How Early Should You Show Up For An Interview

How Early Should You Show Up For An Interview?

The big day that decides your future career path and life is here. Have you ever wondered how early you should show up for an interview? Should you be an hour early to show how keen you are or just be on time? Well, wonder no more.

In this article, you will learn all the tips on how to plan for the ideal interview arrival time.

Arrive 15 Minutes Early

Always remember the “15 minutes” rule.

The sweet post is to show up 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time of everything on the day of the interview. If you plan to take the bus or train at 8:30 am, be at the stop at 8:15 am. If your interview is at 10 in the morning, you want to be in the office reception at 9:45 am.

The “15 minutes rule” basically cushions off any possible unforeseeable accidents that slow you down. It also allows time for you to fill out any required documents at the office before your interview.

Last but not least, you get a bit of time to reset your mind and maybe refresh yourself in the bathroom. It guarantees a better result for interviews.

Obviously, you shouldn’t be late for an interview, the HR manager may see this as an impolite gesture. Reserve plenty of time for transport if the transport link is known to be horrible in your city. It will seem unprofessional to show up late, no matter the excuses.

On the other hand, if you arrive at the location way too early, don’t walk into the office yet. Showing up an hour early does not win you any extra points. It may be odd for the office as they may be catering to other candidates.

Sit in a park or grab a coffee in a cafe to get yourself ready. Wait until it’s around 15 minutes before going up.

Showing up on time counts toward your interview performance. As they said, your interview has started the moment you walk into the office. You are leaving a good impression to respect the time and the company by showing up 15 minutes early.

How To Arrive At The Perfect Time For Your Job Interview?

How To Arrive At The Perfect Time For Your Job Interview

1. Research The Company Location

Oftentimes, international corporates have a designated hiring location outside of their main building. Be careful when going through your interview email. Do an internet search on the location. Check for the right entrance if it is a big office building with multiple wings.

Don’t hesitate to email the office with questions regarding the interview. If time permits, it is ideal to do a trial run so you can better estimate the time needed. Pay attention to the bus schedule as they may run differently depending on the day.

2. Dress Rehearsal

Trying on an interview outfit should not be done on the morning of the interview. You should have selected your outfit beforehand.

Make sure there are no loose buttons or broken zips. Shine your shoes ahead if you need to. The last thing you want is to rush everything in the morning when you are about to miss your bus.

3. Monitor Live Traffic

On the day of the interview, plan your commute with smartphone apps like Google Maps. They give out real-time service updates and can avoid many troubles in finding an alternative way of getting to the interview. If you are notified of any traffic jam, move along quickly so you can have some buffering time.

In case of unforeseeable disruptions, notify the company as soon as you know you will be late. As unprofessional as being late is, it is worse not to tell anyone about it. See if they can accommodate you or if an online interview will be arranged.

How To Prepare For An Interview?

Young Boy wearing blue working on laptop

1. Download Practice Tests For Specific Companies And Positions

Forget about all the general tests that give no benefits to the position you are applying for. It is a time-waster to prepare the wrong materials.

Job Test Prep is an online resource library with thousands of mock tests specific to the job and company. From multinational corporates to local businesses, the massive library has got you covered.

They have specific interview preparation that comes with mock questions, tips, and guidance to help you feel confident and ace any interview.

Your competent level rises immediately as you know the secret to hacking the interview. Get ahead of other candidates and access the interview resources at JobTest Prep today.

2. Study The Information About The Company

Most companies have a dedicated website or social media page. Spend a good amount of time learning the company’s principles and history. Understand what they stand for as a brand so you don’t offer views that they are against.

It is a guaranteed advantage to know some key updates of the company. Mention the updates you have noticed and how the company can do better. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, especially in a job interview. It demonstrates your knowledge of the field. The interviewer will be quite impressed.

3. Match Your CV To The Job Description

Craft your CV for each job. You should highlight relevant points so the CV is clean for the title you are applying for. A good job description should probably line up with all responsibilities and skills the company is looking for in a potential employee.

Match your CV to their requirements. It should showcase your responsibilities from previous jobs and how they benefit the new role. Keep it short and precise. An HR manager views hundreds of CVs a day. They will only skim through the highlights.


Even if you have had hundreds of interviews, the next one is always the most intimidating. Showing up at the right time is such a simple technique with big rewards. Keep the “15 minutes rule” in mind whenever you are attending an important event.

In addition to showing up early, you need the best preparation guide to ace the interview. Go to Job Test Prep to get your personalized interview prep materials today.