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Grant Thornton Strengths Assessment Test – How to Prepare?

Grant Thornton is a global professional service network working in independent accounting and consulting services.

The Grant Thornton 3-year graduate program prepares individuals to become fully qualified and professional business advisors. Grant Thornton intends to train graduates who will help provide market-leading business advice to support their clients’ growth.

But before you can begin an exciting career, you will need to prepare yourself and study.

Grant Thornton Application Process

1. Online Application – this will take 20-30 minutes to complete. The questions focus on your background and personal information.

2. Strengths Assessment – You will be asked strength-based questions that reveal to Grant Thornton whether you have what they desire. It will take about 35 minutes, and you’ll hear back within five days.

3. Digital Interview – You’ll present a series of pre-recorded answers to their required pre-recorded questions in the video interview. This can be done on any device with a front-facing camera (laptop, tablet, etc.). The digital interview should take about 45 minutes to complete, and you’ll hear back within seven days of completion.

4. Assessment Day – The next stage of the application is a series of tests and exercises to help Grant Thornton learn more about you. But this is also an opportunity for Grant Thornton to teach you about them and their graduate program so you can decide if you really want it.

Now that we know what the application process looks like: let’s better prepare the specific questions.

Grant Thornton Tests and Questions

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The different assessments at Grant Thornton are centered around situational judgment and cognitive (numerical and critical) thinking. The assessment’s questions will reveal to you what graduates and employees at Grant Thornton have to work through in practical and realistic scenarios.

The Grant Thornton recruitment process is all about finding key strengths in individuals who will make an ideal candidate. Practice and prepare yourself as much as possible, so you exceed and excel in all Thornton competencies assessments.

You will complete technical questions based on a case study of information and testing skills.

At the end of your assessment, you’ll get a personalized report which will give you feedback on your different strengths and how you may use these in the future.

Technical Skills Grant Thornton Is Looking For:

– Situational Judgement

This section of the test presents you with realistic workplace scenarios. You’ll be asked to give the most appropriate response or a choice of answers in the order you think is most effective. This should reveal you to be a good fit for the Thornton team because you can professionally solve problems and your values align with Thornton’s.

– Critical Reasoning

This section measures your ability to reason and make objective decisions. It helps assess your problem-solving and decision-making skills. In business advising and accounting services, you will need to make judgement calls and show integrity when issues arise. This section is an opportunity to show yourself as a competent and professional candidate.

– Numerical Reasoning

This is about your ability to deal with numbers quickly and accurately. Questions assess your knowledge of ratios, percentages, number sequences, data interpretation, financial analysis, and currency conversion.

Grant Thornton is looking for capable and intelligent candidates, and since this will be the majority of your day-to-day work – study and strengthen your skills.

– Written Reasoning

This section looks at your ability to understand written information. Questions will measure your written comprehension, reasoning, logic, and understanding of language. Modern company culture takes place over emails, office memos, and written presentations – good spelling, grammar and comprehension skills are required.

Grant Thornton Interview Questions

Remember, all questions asked are probing for Grant Thornton competencies that should reveal you to have an ideal candidate’s core values and traits. Don’t give unprofessional or unnecessary information to a recruiter. They don’t want to know about your social life, pets, family or political views.

Some Commonly Asked Interview Questions and Example Answers:

1. Why do you want this job?

DON’T SAY: It pays well, I need a job, and you’re hiring. I think this job is a good stepping stone for my career

All these answers are self-centred and won’t highlight the difference you’ll make to the company as an employee. You want to appear as a shiny new gear to fit into the company’s well-oiled machine.


  1. I’ve known about your company for a long time and really admire it.
  2. I believe I can make a positive impact here, more so than anywhere else.
  3. The company’s values align with my own.
  4. I love what I’ve heard/read about the company culture.
  5. I admire the company’s work ethic and collaborative spirit.

2. Why should we hire you?

Most companies will post a job description in the position advertisement – this description of work duties and responsibilities should be the ‘blueprint’ to your answer

It would be best to show off that you have the best qualifications, skills and attitude. Pay attention to what Grant Thornton included on the application candidate requirement list, then highlight where you have successfully met these skills and qualifications in your previous jobs and education levels.

For example: if Grant Thornton is looking for someone to increase sales by ten per cent, cite quantifiable examples where you’ve landed major accounts or increased your past company’s revenue.

3. Do you have CRM experience?

Customer Relationship Management will be critical in specific Grant Thornton positions. This question may appear to need a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, but in an interview, you need to answer with definitive answers, and ‘yes’ or ‘no’ won’t do.

If yes, explain a situation where you learnt valuable lessons and skills regarding CRM. You’ll want to prove to Grant Thornton that your experience makes you an asset over other candidates and will be helpful as an employee.

If not, then you’ll need to get creative. Where else in your life or work experience have you had to manage or relate to customers? Was your supervisor ever sick, and you had to take over management for a time?

Explain the moments in your education or career where you really proved you had patience, care, good communication and conflict resolution.

Because those are the critical traits, Grant Thornton will be looking for when listening to your answer.

4. Tell me about a challenge or conflict you faced at work and how you overcame it.

This question is prevalent for those positions in customer service and sales positions and shows your future employer how you react under challenging circumstances and stress.

Think of an occasion where you helped a demanding customer resolve their complaint, or maybe you regained an account that your company had lost.

If Grant Thornton’s a more technical field, you may have had a role in correcting others’ mistakes or resolving an account.

Be sure to explain the problem neutrally; don’t insult a customer or former coworker, and be specific about the steps you took to correct the issue. Talk your interviewer through your fully worked solutions that brought a successful conclusion to a difficult situation.

A correct answer will showcase one’s situational judgement and verbal reasoning.

Grant Thornton Tests

For practical examples and practise tests, visit this site: Assessment Centre HQ

Here you can practice numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and many more tests. Each can better prepare you for various Grant Thornton Strengths Assessment phases.