How to Prepare and Pass Graduate And Managerial Assessment (GMA)?

Widely regarded as one of the most powerful elite assessment tests in the UK, the GMA tests identify the top 5% of talent fresh out of college and universities.

Tackling the GMA tests without preparation and study guides will not be possible. These highly specialised and intellectual tests aim to push your limits and beyond. Take a look at this comprehensive breakdown before your big exam day to deliver the best.

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What Are the GMA Tests?

The graduate and managerial assessment (GMA) was first introduced in 1985 in the UK as a method to filter out the elites of the elites. The GMA test consists of three major components. Each will assess a crucial professional and managerial skill that determines your candidacy.

Around 90% of candidates will be eliminated from the GMA tests. The remaining 10% are considered the elites. The tests further divide the top 10% to rank the absolute best in the top 5%.

Companies rely on the GMA tests to hire new talents. International corporates favour this assessment method because it drastically reduces the time and effort needed to locate the right person for the role.

The GMA test is challenging. It requires lots of intellectual effort to pass. Your existing knowledge in the managerial field will only be a bare minimum to attend the test. You need this guide to understand the structure and how to get the correct answers.

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What Is Included In the GMA Tests?

The entire GMA assessment set is written. The three components will take 1.5 hours to complete in total. Each section dissects a different aspect of specific knowledge in office management.

Candidates that successfully score the top 5% overall in these three tests are the elites of their peers. Corporates mostly use these tests as a filter to sort out applicants with desirable qualities.

GMA Abstract Reasoning Test

The GMA Abstract Reasoning Test is possibly the most groundbreaking part of the series. Your typical office solutions will not be applicable in this section. Candidates have to think outside of the box with the simplest concepts.

You will be given a list of patterns. By studying them, you need to group the patterns into two groups according to their respective characteristics. Candidates have to analyze and identify the similarities among these figures.

At first glimpse, the GMA Abstract Reasoning Test is absurdly challenging. There are no guidelines to follow. You have to use your “fluid thinking skill” to connect the dots.

This test ranks your strategic and managerial ability. Being in a leading position, you have to think about the big picture that is not always clearly presented.

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GMA Numerical Reasoning Test

The GMA Numerical Reasoning Test is the most straightforward assessment of the series. It evaluates your existing knowledge and numerical sensitivity. The test involves heavy use of graphs and figures to mimic daily office tasks.

You do not have to possess a deep mathematical understanding to pass this test. Since the test aims to measure your office knowledge, all the questions follow the same equation as long as you know what you are looking for.

Candidates with an accounting background or office experience will likely find the test ordinary. However, those with zero ideas of the calculations required in an office setting will have a hard time breaking down the demands of the test.

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GMA Verbal Reasoning Test

The GMA Verbal Reasoning Test assesses your comprehension skill. In the test, candidates read through a few passages. These passages cover various topics with different difficulty levels.

At the end of the passage, a few statements are given. Based on the information given in the passage, you have to decide whether these statements are “correct”, “false”, or “cannot be determined”.

Communication skills are valuable in running a functional office. Being a capable manager, you need to have the eyes of a hawk to spot details and pick up on the subtle hints.

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How to Pass the GMA Tests?

1. Do a Trial Run

As detailed as this study guide goes, you will never fully be aware of elements in the GMA tests until you take a practice run. While many platforms are providing GMA practices, most of them are not created according to the standards and guidelines.

Job Test Prep offers the most competitive GMA preparation for graduates to tackle challenging topics. The whole GMA set is built by experts with first-hand knowledge and experience with the system and structure. You are not given a mediocre general aptitude test. The study set is generated for GMA candidates.

Take your trial run at Job Test Prep to find out where you stand in the test and how to improve your score. The study materials include multiple sets of the GMA tests, score breakdown, performance analysis, and more.

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2. Link the Questions to Your Experience

Deliver your best by connecting the questions to real-life experiences. Transform confusing mathematical questions into office scenarios. When you can visually imagine how these questions reflect the daily operation, you will be able to find the solution.

Some of the questions are misleading on purpose. They will throw you off by including irrelevant materials. Truly experienced candidates will be able to distinguish useful information from the rest.

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3. Keep a Fresh Mind

Thinking outside the box helps develop better reasoning skills. While the traditional method is effective, it may not be enough to handle the ever-changing environment in big corporates. Twist the route a bit to work around the corner.

For some of these questions, there are several ways to arrive at the correct answer. Candidates do not have to get fixated on the steps. Keep a fresh mind and allow yourself to think creatively.

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Companies rely heavily on the GMA test to hire talents. These tests are uniquely designed to push your limit to separate you from the pool. The smallest mistake will terminate your candidacy. Take a look at Job Test Prep to equip yourself with the right skills and knowledge to be in the top 5% of the applicants.