

A civil service interview can be lengthy. The initial online interview lasts around 30 minutes, but the physical interviews can last up to 3 hours, depending on the position. The turnover rate in the government is low because of its excellent benefits. And a civil servant represents the government. Therefore, each hire has to be meticulously selected and processed.

Although a civil service interview can be dreadfully long, it is not particularly difficult. It follows the traditional government interview questions. You will be asked work-related questions. Innovative questions, like “what sea animal you will the most related to?” that are widely used in modern firms are not common in a civil service interview.

A clear outlook of each interview will be drawn in the below section.

Take Civil Service Interview Practice Test Now

What is in the Online Civil Service Interview?

Based on your scores and answers, the interviewers will dive deep into your knowledge and skills. You are expected to demonstrate:

  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills

You may be asked scenario-based questions. This aims to see how well you can tackle everyday tasks. Remember, the interview aims to assess your personality traits, problem-solving skills, and your ability to handle a task independently.

Being resourceful is the prime quality interviewers seek. You are not actually expected to solve all of the questions since you are not familiar with the workflow. Those questions are designed to see the method you will adopt and how versatile you are against unfavourable situations.

Some questions also include emergency responses to urgent cases. Crisp and firm leadership skills are required. You may be asked to come up with a backup plan immediately.

Finally, the interviewers will get to know you as a person. You will be asked personal questions about your career goals and integrity. This prevents hiring people that are prone to commit a crime.

Take Civil Service Interview Practice Test Now

What is included in the physical interview?

During the physical interview, the interviewers are likely to expand on the assessments you just completed at the centre. You will be asked to justify your answers. Your presentation and communication skills are tested.

Furthermore, you will be introduced to the major tasks for the role, your responsible department manager, and the work style in the office. Take notes since this is the time when you will have the decision-makers from the HR department and your respective department. You will get the full information.

The interviewers will ask more scenario-based questions regarding the work. These questions will be more difficult than the ones before. It is the final gate between you and the position. Hence, a tougher interview is designed to block out unfit candidates.

Take Civil Service Interview Practice Test Now

How to prepare for a civil service interview?

  • Take a practice test and read a full study guide

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  • Record yourself giving a presentation

Being confident and presentable is essential to your success. If you are not the best at giving public speeches, it’s time to record yourself until you are comfortable. Don’t forget to smile and be polite. Interviewers do not like talking to a robot.

  • Study the job description well

Most of the questions you will be asked are drawn from the job description. Make sure you are aware of the job duties and any extra ad-hoc tasks that you are responsible for.

Go through the entire government website to see how others in the position are doing. Throw some references during your interview to impress.

  • Be well-dressed and look smart

This is a formal event, so you should dress accordingly. You can never go wrong with a full suit. Looking bright and smart show respect to the job and the interviewers. Pick out your outfit the day before. Try on different matches to see which one makes you look the most intelligent.

If you do unfortunately have had a horrible night before and you look tired, put on some makeup. It always helps to look sharp for the interview. It makes your words more convincing.

  • Get plenty of sleep

There will never be enough makeup to save your sleepy eyes. It is not a time to party before your big day. Get enough sleep so your mind stays fresh and you can tackle any problem thrown at you.

  • Show up earlier

Whether it is an online interview or a physical interview you are attending, make sure you show up at least 20 minutes before. It is respectful. Besides, if you are lost on the way or get into a traffic jam, it gives you a buffer so you will still make it on time.

  • Ask questions and thank your interviewers

When interviewers conduct the same session with thousands of candidates, it is difficult for them to remember each person. Make yourself memorable. Prepare a list of questions to ask them as well. The questions should be well-researched and about the department, the job, or the prospect. They should show that you are ambitious and passionate about this.

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Take Civil Service Interview Practice Test Now

What is the Civil Service Hiring Process?

You can be a civil servant through numerous streams, such as:

  • Civil Service Fast Stream for Graduates
  • Government Actuary Department (GAD) Trainee Programme
  • Fast Track Apprenticeship Programme
  • Probation Qualification Framework Programme (PQF)

Although the hiring process in each specific scheme will slightly differ, they all follow the same structure.

Take Civil Service Interview Practice Test Now

Online application

First, submit your application online. Attach any relevant documentation to prove your skills and qualifications. Most civil service roles would require either a college degree or work experience. If you pass the initial screening, you will be invited to take a set of online tests.

The tests aim to assess your knowledge in the field. A personality test will likely be included to draw a profile. It evaluates your personality traits to see how well you will fit in the government structure and if you are prone to any criminal behaviours.

Video interview

After you have passed the test, you will be invited to a video interview. Depending on the position you apply for, the duration and interview panel vary. At this stage, you will be asked questions that dissect your skillsets and work competency. The interview lasts around 30 minutes. Since this is an initial interview, you are most likely greeted by the HR manager instead of the department supervisor.

Physical interview

Once you have been shortlisted, you will be asked to attend a physical interview at an assessment centre. Together with the interview, you will perform a series of tests at the centre. The tests comprise the daily tasks you will handle at work. You have to demonstrate your knowledge, problem-solving skills, and the ability to follow instructions.

The physical interview allows the interviewers to further estimate your suitability for the role. This will be the final step before you secure a position. After the interview, you should hear back within a month should your interview be successful.

Sign your contract promptly and don’t be late on your first day of work!

Take Civil Service Interview Practice Test Now


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