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Navigating the Global General Service Test: A Comprehensive Guide

The Global General Service Test (GGST) is an entrance test that you are required to take if you are applying for positions in the United Nations General Service (GS) category.

The GGST tests your job-relevant abilities such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and situational judgment, as well as core competencies for GS positions by means of work-relevant scenarios and tasks. The test is efficient, effective, and fair.

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The Global General Services Test was developed based on an in-depth job analysis of the core functions and competencies in the GS categories, interviews, and the latest research in selection testing.

Everything You Need To Know About Global General Service Test

General Service Staff

Who Can Apply for the Test?

Anyone who wants to apply for GS positions at levels 1-7 without a valid ASAT/GGST score. If you are applying for positions such as Security Officer, Nurse, Gardener, and Trades & Crafts then specific tests are given.

How Do I Apply for the GGST?

Before you can take the Global General Service Test you will need to apply for a vacant position advertised on the United Nations Careers website.

Where Can I Take the Global General Service Test?

When your application has been reviewed, and if you meet the position requirements, you will be asked to take the GGST at the duty station where you applied for the GS position.

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What Are the Minimum Requirements for GS Candidates?

  • A High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Be 18 years and older.
  • Have the minimum required work experience for the job and level at which you’re applying.
  • Meet the language requirements for the job. Most require fluency in either one of the two working languages, namely English and French.
  • Successfully pass the GGST.
  • If there are other additional requirements for the specific job opening, check them and make sure you meet them before applying.

United Nations GGST Test Content

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The test is a computer-based online assessment administered in a proctored environment at United Nations Headquarters and Offices Away from Headquarters.

It will measure whether you have the necessary core skills essential to your effective performance of and dealing with typical GS-related tasks. It is made up of three sections, namely:

  • Numerical Reasoning Section – This section tests your basic arithmetic skills. It has numerical data questions that deal with calculating percentages, word problems, calendars, graphs, and data tables.
  • Verbal Reasoning Section – This section consists of tasks such as email, memos, and communication between managers, general staff, and General Service personnel. It will test your ability to handle written communication.
  • Situational Judgement Section – This section presents you with work-related scenarios in which you must decide on the best course of action to deal with problematic situations.

This section tests your attitudes and behaviors when confronted with job-related difficulties. The key here is whether you deal effectively with these scenarios in accordance with the United Nations core values and competencies.

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Core Competencies

To be successful in fulfilling the parameters of General Service positions you will need:

  • An aptitude for planning, organizational skills, and the ability to effectively communicate
  • Written communication skills, data management, filing, office administration, math, and proofreading

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Preparing for the Global General Service Test

Because the GGST is a general ability test, you don’t really need to prepare. But, nobody likes being left in the dark, so to help you shine a little light on your potential future, we recommend that you check out this helpful video to learn the procedure and structure of the GGST.

Also, it wouldn’t harm you to do the following before you take the actual test on examination day:

  • Find out what the UN core values are.
  • Find out the competencies framework for each section, namely
    • Verbal reasoning section
    • Numerical reasoning section
    • Situational judgment section
  • Before you take the test, you will be able to attempt a number of sample questions, which provide immediate feedback and will not be scored.

All of this helps to give you a clearer indication of what to expect from the test and to help you work effectively at answering the questions correctly!

How Do I Get My General Service Test (GGST) Results?

Your results and other relevant information will be emailed to you from the local GGST administrator.

How Long Is the GGST Result Valid for?

Candidates that pass the test, but are not employed by any UN System Organization are put on the GGST database for five years.

If you aren’t employed by any UN System Organization during that time, you are required to retake the GGST.

Former staff members of any of the UN System Organizations who had previously passed the Administrative Support Assessment Test (ASAT), former Clerical Test, or GGST stay on the GGST database for a maximum of two continuous years from when they left.

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UN General Service Hiring Process

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General Service staff at the UN give support for three basic office realms: operational, technical, and procedural.

The hiring process requires you to apply for an advertised position online, followed by a suitability screening by the hiring manager. If you succeed at this, you are short-listed and asked to take the GGST at the UN Headquarters in New York or at a duty station in various locations worldwide

Visit the UN Careers website for details.

Final Thoughts

At Assessment Centre HQ we have all the resources you need to help you refine your verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and situational judgment, and to prepare you to excel on test day.

Making use of our sample questions, online lessons, practice tests, and other preparation materials will help you test and improve those skills.

We are all about building your confidence and helping you become familiar with the test format and timing so that you will succeed.

The thanks we get will be your achievement and successful job placement in the career of your choice.

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