Prepare for the Epic Systems Skills Test (2024 Practice Questions & Answers)

by Sarah Duncan

Epic Systems is one of the companies at the forefront of developing software for healthcare, specializing in electronic health record (EHR) systems and other healthcare-related software solutions.

Founded in 1979 by Judy Faulkner, the Epic Systems company is headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin, United States. As an employer, they are always looking for individuals who aren’t just enthusiastic about their careers: they are looking for epic employees.

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The Epic Systems Assessment Tests, also referred to as the Epic certification exam, is one of the pre-employment assessment tests that other companies use in their application process.

Typically, those that pass the Epic Systems hiring process will enjoy great working benefits including competitive salaries in the job they will get.

epic systems headquarters

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Epic Skills System Test: Overview

Can a potential employee thrive in the workplace? This is the main question that the Epic Systems Skills Test tries to answer for their client companies. This assessment exam is used to gauge a candidate’s personality traits and cognitive abilities as part of the job hiring process.

Epic Systems employs the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) and the EpicSystem Technical Skills tests. Personnel tests are designed to analyze a person’s qualities and their potential to perform high-level tasks, mainly through situational judgement questions.

Applicants taking the Epic Skills System Tests can expect questions along the lines of the following categories:

  • Word Problems
  • Verbal Comprehension
  • Computational Tools
  • Full Personality Test

The assessments integrate decision-making questions that test performance under various scenarios. Technical problem-solving questions fall under logic analysis, mathematics, and verbal comprehension.

While this test sounds like every other test out there for job applicants, those who have been through the Epic Skills Test have described it as, “the strangest, hardest, and funnest” test that they have taken. Given this description, applicants should brace for a different assessment.

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Which Companies Use the Epic Assessment Test

epic test: medical institutions

As an IT services company specializing in healthcare-related software, Epic’s clients are in the medical community. Some of them include Johns Hopkins Hospital, Michigan Medicine, and the UCLA Medical Center.

Why Is the Epic Skills Assessment Used

Much like any other pre-employment tests, the Epic Assessment Test is used to help employers filter out the best candidates and eventually the best applicant for the position that they are looking for. Specifically, this set of exams helps in gauging an individual’s proficiency and knowledge in using Epic’s EHR software.

Different Epic Test Questions to Expect

As previously mentioned, Epic employs the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) and the EpicSystem Technical Skills tests. In order to increase your chances to get a high score on these assessment tests, it is integral that you know what to expect once the exams start.

Wonderlic Personality Test

The WPT or Wonderlic Personnel Test or Cognitive Ability Test itself has different kinds of sub-tests, all of which are used by various top employers and educational institutions. Aside from the WPT, other tests include:

  • Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam
  • Wonderlic Basic Skills Test
  • Wonscore Test
  • NFL Wonderlic
  • Subway Wonderlic

Take Epic Systems Skills Practice Test Now

The Wonderlic Personnel Test has two types: the Cognitive Ability Pretest (WPT-Q) and the WPT-R. The WPT itself has four main sections: spatial reasoning, speed, verbal problems, and word problems. The WPT-Q is a shorter version which can be taken at home with 30 questions, still under the supervision of a proctor through a computer webcam. The WPT-R on the other hand is the full-length version taken in an exam site, usually in the company premises and potential employees will be given 12 minutes to finish 50 questions.

Spatial Reasoning/Logical Reasoning

Spatial Reasoning covers completing patterns and shape configurations. It also covers questions that ask if a statement is true or false based on given conditions. These questions will take up 20% of the exam.

Speed/Quick Recognition

As implied by the title, the Speed or Quick Recognition Test tests the candidate’s ability to answer questions quickly. These questions are general knowledge and should not take too long to answer.

An example question is provided below:

Which of the following is not a country?

a) Singapore

b) India

c) Europe

d) Egypt

Out of all the choices, Europe is the only one that isn’t a country; it is a continent. Therefore, the correct answer is d) Egypt. These kinds of questions are made to confuse some when under pressure. These questions will take up 20% of the exam.


Verbal questions will test the candidate’s knowledge and grammar skills. These questions may also trick you, as seen in the following sample question:

Complete the analogy: Lion is to pride as __________ is to school.

a) Teacher

b) Student

c) Principal

d) Fish

In this question, the statement is asking for the correct partner to the provided collective noun. While the other questions might immediately make the test taker consider other choices, the correct answer is, d) Fish, as “school” is the collective noun for a group of fish. These questions will take up 40% of the exam.

Word Problems

Expect mathematical word problems in this section, covering problem solving and basic math questions. Take note that you are not allowed to use a calculator. These questions will take up 20% of the exam.

Epic Systems Technical Skills

On the other hand, the Technical Skills Test or Technical Problem Solving Test of the Epic Systems Assessment covers more objective questions. These questions will provide an indicator of how well one absorbs and comprehends information provided, and their ability to make logical decisions. This test will cover the following bases, all in part to provide employers an objective way to assess employees’ potential and capacity to perform the roles they seek to assume:

Logical Reasoning or Abstract Reasoning

This portion aims to assess the candidate’s capacity in absorbing visual information, filling in missing information, or predicting patterns. The questions are generally not related to real life or events, but rather measures general intelligence and problem-solving abilities with shapes and visuals.

Check out the sample question below:

Statement 1: All birds have feathers.

Statement 2: Penguins are birds.

Statement 3: Some birds cannot fly.

What can we conclude from these three statements?

a) Penguins have feathers.

b) Penguins can fly.

c) All birds can fly.

d) Some birds are not penguins.

As we examine the statements, we see that Statement 1 states that “All birds have feathers,” indicating that every bird possesses feathers. Statement 2 on the other hand states that “Penguins are birds,” confirming that penguins belong to the category of birds; while Statement 3 states that “Some birds cannot fly,” suggesting that there are birds that are unable to fly.

Based on these statements, we can conclude that penguins, being birds, will have feathers. Therefore, the correct conclusion is: a) Penguins have feathers. It is important to note that although Statement 3 states that some birds cannot fly, it does not specifically mention penguins. Therefore, we cannot conclude whether penguins can fly or not based on the given statements.

Numerical Reasoning or Mathematical Reasoning

As its name suggests, the Numerical or Mathematical Reasoning portion will test your arithmetic abilities. Prepare for more challenging questions, especially for those applying in positions such as software developer or programmer, as this portion combines reading comprehension and math skills, something inherent in careers of the similar path.

One type of question, which is considered the hardest in the section, is a number series question. See the sample questions below:

What is the next number in the following series?

3, 6, 10, 15, 21, __?

a) 27

b) 28

c) 30

d) 33

e) 36

To solve this number series question, we need to identify the pattern or rule governing the sequence of numbers. If we observe the differences between consecutive terms:

6 – 3 = 3,

10 – 6 = 4,

15 – 10 = 5,

21 – 15 = 6

We can see that the differences between consecutive terms are increasing by 1 each time: 3, 4, 5, 6. This suggests that the pattern might involve adding consecutive integers. To find the next number, we add the next consecutive integer, which is 7, to the last number in the series:

21 + 7 = 28

Therefore, the correct answer is b) 28. Each number series pattern question will have its own reasoning behind it. Being able to find the underlying rule in each question shows problem-ability skills on the part of the job applicant.

See another example below:

Which of the following fractions is closest in decimal approximation to 0.987?

a) 7/8

b) 12/13

c) 20/21

d) 31/32

e) 39/40

When converting the fractions to decimal form, we will see that 7/8 = 0.875, 12/13 ≈ 0.923, 20/21 ≈ 0.952, 31/32 ≈ 0.969, and 39/40 = 0.975.

Given the decimal approximations, 39/40 = 0.975 is the closest to 0.987.

If these kinds of questions are your weakness, then it is important to devote time practicing it and honing your mathematical skills. Find the right test prep packs that provide expertly-curated questions for better chances of getting that job.

Reading Comprehension or Verbal Reasoning

Unlike the usual vocabulary and grammar assessments, this portion looks more into one’s ability to find the logic in provided phrases. One example pattern is figuring out the relationship between two words, whether they are synonyms, antonyms, or related.

This portion delves into the candidate’s ability to comprehend and communicate information, something critical to any company, especially for positions such as analysts, project managers, developers, or technical solutions engineers.

Computational Tools

The Computational Tools section is a special section that tests computational and Boolean logic skills, required to use different programs to perform calculations and other tasks.

This is especially important for those applying for roles in handling electronic medical records and healthcare systems software.

This section generally includes spreadsheet-based questions or questions based on a fake programming language. It may also require you to showcase your coding and spreadsheet skills here.

How to Prepare for the Epic Assessment Test

The Epic Systems Skills Test may be different, but it is still a test. There are many ways to prepare yourself for this possibly critical moment in your professional career. While it is understandable to be nervous, it is more important to focus on your goal, which is to ace this test and prove your worth to your potential employers.

  1. Brace for a Different Kind of Test. As shown in the examples, the questions in the Epic Skills Systems Test are not surface level. Expect questions that will tickle your mind as it tries to assess your capabilities, both technical and personal, and if it is compatible with the position they are looking for.
  2. Nevertheless, Prepare. Equip yourself with the right materials for studying, which includes a test preparation pack or practice tests, writing down your answers to typical hr interview questions, and attending extra classes, if you believe there is a need to. Follow a schedule and make time for this test, no matter how long you have before the big day.
  3. Practice. There is no better way to improve than practice. Barely no one learns how to ride a bike five seconds after they start pedaling. Practice with job test prep packs and sample aptitude tests, but make sure you choose the right ones.
  4. Assess yourself. Which portions or categories are you lacking? Which portions do you think the employer cares most about? These are some of the questions you must answer as you review and study for the Epic Assessment Test. You must address them in to succeed. Be honest about what you need to improve on, and do your best to improve in your next practice test or study session.
  5. Learn Basic Programming. This applies especially to those applying for junior programming roles or along the same line. Programming is also considered a language, and comprehending patterns and loops will definitely let you see and understand patterns on another level.
  6.  Take a Deep Breath. Despite all your fears, do not let it take over you. Once you start with the Epic Assessment Test, remember that you have prepared to the best of your abilities. Relax and enjoy the ride!
  7. Answer Wisely. As the test name suggests, they are looking for an epic employee. Show them how you work around your weaknesses by working smart. Read questions before the passages so you know what to look for in passages. Always remember how some of the choices may look like the perfect ones at first glance, but aren’t always the right one. Take note of the time and know when to “sacrifice” a question for the rest of the items.

A Few Tips from People Who Have Taken the Epic Skills Assessment

“You don’t have to know any programming to take it. The programming section uses a fake programming language, which of these fits the rule, here’s the next rule, and on and on. It keeps building this language and you can go back and forth between the questions to make sure you’re getting it. Either way, I felt pretty lost by about question twelve and was pretty much making educated guesses after that. They want you to show you can learn.”

“The math section was a lot of pattern recognition – what’s the next number in the pattern, etc. That was really fun. It also had a lot of story problems. Nothing too advanced. They want to know that you can think well.”

“The English section isn’t really like a traditional English test. You will be asked reading comprehension questions and be asked to solve word problems, as opposed to the language itself. I got was one big logic problem puzzle, like the stuff you did on grids when you were a kid. Stuff like there are ten houses on this street, with the team members of the Johnson family. No boys live next to girls, none of the grandparents lives in greenhouses, etc., and you have to figure out who lives where and in what color house. Except it was all lions and tigers and cages. There were like ten questions just on that logic problem.”

“So there isn’t much you can do to study. I’d do a few logic problems the day before I went if I were you. Get the juices flowing and remember the good paths. Not much else to do. I walked out having no idea at all if I had passed, which was an odd and rare feeling. I did though.”

Taking the Epic Assessment Test

Much like most pre-employment assessments, the Epic Systems application process is pretty standard. The following are the stages included in the hiring:

epic test: multiple stages of the hiring process

  1. Application – An online application form is available for those interested in applying. Prepare your resume to be uploaded as well. However, you can also express your interest in the position via employee referral or through a campus recruiter.
  2. Pre-test requirements – An HR recruiter will contact you for a phone interview. Prepare basic information about yourself, as well as your reasons to apply. Make sure to fulfill any other requirements asked of you, such as other relevant documents or records, if asked. The phone interview typically consists of examining your resume and interests and behavioral and skill-related questions. Make sure you have your answers ready and you are in a quiet place.
  3. Test – Applicants will be scheduled to complete pre-employment exams or assessments during the first stage of the process. The tests may be done face-to-face or online, with a proctor watching the applicant through a webcam in select situations. If you can, try to know what kind of test you will take.
  4. Interview – Successful applicants will be invited for a final face to face interview, which can be one-on-one or with a group of other candidates. Prepare to be interviewed by potential supervisors, team leaders, and even co-workers who will assess your skills and compatibility with the position, and expect questions along the lines of:
  • How would you describe your ideal work day?
  • What is the most embarrassing moment you’ve had at work?
  • Tell us about a project you had to manage in your previous/current job

You can also probably expect the following Epic Systems interview questions:

  • Why did you choose Epic Systems?
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years
  • Describe a project you worked on.
  • Name five things that you are not.

Once you go through this final stage, there is nothing to do but wait. Expect a phone call or email if you are chosen for the position. If you want to ease your mind, you can also reach out to the recruiter or HR personnel you are communicating with to politely ask for an update about the position, as some companies choose not to inform candidates about their status.

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An Epic Undertaking

Employers now have more tools than ever to objectively assess job applicants. Pre-employment tests such as the Epic System Assessment is just one of those ways, but it weighs heavily in your overall application process. If you are determined to get that position, then be prepared to take on a test that more than meets the eye.

The Epic Assessment seeks to provide the best options for employers, and at the same time let them know about your potential future in their company. So gather your test prep packs, sharpen your pencils, plug in your device, and get to practicing!

Take the Epic Systems Skills Practice Test to improve your score.