How to Prepare for eSkill Assessments Online? – Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on March 17, 2022

Whether you are new to the job market or changing jobs after years of experience, you will have seen the name eSkill come up during job interviews. Employers often ask candidates to take several eSkill tests to assess their suitability for the job.

Even if you are well-prepared for the job you are applying for, you will need the accompanying knowledge to pass the online tests. They are the benchmarks for companies to decide if they should continue with the hiring process.

Before you get to present yourself in person to the board of interviewers, you must first pass the eSkill tests online. That is why studying the eSkill-style questions and going through the guidelines are crucial. If you have been asked to take eSkill tests, make sure you read this article to better prepare yourself.

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About eSkill

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eSkill is an online assessment platform that has been providing many US and international companies customizable tests since 2003. Its major services include providing job-specific written online assessments and video response questions.

International companies like Coca-Cola, Pandora, and FedEx often use eSkill at their online assessment stage for unbiased, independent results.

What are the eSkill tests?

  • 350 subjects and 3,400 topics in its database
  • Tests on knowledge on specific topics or skills
  • Video response tests to check your compatibility with the company as well as your personality skills
  • Employers can customize their own tests and content
  • Predefined tests are general tests on certain skills or knowledge in a specific industry
  • Job-based tests are customized tests for a particular job

With a wide range of 350 subjects covered, eSkill has about 3,400 topics in its database. The subjects expand across industries like finance, customer service, web development, engineering, healthcare, human resources, legal, retail, sales, etc.

Each industry requires its particular skillset. For instance, an administrative or accounting role would require the candidate to possess advanced Microsoft skills whereas a video editor role would require knowledge of software like Adobe Premiere Pro. eSkill allows companies to combine various tests to tailor-make one that fits their agenda.

Every test module comprises 40 questions. They can either be predefined tests or job-based tests. Each module can be pure task-based questions, multiple-choice questions, graphics, video response questions, or a mixture of all.

Predefined tests are ready-to-go tests that assess the ability and knowledge candidates have on certain topics. It can be about the knowledge of an industry overview, basic terminology, or problem-solving.

Predefined tests are made by eSkill for employers to use as an initial screening to filter out suitable candidates for the next round. Most companies use this automation to screen out unsuitable candidates.

Job-based tests are specifically made for each job position. Depending on the company, the job-based tests can vary greatly even for the same role. It combines unique elements that each company is looking for. For example, a young marketing firm may seek innovation in its workplace and thus is looking for a candidate that is proactive and fun-loving.

On the other hand, a traditional marketing firm may seek compliance and the ability to follow orders instead. Therefore, the online tests created by the two firms would be significantly different even though they are for the same role.

Since the tests can be freely adjusted by companies, the difficulty and complexity of each test differ. Without a doubt, eSkill is a promising test provider that reputable brands are using. To secure your job opportunities in those firms, you will need to familiarize yourself with the eSkill tests and styles.

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How long are the eSkill tests?

The duration of each test varies largely. Some tests on data entry are as short as 30 minutes while the longer ones like the cognitive and analytical tests can last for up to 5 hours. Most of these tests are timed. You cannot come back and revisit later once you have started it. Once the test begins, you will have to finish it or you forfeit the chance to pass. So it is strongly advised that you only start the tests when you are fully ready, given that the deadline allows it.

How to prepare for eSkill’s tests?

Before you panic about taking eSkill tests, go on Job Test Prep to take your pre-tests that fully mimic the eSkill style and content. It helps you build an understanding of the real tests and familiarize yourself with the question words, content, and answer key.

Take your time to go through each question carefully. Most employers are looking to test candidates’ problem-solving and logical reasoning skills. Questions may not always be as straightforward as they seem. Below are some of the common eSkill tests used by the hiring team to assess the ability of candidates.

  • Skill Testing

Skill testing is the most direct way to assess the hard skills a candidate processes. These hard skills can be job-specific. If you are applying for an office role, you will likely be asked to take tests on your typing and data entry skills, knowledge of Microsoft, and listening skills.

These tests aim to measure your proficiency in the essential skills required for the job. They are usually in the first set of tests given to candidates in the hiring process. Only candidates that pass the skill tests will be forwarded to the next stage,

  • Aptitude Testing

Consider this the more advanced, in-depth version of the skill test mentioned above. It tests your critical thinking and reasoning skills. Companies rely on the results to estimate how well you will be at your job performance. Candidates with solid hard skills but inadequate reasoning skills cannot fully manifest their potential and bring benefits to a company.

Aptitude testing consists of tests in numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, analytical skills, logical reasoning, and more. These skills are absolutely important in professional settings. They help you grow faster and communicate better with your team. Aptitude testing is crucial in your application process and is historically used to screen out half of the candidates at this stage.

  • Pre-Employment Testing

Same as skill testing, pre-employment testing is also used to dissect your hard skills. But unlike skill testing, you will no longer be given the easy version of everything. Instead, you are given the more complex set of questions of each skill.

You will be tested on a more in-depth level of the particular skill needed for the job. For example, advanced skills in Microsoft Office, such as using analytical tools and navigating, copying, and communicating reports among different team folders will be part of the test. Every test is task-based. You will be asked to perform certain tasks relating to your field whereas skill-testing assessments are mostly multiple-choice questions only.

  • Pre-Employment Call Center Tests

People who work in customer service have to possess strong communication skills. You are the front face of the company. A small mistake can have severe consequences. Therefore, call center tests usually comprise language, data entry, grammar and spelling, and communication skill tests.

Call center representatives possess multiple skills. These all-rounded skills facilitate communication and efficiency in the company. Sometimes, companies ask candidates, especially interns and junior roles, to take call center tests regardless of the role applied because these tests are indicators of how well you will do with ad-hoc tasks should you be asked to do them.

  • English Language Testing for Business

An English language test is not only for those who use English as a second language. In fact, almost every candidate who applies for a role that requires written communication skills will be asked to do an English test. This is particularly popular in the finance sector.

The English test consists of four major parts, namely English spelling, English grammar, English comprehension, and English writing. Each test measures your proficiency in the respective category. You may be asked to analyze English articles, describe a pattern or a photo, transcribe a video, and more.

  • Video Response Questions

One of the best features eSkill is often proud to present. The video response questions test candidate’s presentation and organizational skills. You will be given a question, possibly on a debatable topic, and be asked to justify your stance.

Because there is no set answer, you are expected to use your presentation skills to convince the interviewers with your answers. This stage is difficult for many candidates as the question given is mostly unrelated to the job. This test does not aim to assess your job ability. Rather, it is used to track your interpersonal skills.

eSkill tests are reliable indicators for companies to decide if you will be a good fit for the team and bring value to the company. It may sound daunting to see the overwhelming amount of subjects and topics covered. But remember, every test platform has a pattern. As long as you can decode it, you can ace it. Get your eSkill tests online preparation on Job Test Prep to prepare for all sorts of assessments.

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How to pass the eSkill tests?

  • Take a free personality test on Job Test Prep to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. It puts into perspective what is expected of you and what you should work on to achieve your career goals. At the same time, it allows some self-reflection for yourself to decide if the job you are applying for is truly suitable for you or sparks your interest. It is always a good practice to take a personality test before going for your dream job to see if your visions align.
  • Find a stable internet connection. Do not start your eSkill test with shabby wifi. You cannot redo these tests and most of them are timed. A drop in connection, in the worst case, could be seen as submission of the test.
  • Get plenty of rest before the tests. Last-minute studies will not help the situation. Get some quality sleep the night before so you are well-rested with a fresh mind to digest the questions.
  • Find a quiet environment. A noisy place can easily distract your focus and negatively impact your score. Go to a library or a study room if your house is not calm enough.
  • Read the job description carefully. Understanding what is expected of you helps you foresee what the tests will be. Go through the job responsibilities and the ad-hoc tasks to make sure you do not miss out on any side tasks that you might be required to do.
  • Read each question at least twice. The last mistake you want is to give the wrong answer because you have misunderstood the question. Do not skim through the instructions. Each sentence explains the tasks at hand and you should go through the guidelines at least twice before you start.
  • Be confident, positive, and look professional. When you do a video response test, the employer can see your overall presentation other than the words you choose. It is the total package. Find a professional background with ample light and dress accordingly. When you present yourself, make sure you smile and look confident. Companies want a team player that can also handle tasks independently. Construct your sentence before speaking but also do not correct yourself frequently. If you pause too often, it gives the impression that you are not familiar with the work. You have to show the interviewers that you are right for the job by believing in yourself.
  • Prepare for eSkill tests online at Job Test Prep. There is no better way to nail a job test than practicing it beforehand. Job Test Prep is a fantastic platform for providing job tests tailor-made for each platform. Sign up to get free eSkill-style questions, answer keys, and more.

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Final Thoughts

Preparing for online tests can be scary. You do not know what to expect or what questions will be asked. It is a whole new territory. Thankfully, with Job Test Prep, you can now instantly access the various question sets. Get your own copy now to pass your tests with flying colors.