2024 easyJet Test Study Guide & Practice Test

Commercial flying jobs are attractive for many because of the many perks and benefits they offer. As such, there are many cabin crew candidates and the competition among them can be fierce.

easyJet is the pillar of the European aviation industry. Members of the easyJet team get great training and career development opportunities. However, the recruitment process to be part of the airline is long and challenging, you will have to undergo a series of assessments and interviews to qualify to become a cabin crew.

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In this article, we hope you will find out the necessary steps to pass the easyJet test and how to leave an impression to get a seat as a cabin crew member on board.

History of easyJet & Company Details

easyjet recruitment process and test

Founded in 1988, easyJet is a Swiss low-cost carrier that strives to provide accessible flights to passengers. Currently, the airline is operating in over 30 countries. Over 90% of its destinations are in Europe with a few others located within proximity of the continent.

easyJet has been experiencing a huge jump in demand. As such, employees of the airline receive benefits that many other workers employed in another business might not get. Aside from the benefits of having a handsome salary package, cabin crew members, for example, can also travel around the world and enjoy staff discounts to fly their family and friends to different places.

There are more than 10,000 easyJet employees serving both the frontline and backend operations. easyJet adopts a compact hiring process to ensure the best are hired. As a potential staff, familiarize yourself with the company values and work culture so you can give the perfect answer.

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What Are the easyJet Tests?

Since there are thousands of positions in further specialized fields, easyJet has customized a series of pre-employment tests for applicants to better suit its needs. In general, all easyJet applicants will participate in an online test before proceeding to the assessment day.

The online test will do the preliminary screening. The test consists of a personality test, a verbal reasoning test, and a situational judgment test. Each section assesses a major quality you will utilize in daily operations.

Expect around 30 minutes for the online test. After you submit it, you will get the result within 3 working days.

1. Personality Test

A personality test usually consists of 150 questions. These questions delve into your habits, interpersonal relationships, and attitude toward professional ethics.

Regardless of the position, every applicant will need to go through a personality test. The test assesses your mentality to evaluate how well you will fit the easyJet work culture. It also projects how likely you will get along with other team members and if you can handle versatile situations.

However, that is not all for the personality test. Not only does it measure your team spirit, but it also assesses your mental strength. Being a part of the aviation industry where things can happen in a split second, you need the willpower to handle delicate situations and unforeseen emergencies. Talents with an unshaken attitude are more desirable. At this stage, candidates with tendencies to show harmful behaviours such as violence or insubordination will be eliminated.

2. Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test is crucial for flight crews and officers to identify risks and potential threats. Candidates will answer questions based on the information in the paragraphs. This test is not necessarily challenging if you have an outstanding literacy level.

Logic reasoning is important in solving this task. Read through the paragraphs and highlight the key points they are trying to convey. Demonstrates your interpretation and communication skills, do check our guide on verbal reasoning test for some other domain to get a brief idea.

3. Situational Judgment Test

Unforeseeable situations and emergencies are commonplace in this field. Flight crews and operators have to deal with all kinds of unusual requests. Having a solid mind to handle these situations with grace is the goodwill every company needs.

In this situational judgment test, you have to sort through the responses in numerous workplace scenarios to rank the most appropriate ones to the least, this resembles the aptitude and reasoning test taken for pilots interview, you can check more details here. Many of the responses will seem logical, and they are the only applicable solution in many cases. However, in some situations, these responses will not be greatly appreciated due to the lack of efficiency, complicated process, and technical difficulty.

Candidates will exercise their judgment in deciding which response is the most professional. When answering the questions, you have to keep the company’s reputation in mind. Your response needs to best reflect the company’s sincerity while safeguarding passengers’ safety.

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How to Pass the easyJet Online Test? (Preparation Guide)

1. Do a pre-run

Before you dive into the real test unprepared, take a trial run first. Job Test Prep has the most comprehensive database for prospective easyJet cabin crew candidates. With over 300 practice questions and 5 preparation packages, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the complete easyJet test structure.

Verified student reviews have confirmed the usefulness of this study package. You have full support from team members and you will receive professional study notes made by experts with inside knowledge.

2. Read through the job description

While the majority of the online test will stay the same, there are some minor twists for specific roles. Read the job description carefully. The online test measures your ability to handle daily tasks.

Search for reviews for similar positions to see what others are saying about the responsibilities. Candidates that come in with full preparation and knowledge of what is expected of them are highly praised.

3. Go through the company website

You can get a lot by going through the company website. To begin with, you get a sense of the work culture. How a company brands the website defines its identity. An edgy, innovative firm will adopt a more lively style to appease the younger generation whereas a traditional firm will remain serious and professional in its statement.

Despite its decades-long triumph in the industry, easyJet still maintains a vibrant spirit and colorful tone when addressing its audience. It is likely due to its massive young audience base. Go on easyJet’s website and take a look at their press release, company visions, the brand, community service, and employee welfare.

These pages will enhance your critical thinking of the company. You should think independently about what this company needs and how you can add value to it.

4. Be a gracious and professional team player in your answers

Working as a flight crew is incredibly demanding. There will be times when you have to deal with unpleasant passengers. Their arrogance will make you want to flip the table. No matter how turbulent the situation is, you need to remain professional and win the passenger over calmly.

Knowing how to show your charisma will put a huge advantage in your job application. Even early on in your pre-employment process, you will take a personality test that dissects your personal attributes.

If you want to pass the test and interview, you need to convince them that you are mature enough to be the front face of the company. When answering the questions, put on your professional thinking hat and carry yourself as if you are already on the job.

5. Set a schedule for the test

Upon receiving an invitation to take the test, you will be given a period (usually a few days) to submit your test result. There is no need to rush into the test immediately but you also want to avoid leaving it till the last minute.

Reserve enough time to tackle the test in an ideal environment. Set a schedule for it. If you function best in the morning, schedule the test on your freest morning in the upcoming days. Give your full attention once you are in. Find a quiet space so you are undisturbed by the surroundings.

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What Is the easyJet Pre-Employment Process?

Getting into an international airline is never a fast process. You will undergo a series of assessments, interviews, and background checks to vet your statements. The pre-employment process at easyJet is not considered the most complicated but it will certainly require your devotion.

The first step is you will submit the online application that indicates your preferred role. Upload the supporting documents as required. The system will automatically filter out candidates without relevant qualifications.

Once your initial application goes through, you will be invited to take the online test. Note that there is a chance that you will be invited to join the pre-employment tests for a different role if the initial screening says your skills are more compatible with the other title.

online exam

After you have finished the online test, the result will be emailed to you in the next 72 hours. A huge portion of candidates will be eliminated at this stage. The remaining candidates will be invited to attend the assessment day in person at the closest center available.

An assessment day is a full-day event where you will participate in a presentation test, a group exercise, and a physical interview. The presentation test targets your marketing skill. Selling tax-free items in-flight is a major source of revenue for easyJet. Therefore, flight crew members have to demonstrate their marketing techniques. Convince the interviewers to buy from you with a signature smile, sincere presentation, and an irresistible selling point.

Following the presentation, you will join two group exercises with other applicants. You will be divided into random groups and participate in fun games. Your leadership, coordination, and cooperation abilities will manifest in this part.

It is crucial that you are a team player. Even if you are competing against each other, make sure to use logic to convince others and be humble to learn from them. A sour loser will be instantly eliminated.

Finally, you will join a panel interview. Your interviewers include HR representatives, senior managers, and current flight crew members. They will ask various competency questions related to workplace scenarios. You have to come up with a satisfactory answer about situations that may not have been introduced in the protocol or manual.

Your interviewers will rate your performance based on how composed and competent you are in solving these challenging situations. Some of the scenarios may not sound like your duty to handle but you will still need to provide a feasible solution. Since you are working in a big team, unexpected situations may occur and you will need to be prepared.

After your full day at the assessment center, you will be contacted by HR if your application is successful. The waiting period is usually a month. Then, you will be invited to attend the flight crew training and officially start your journey at easyJet and serve millions of passengers around the world.

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Final Thoughts

Working as a cabin crew seems to be one of the best jobs available in airlines. While the hiring process can be a challenge, the perks and benefits of the job are worth it. You have to just work hard and create ways to make your dream career a reality. 

To best enhance your chances of becoming a cabin crew, you can check out the practice tests available at Job Test Prep. 

While you may be excited to apply for a cabin crew position, make sure that you only submit your CV to the official easyJet career section. Click here and be protected from any kind of fraudulent website and third-party recruiters.