Mastering HCA Pre-Employment Screening: A Comprehensive Preparation Guide

HCA Healthcare is one of the biggest healthcare organizations operating in the U.S. and U.K. Aiming to better health and life for millions of people; they are dedicated to hiring the most competent individuals. So, the HCA hiring process has numerous stages with online applications, personality tests, and interviews.

HCA Pre-Employment Screening Process HCA Pre-Employment Screening Process

If you want to develop your career as part of HCA Healthcare, you need to successfully pass each step of their employment process and showcase your knowledge, strengths, and abilities.

This article will go over each step of the pre-employment screening for HCA and give you all the information you need to know to pass the stages.

Furthermore, we will provide valuable tips on improving yourself and direct you to the best online library for HCA practice materials.

HCA Pre-Employment Screening Process


To start your career at HCA Healthcare, you must undergo pre-employment screening. Before going out and finding a suitable job position you want to apply for, make sure that you have your CV or resume well done and all your credentials ready.

Make sure your resume portrays your best skills, objectives, and abilities and reflects the essential qualities needed for the job position you want to apply for.

Once you go on the HCA Healthcare Careers page and find the job position you want to apply for, make sure that you read all of the requirements, the job obligations, the salary, and any other relevant information that the job post might include.

Knowing what you apply for and what your work duties will be is the best way to showcase critical personal qualities during the hiring process.

1. HCA Healthcare Online Job Application

The HCA Healthcare pre-employment process starts with your online job application. Once you find the job position you want to apply for, press the “Apply” button and fill in the details.

Soon, you will receive a redirecting link in your e-mail, allowing you to move to the page where you can do the personality test, the next hiring process step.

2. Personality Test

The Personality test is a 200 questions test that aims to measure your skills, abilities, and personality traits. Their primary usage is to shortlist large pools of candidates to the individuals most suitable for the job position offered.

There isn’t a time limit on the HCA personality test, so you can take all the time you want to answer the questions. Furthermore, it’s wholly done online so that you can take it from the comfort of your living room.

Personality tests don’t have a right or wrong answer since they aim to measure your personal qualities. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t practice the tests and get the most out of them. Some job positions require some personal qualities, while for other job positions, those same qualities might compromise the quality of work.

How you answer the “Do you like working with people?” question might have a different effect, depending on the employment position. Candidates that apply for service positions and don’t like to work with people are not suitable for the job position.

On the other hand, wanting to work with people but applying for an information technology position might indicate that you would spend most of your time chatting around the office instead of working.

It’s important to note that personality tests are not the sole indicators of competency. Your academic background, previous work experience, and numerous interviews conducted during pre-employment will all add to the competency estimate.

If you want to take a personality test to check your personality tendencies, you can do the free Job Test Prep personality test.

3. Phone Interview

If you successfully pass the personality test, you will be invited for a Phone interview with an HCA Human Resources representative. You can expect the interview to last half an hour to forty-five minutes.

In the Phone Interview, the interviewer will ask about your education and work experience. Furthermore, they might ask some competency-based questions, depending on the job position you applied for.

Even though some of the questions might resemble those of the Personality test, the phone interview is an excellent opportunity to share an experience that portrays the trait that you talk about.

If you decide to provide a real-life example, make sure that you tell your story in a way that is easy to understand, doesn’t overburden with unnecessary details, and is short and on point.

4. Video Interview

Whether you undergo a video, a phone interview or both depends on the job position you’ve applied for. The video Interview might require you to make an introductory video of yourself, similar to a CV in an audio form.

You don’t have to include everything in your introductory video since the HCA representatives will still have your actual CV. But, make sure that you professionally present yourself. Next in the video interview, you will receive a list of 7 to 10 questions related to the job position you applied for.

So, if you apply to be a Nurse, the questions will be connected to nursing and some basic knowledge that any nurse should possess.

You’ll have up to 10 minutes to answer them and send them out.

5. In-Person Interview

If you passed all of our previously mentioned steps of the HCA employment process, the last to go through would be the In-person interview.

Again, depending on the position you applied for, you might go to several in-person interviews with different HCA representatives – an HR manager, a manager in the particular department where you applied, and possibly a board of representatives or HCA employees.

These interviews will further detail the HCA company and its culture, the benefits you get if you work with them, the job position and responsibilities, and similar informational descriptions.

These In-person interviews will also be used for further inspection of your educational background, past employment, and some competency-based questions to assess your ability to fulfill work duties effectively.

You might also receive some technical questions where you need to show factual knowledge or the ability to evaluate a situation and respond accordingly.

The in-person interviews might take up to half a day.

In the next section, you can find some sample interview questions you will likely encounter during the HCA interviews.

HCA Healthcare Interview Questions

Group Of Doctors

Even though most interview questions are adapted to the job position and its requirements, there are some broad sections you are likely to encounter as part of the HCA Healthcare interviews. They include:

  • Tell us about yourself
  • Why do you want to work with HCA Healthcare?
  • Why did you choose this profession in the first place?
  • Can you name some of your biggest strengths?
  • What are your biggest weaknesses?
  • Why did you terminate the contract on your last job?
  • What are your career goals?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Can you think of a situation where you used your X ability to resolve a conflict? Can you briefly describe it?
  • What is your biggest career mistake or failure?

Can You Prepare For The HCA Pre-Employment Screening?

Preparing for the HCA pre-employment process is the best way to ensure that you give your best during the hiring process and impress HCA representatives.

For one, you need to showcase your strengths during the Personality tests. If you cheat and respond untruthfully, the interviewers will likely spot that during the following interviews. So, you need to gain the abilities and traits desired for the particular job position. Building a strong personality profile will impress recruiters.

Furthermore, by practicing for the HCA test, you can get used to the testing questions and their format. With that, you will minimize the chance of answering incorrectly due to a question misunderstanding.

Job Test Prep is the biggest online library for preparation materials for all kinds of tests. They offer their exclusive HCA Assessment Test Practice Pack, designed to help you with each step of the HCA pre-employment screening.

What Does JobTest-Prep Offer?

Job Test Prep helps candidates get hired at HCA by providing them with accurate simulations of the Personality test.

With the Job Test Prep, you will:

  • Learn to measure your behavioral style
  • Understand what qualities employers look for in a specific position
  • Learn how to highlight strengths in your personality profile
  • Increase the attractiveness of your personality profile
  • Practice certain personality traits
  • Prepare for the interviews through tips and guides

On the HCA Assessment Test Practice Pack, you will get:

  • A Personality study guide
  • A complete personality practice test with detailed job-Specific feedback
  • Single Trait Practice – customized questions arranged by traits
  • Interview Preparation Guide and Video
  • Secure Payment
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Money-back guarantee

About HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare is a profit organization and operator of health care facilities throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.

It was established in 1968 by Tomas Frist, Tomast Frist Jr, and Jack Massey. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, this healthcare operator has more than 180 hospitals and around 2000 care centers like emergency rooms, surgery centers, and physician clinics.

In 2021, the HCA Healthcare corporation was ranked 62nd on the Fortune 500 revenue rankings, with millions of served patients annually and millions of dollars in revenue.

The HCA Healthcare company raises a culture of diversity and inclusion. With the help of established programs and plans, they help their employees work in good conditions, have competitive compensation, and enjoy numerous benefits for their professional and personal life.

HCA Employee Benefits

If you get employed at HCA Healthcare, you can expect numerous benefits. Some of them include:

  • Competitive salary
  • Medical benefits and Well Care plans
  • Dental benefits and MetLife Dental PPO plans
  • Vision benefits and EyeMed Vision Plan
  • Health Protection Plans and Insurance
  • Life and disability plans and insurance benefits
  • Wellbeing Resources with preventive care
  • Financial wellbeing through financial education and consulting
  • Emotional wellbeing resources for family members
  • Paid family leave
  • Education assistance and career development
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Retirement benefits
  • Consumer discounts

HCA Healthcare Careers and Job Positions

Stethoscope and Laptop Computer

If you want to join the HCA Healthcare community, you can apply for one of their job positions in these categories:

  • Medical General
  • Nursing
  • Technician or Assistant
  • Facilities service
  • Environmental Waste Management
  • Quality control
  • Executive
  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Education and Training
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Sales


HCA Healthcare is one of the biggest healthcare corporations in the US and UK. With more than 235,000 employees, HCA offers competitive salaries and numerous benefits. If you want to get employed by HCA Healthcare, you need to pass every step of their pre-employment process.

Familiarizing yourself with these steps and preparing before the screening process is the best way to increase your chance of standing out in the crowd of candidates.

This article gave in-depth information about the HCA pre-employment screening and its steps. We also provided some sample questions and connected you to Job Test Prep, the most extensive online library for practice materials.

​​Written by Victoria Todorovska

Victoria (or Viki) is a Freelance Writer, Psychologist, and Gestalt Therapy Consultant. With years of experience in higher education as well as counselling others, she is well-placed to offer expert advice on guiding others up the career ladder.