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How to Prepare and Excel Epic Systems Skills Test?

Last Updated on October 19, 2022

In an increasingly competitive job market, it’s vital to have a headstart on the competitors. Do you want to become an Epic Employee by getting a job with Epic Systems? We’re here to explain what to expect during the recruiting process. Above all, we want to assist you in passing the Epic certification exam. You must understand how to prepare for the Epic Test to get the job you want.

Epic Systems is a global leader in the development of software for healthcare facilities such as hospitals, research institutions, and social service organisations. Epic Systems needs people that are driven and enthusiastic about making a difference. Epic develops software to help people get well, help people stay well, and help future generations be healthier.

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What The Epic Assessment Test Does

Employers might utilise the Epic Assessment exam to assess a candidate’s personality traits, cognitive ability, and fundamental abilities to ensure a good fit. Epic Systems employs the WSPT Wonderlic and EpicSystem Technical Skills tests. Wonderlic Personnel Tests are designed to analyse a person’s personality qualities and exhibit their ability to do activities to a high level.

It also includes decision-making questions that test applicants’ work performance in various scenarios. The technical Problem Solving component comprises the logic analysis, mathematics, and verbatim understanding portions.

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The stages included in the Epic Systems application process are:

  1. Application: The first stage is filling out an online application and uploading resumes. Another way to apply is through an employee referral or a campus recruiter.
  2. Telephone Interview: An HR recruiter will conduct the initial interview over the phone to get to know test-taker better.
  3. Test: Applicants may be required to complete many pre-employment examinations during the application process, with a proctor observing via a computer webcam in some situations.
  4. Interview: Following the completion of the telephone interview and test, applicants may be invited to a face-to-face interview, either one-on-one or with a group of other candidates. A panel of supervisors and potential coworkers may conduct some interviews.

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What Is the Epic Systems Assessment?

The Epic Assessment Test evaluates a candidate’s personality traits, cognitive abilities, and core skills. The Epic System Company employs the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) and the Epic Systems Technical Skills Assessment.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test evaluates an applicant’s personality traits to see if they have what it takes to thrive in the workplace. It also contains situational judgement questions, which examine what a candidate would do in various work-related situations.

Previous test takers have described it as “the strangest, hardest, funnest test they ever took.”

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Different Types of Questions Asked in The Exam

You’ll have a proctor watching you take the test through the computer webcam

The technical problem solver portion covers logical reasoning, mathematical issues, and verbal comprehension. This set of aptitude tests provides an indicator to the employer of how you assimilate knowledge and make connections across sectors, guaranteeing that you have the abilities needed for Epic Systems employment. The Test Consists of Three Sections.

Abstract Reasoning

The abstract reasoning exam assesses a person’s capacity to absorb and analyse visual information, including the potential to develop hypotheses and grasp complex concepts that are not necessarily related to real things, events, or people. This does include computer programming as well.

These exams can measure general intelligence, abstract thinking capabilities, and problem-solving abilities by using shapes and visuals that reflect specific logic patterns and processes.

Mathematical Reasoning

Numerical tests assess how well you do with numbers and how advanced your arithmetic abilities are.

The questions aren’t just arithmetic problems; they’re also a combination of language and numbers. They’ll put your reading comprehension abilities, as well as your math skills, to the test.

The most challenging problems in this section are the number series questions, which require you to find out the following number in the series.

Verbal Reasoning

Rather than assessing basic skills like vocabulary and grammar, the verbal reasoning examinations will examine your grasp of the logic of various phrases. Whether you leap to conclusions or think and analyze before answering a question is an essential skill that the company will want you to have.

You’ll have to figure out if a pair of words is a synonym, antonym, or unrelated, part of the communication section.

In some questions, you will have to reorganize sentences that don’t make grammatical sense. To find out a sentence’s true meaning and you’ll need to utilize context.

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Preparation Tips

Preparing for the various technical and behavioral-based interview stages demands setting aside time to practice.

Visit the Epic Careers page to find out more about the job you are applying for and make sure you prepare for your interview accordingly.

A few tips from people that have taken the test:

“You don’t have to know any programming to take it. The programming section uses a fake programming language, which of these fits the rule, here’s the next rule, and on and on. It keeps building this language and you can go back and forth between the questions to make sure you’re getting it. Either way, I felt pretty lost by about question twelve and was pretty much making educated guesses after that. They want you to show you can learn.”

“The math section was a lot of pattern recognition – what’s the next number in the pattern, etc. That was really fun. It also had a lot of story problems. Nothing too advanced. They want to know that you can think well.”

“The English section isn’t really like a traditional English test. You will be asked reading comprehension questions and be asked to solve word problems, as opposed to the language itself. I got was one big logic problem puzzle, like the stuff you did on grids when you were a kid. Stuff like there are ten houses on this street, with the team members of the Johnson family. No boys live next to girls, none of the grandparents lives in greenhouses, etc., and you have to figure out who lives where and in what color house. Except it was all lions and tigers and cages. There were like ten questions just on that logic problem.”

“So there isn’t much you can do to study. I’d do a few logic problems the day before I went if I were you. Get the juices flowing and remember the good paths. Not much else to do. I walked out having no idea at all if I had passed, which was an odd and rare feeling. I did though.”

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What Happens in the Phone Interview?

The interview typically consists of examining your resume and interests and behavioral and skill-related questions. Make sure you have your answers ready and are in a quiet place. Book your appointment today to find out more.

Samples of Epic Systems interview questions include:

  • Why did you choose Epic Systems?
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years
  • Describe a project you worked on.
  • Name five things that you are not.

Tell Me the Purpose of Epic Systems?

Epic Systems is an IT services company that specializes in delivering healthcare data to the medical community. Hospitals and healthcare systems, such as Johns Hopkins, utilized to store, organize, and exchange electronic medical records with others.

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How to Submit an Application

Check Epic Systems career openings to find an opening that suits your skills. Because we work at software companies positions are more closely aligned with technical backgrounds.

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Final Thoughts

Only the top three percent of people who take the test get offered a position. You will increase your chances of landing a job if you study for the Epic Systems Aptitude Test. You will not be able to forward to the next level if you do not perform well. You want to be in the top 3% of the workforce, with a good income and good working conditions.

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Practice Epic Test

Learn about the different types of questions asked in the Epic Test with this sample practice assessment. Good luck!

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