The Best Brain Foods to Eat Before a Test

It’s perfectly fine to feel a little anxious and worried about an upcoming test, especially if it’s an exam with potentially troubling consequences if you fail. Many students like to utilize different tactics concerning exams, but did you know that you can take advantage of ideal brain foods to eat before a test?

You’d be surprised how much food plays a part in tackling studies and exams. After all, the body uses food as fuel to keep going throughout the day, so it’s only natural that you can utilize food to your advantage. You can think of your body like a computer, as it technically has to run all sorts of day-to-day tasks.

You can think of food as the programs you install to help the body make the most out of the energy. That said, here are some of the best brain foods to eat before a test.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbs tend to take longer to digest compared to other kinds of foods. As such, these carbohydrates act as long-term brain fuel, which means they’re useful for giving your body a constant source of energy to tackle the day. Complex carbs can also protect brain cells from the ravages of time—specifically free radicals, which damage cells and cause aging.

foods to eat before a test: oats

Simple carbohydrates can end up affecting insulin response and blood sugar levels if you get carried away, so it’s often a better idea to go for complex carbs like brown rice, oats, legumes, chickpeas,  and potatoes.

These foods are not only delicious, but they’ll also help you focus during your studies and give your brain the boost it needs.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are often linked with general heart health. But they are also linked to one’s brain health.

foods to eat before a test: salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids may improve brain function and may reduce anxiety, helping us keep our learning abilities in top shape and our nerves calm. These acids can be found in fish of pretty much all types (especially fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, herring, and even anchovies), so you’re spoiled for choice.


Did you know that neurons in the brain cannot be replaced? This is why it’s crucial that you take steps to keep your brain as healthy as possible. We’ve already mentioned how free radicals can potentially damage brain cells, but they can also affect the rest of your body in the same way (which is why free radicals can expedite the aging process).

food to eat before a test: berries

For those who want to stay younger for longer, antioxidants are their best friend. As it also protects the brain’s neurons, it’s a good idea to eat these foods before a test. Additionally, antioxidants also help improve memory.

There are many different kinds of antioxidants, so you’ve got plenty of choices. For example, grapes, berries, and eggplants have anthocyanins (a type of antioxidant). You can also try dark chocolate for a healthy dessert.


foods to eat before a test: chicken

They say that proteins are the building blocks of life, and for good reason: the body pretty much can’t function correctly without them. Protein is necessary for healthy brain development. The good news is that protein can be found in all sorts of foods, including poultry, seafood, meat, eggs, soy, dairy, nuts, and more. The amino acids you find in protein are what the body’s nervous system needs to function correctly, so they are naturally fantastic brain food.

An Easy Pattern for Success

Most likely, some of the foods listed above are those that you regularly eat, too. This means it was never difficult to begin with to prepare brain-boosting meals during exam week. Of course, eating healthily shouldn’t only be done before and during big, important days but regularly to keep your mind and body in tip-top shape.